descriptionApache Taverna Workbench Product (incubating)
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
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45 hours ago  Stian Soiland... ASF file headers master
45 hours ago  Stian Soiland... ignore user-editable config file in apache-rat
45 hours ago  Stian Soiland... no need for travis
45 hours ago  Stian Soiland... Update CITATION format
2 days ago  Stian Soiland... https snapshot repository
2 days ago  Stian Soiland... GitBox in scm
2018-01-04  Stian Soiland... Happy New Year
2017-01-13  Stian Soiland... Updated copyright to 2017
2016-11-02  Stian Soiland... Deps for org.apache.taverna.workbench
2016-06-30  Stian Soiland... newer maven plugin?
2016-05-30  Stian Soiland... Note on building on Windows
2016-03-14  Stian Soiland... TAVERNA-935 use newer parent
2016-02-19  Stian Soiland... apache license headers
2016-02-17  Stian Soiland... TAVERNA-868 NOTICE juggle
2016-02-17  Stian Soiland... TAVERNA-862 newer apache-maven-parent
2016-02-17  Stian Soiland... TAVERNA-868 clarify notice and copyright
3 years ago apache-import-20150223 Donation of Taverna code base to...
4 years ago old/pre-incubator-20150217
4 years ago old/astronomy-2.5.0
4 years ago old/enterprise-2.5.0
4 years ago old/digitalpreservation-2.5.0
4 years ago old/bioinformatics-2.5.0
4 years ago old/biodiversity-2.5.0
4 years ago old/core-2.5.0
4 years ago old/devel-3.0.0-SNAPSHOT
5 years ago old/taverna-workbench-2.4.3
5 years ago old/taverna-workbench-2.4.2
5 years ago old/taverna-workbench-2.4.1
6 years ago old/taverna-workbench-2.4.0
7 years ago old/taverna-workbench-2.3.0
8 years ago old/maintenance-2010-09-06
8 years ago old/taverna-workbench-2.2.1
45 hours ago master