2018-10-18  fgregUpdate version (#13) master
2018-09-11  fgregSimple issue of not using the exit code returned from...
2018-08-29  fgregUpdated docker image to include RANDOMIZE_NINGESTERPY_P...
2018-08-25  fgregSDAP-111 Ningester support download from S3 (#10)
2018-06-14  fgregSDAP-107 Ningester container does not report exit code...
2018-04-26  fgregSDAP-65 ningesterpy output not printing in docker logs...
2018-04-18  fgregSDAP-62 Fix No bean named 'pythonChainProcessor' availa...
2018-04-17  fgregSDAP-61 Added a test job for climatology ingestion.
2018-04-17  fgregSDAP-54 Added gcc and downgraded miniconda version...
2018-04-17  fgregSDAP-60 Added MySQL JDBC drivers to compile classpath.
2018-03-29  fgregSDAP-28 Ingest SWOT Sample Data Tiled by time (#2)
2018-01-30  fgregMerge pull request #1 from fgreg/master
2018-01-30  Frank Greguskaadded license headers 1/head
2018-01-30  Frank Greguskafixed entrypoint command
2018-01-30  Frank Greguskaupdated docs and simplified config
2018-01-28  Frank Greguskaupdated test job
2018-01-28  Frank Greguskafixed problem with the order beans were getting loaded
2018-01-27  Frank Greguskalaunching ningesterpy process
2018-01-27  Frank Greguskaalmost working docker image
2018-01-27  Frank Greguskaordering of templates was messed up
2018-01-27  Frank Greguskaworking on docker install
2018-01-23  Frank Greguskaupdated ignore file
2018-01-23  Frank Greguskaadd disclaimer update gradle version
2018-01-23  Frank Greguskagetting ready for Apache commit
2018-01-22  Frank Greguskaupdated dependency to the new org.apache.sdap nexusprot...
2018-01-18  Frank Greguskaupdated application to stop when job completes
2018-01-18  Frank GreguskaRemoved batch configuration from AppConfig. Organized...
2018-01-10  Frank Greguskaadded a few more tests
2018-01-10  Frank Greguskagot integration tests working
2018-01-09  Frank Greguskacleaned up buildscript and split tests into unit tests...
2018-01-09  Frank Greguskawired up the writer and updated tests
2018-01-09  Frank Greguskaadded other datastores and their properties
2018-01-05  Frank Greguskaconsistent test names
2018-01-05  Frank Greguskagot solrstore and cassandra store moved over
2018-01-04  Frank Greguskawired in the slicebydimension properties and added...
2018-01-04  Frank Greguskaadded slice by dimension slicer and test
2018-01-04  Frank Greguskawired up the reader and changed it to produce NexusTile...
2018-01-03  Frank Greguskatrying out some new configuration properties
2018-01-03  Frank Greguskaadded property files for each processor
2018-01-03  Frank Greguskaset dataset name processor with test
2018-01-03  Frank Greguskagenerate tile id processor added with tests
2018-01-02  Frank Greguskanew processor for adding time from granule name. update...
2018-01-02  Frank Greguskanew processors and tests
2017-12-27  Frank Greguskamore progress on batch job
2017-11-07  Frank Greguskaupdated reader and tests
2017-10-17  Frank Greguskaexperimenting with new Jython
2017-10-17  Frank Greguskaexperimenting with new Jython
2017-10-13  Frank Greguskaadded integration test
2017-10-13  Frank Greguskaremoving out dir
2017-10-13  Frank Greguskainitial commit
2017-10-13  fgregInitial commit