2018-10-15  Daniel GrunoEnforce UTF-8 character sets master
2018-10-10  SebbBug: no need to sort after scroll
2018-10-10  SebbBug: elastic.lua#scroll forces sort to use _doc
2018-10-10  SebbRevert "Bug: no need to sort after scroll"
2018-10-10  SebbOops, left off sort
2018-10-09  SebbBug: cannot download more than 10K mails to a mbox...
2018-10-09  SebbBug: no need to sort after scroll
2018-10-09  SebbEnh: Ensure non-printable chars are not lost ...
2018-07-16  SebbEnh: display buttons even if no mails are found in...
2018-07-16  SebbBug: Javascript URLs must always use URL_BASE
2018-07-16  SebbNot used
2018-06-30  SebbTypo
2018-05-31  SebbTrim trailing spaces
2018-05-27  SebbBug: uses ES library version
2018-05-27  SebbSimplify args processing
2018-05-27  SebbMid is not yet implemented
2018-05-27  SebbUnnecessary check - always true
2018-05-27  SebbSimplify args processing
2018-05-27  SebbSimplify args processing
2018-05-27  SebbSimplify args processing
2018-05-26  SebbSimplify args processing
2018-05-26  SebbThese don't need to be global as they are read-only
2018-05-26  SebbDon't hide built-in ConnectionError
2018-05-26  SebbSimplify by using elastic module
2018-05-26  SebbAllow use of indices.exists() method
2018-05-26  SebbUse specific error
2018-05-26  SebbDon't fail engineVersion if cannot connect
2018-05-26  SebbOther changes done recently
2018-05-26  SebbDocco
2018-05-25  SebbBulkThread is not a Thread
2018-05-25  SebbRemove temp debug
2018-05-25  SebbBetter name: y => goodies
2018-05-25  SebbLet the archiver import the module if it needs it
2018-05-25  SebbPylint does not ignore names with embedded _
2018-05-25  SebbDon't redefine built-in 'id'
2018-05-25  SebbNarrower Exception
2018-05-25  SebbSimplify by using init parameters
2018-05-25  SebbAlso need to change import-mbox for new returns
2018-05-25  SebbDon't use instance data to pass back info from function...
2018-05-25  SebbFlag unused parameters with underscore prefix
2018-05-25  SebbDocument behaviour and issue
2018-05-25  SebbFlag unused parameters with underscore prefix
2018-05-25  SebbNote re full id format
2018-05-25  SebbBug: can never detect content-type: flowed
2018-05-25  SebbUse different name to avoid clash
2018-05-24  SebbBug: imap code should not reset ES...
2018-05-24  Sebbpylint: logging.warn is deprecated => warning
2018-05-24  Sebbpylint: lazily evaluate logging parameters
2018-05-24  Sebbpylint: Don't redefine built-in 'list'
2018-05-24  SebbBug: tmpname used before it has been set up in import...
2018-05-24  SebbBug: variable 'mid' used before assignment in
2018-05-23  SebbUse common config parser module
2018-05-23  SebbEnh: remove duplicated code in tools scripts
2018-05-23  SebbAdd get method
2018-05-23  SebbExit if no valid change specified
2018-05-23  SebbDocument update
2018-05-23  SebbGive access to dbname loaded from config
2018-05-21  Sebbpylint: don't redefine built-ins
2018-05-21  Sebbpylint: unused/duplicate imports
2018-05-21  Sebbpylint: unused variables
2018-05-21  Sebbpylint: narrow catch
2018-05-21  Sebbpylint: narrow catch
2018-05-20  Sebbpylint: move doc string inside method
2018-05-20  Sebbpylint: unreachable code
2018-05-20  Sebbpylint: unused
2018-05-20  Sebbpylint: input is a built-in
2018-05-20  Sebbpylint: narrow catch
2018-05-20  Sebbpylint: bytes is a built-in
2018-05-20  Sebbpylint: id is a built-in; rename
2018-05-20  Sebbpylint - use Python3 super() call
2018-05-20  Sebbpylint: id is a built-in; unused import etc
2018-05-19  SebbUse new config module
2018-05-19  SebbNew module to read config file
2018-05-19  SebbOops, also need import
2018-05-19  SebbUse standard certificates
2018-05-19  SebbMay vary between installations
2018-05-18  SebbNo longer needed (refs were dropped in c518100)
2018-05-18  SebbBug: expects to find 'id' key in json...
2018-05-18  Sebb+=2018
2018-05-17  SebbBug: ES 5.x does not support word-cloud (stats.lua)
2018-05-17  SebbAdd version info to elastic module
2018-05-17  SebbBug: fails with ES2 - fielddata
2018-05-17  SebbBug: --default should not prompt for urlPrefix
2018-05-17  SebbBug: does not work
2018-05-17  SebbBug: unnecessary test (will always succeed) in copy...
2018-05-14  SebbBug: archiver ignores failures if dumponfail is not...
2018-04-03  Daniel Grunocompuser body should be unicode
2018-04-03  Daniel GrunoAlso look for references: header when threading
2018-03-07  SebbEnh: make MboxoFactory optional
2018-03-07  SebbFix path in hash-bang
2018-03-06  Sebbcluster generator does *not* include the lid in the...
2018-03-02  Sebbduplication of data in response from thread.lua
2018-03-02  SebbOops, accidentally committed ponymail.js in a8ea8a0
2018-03-02  SebbOops forgot to update source in 3cc594f
2018-03-01  Sebboption to reduce stats.lua output
2018-03-01  SebbUnused
2018-03-01  SebbUse irt variable instead of refetching it
2018-03-01  Sebbstats.lua cannot handle deep nesting
2018-03-01  Sebboption to reduce stats.lua output
2018-02-28  SebbDon't overwrite the original filename