2018-10-23  echyamSDAP-155 add processor to extract timestamp from granul... master
2018-10-18  fgregupdated dependency (#11)
2018-08-29  fgregMade the host and port options configurable and enabled...
2018-04-26  fgregSDAP-65 ningesterpy output not printing in docker logs...
2018-03-22  Nga QuachSDAP-51 Update NEXUS normalizetimebeginningofmonth...
2018-03-13  fgregMerge pull request #4 from fgreg/SDAP-33
2018-03-13  fgregMerge pull request #3 from fgreg/SDAP-30
2018-03-13  Frank Greguskaupdate processor chain to correctly parse list based... 4/head
2018-03-07  Frank Greguskanew python processor which can promote a variable into...
2018-03-06  Frank Greguskafixed TimeSeriesReadingProcessor to put a shaped array... 3/head
2018-03-01  Nga QuachMerge pull request #2 from ntquach/SDAP-26
2018-03-01  nchungSDAP-26 Create new ningesterpy processor to delete... 2/head
2018-02-28  nchungSDAP-26 Create new ningesterpy processor to delete...
2018-01-30  fgregMerge pull request #1 from fgreg/master
2018-01-30  Frank Greguskaadded contributing doc 1/head
2018-01-28  Frank Greguskanexusproto version
2018-01-27  Frank Greguskaroot package is now sdap
2018-01-27  Frank Greguskaadded ningesterpy everywhere
2018-01-26  Frank Greguskaalso automate pip dependencies
2018-01-26  Frank Greguskaforce conda packages to be installed during setup install
2018-01-23  Frank Greguskaadd disclaimer
2018-01-23  Frank Greguskaupdate description
2018-01-23  Frank Greguskagetting ready for Apache commit
2018-01-23  Frank Greguskagetting ready for Apache commit
2018-01-22  Frank Greguskachanged dependency to the new nexusproto project
2018-01-10  Frank Greguskafixed bug
2018-01-04  Frank Greguskaupdated ningester to expect a NexusTile as JSON as...
2017-12-27  Frank Greguskainitial commit