descriptionICU modified to work with PageSpeed
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeTue, 9 May 2017 12:08:27 +0000 (14:08 +0200)
2017-05-09  Otto van der... Merge pull request #1 from pagespeed/oschaaf-patch master
2017-05-09  Otto van der... Apply upstream change oschaaf-patch 1/head
2016-10-25  hillspCreate .gitignore for gyp generated makefiles
2013-01-30  bmcquadeDisable a few msvs warnings for icu that trigger when...
2013-01-29  bmcquadeModify icu's stringpiece.cpp like Chromium, to enable...
2013-01-25  bmcquadeAdd one more flag needed to build icu using clang on...
2013-01-25  bmcquadeUse icu clang flags for mac build.
2013-01-22  bmcquadeSwitch clang conditional to vary on gcc version, which...
2013-01-20  bmcquadeMove disable of a warning from googleurl, to icu, where...
2013-01-14  bmcquadeAdd a few flags needed to build ICU with clang.
2012-05-18  m.orlovichChange gyp target types 'settings' -> 'none' as the...
2012-02-03  bmcquadeFixes for ICU platform.h to compile with nacl/newlib.
2012-01-26  bmcquadeRemove a few more unnecessary parts of icu from deps.
2012-01-26  bmcquadeOne more fix for icu.gyp.
2012-01-26  bmcquadeA few more ICU gyp fixes.
2012-01-26  bmcquadeFix paths for icu
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