2018-10-18  Shane CurcuruUpdate publicity policy and point to guidelines, Patch... master 8/head
2018-10-18  Shane CurcuruNew page Patch by: sk
2018-10-17  Shane CurcuruImprove friendliness of front page; point to navbar...
2018-10-09  Eitan fix shell bugs
2018-09-16  Justin Mcleanfix spelling errors
2018-09-16  Justin Mcleanremove 1/2 sentance
2018-09-16  Justin Mcleanremoved some closing HTML tags that shouldn't be there
2018-09-15  Justin McleanAdded length of incubation section
2018-09-14  Justin McleanPodlings should report every month for the first three...
2018-09-14  Justin McleanThis closes 7
2018-09-14  Justin McleanThis closes 5
2018-09-14  Justin McleanThis closes 4
2018-09-14  Justin McleanThis closes 3
2018-09-14  sharanfUpdate 7/head
2018-09-13  Justin Mcleanfix spelling (for Sharon)
2018-09-08  Luciano ResendeSuggest using 'podling website template' instead of CMS 6/head
2018-08-20  SebbAnchors ignore ()
2018-08-20  SebbAnchors use underscores; add link to transfer guide
2018-08-20  SebbTry to fix up syntax - yet again
2018-08-20  SebbTry to fix up syntax - again
2018-08-20  SebbTry to fix up syntax
2018-08-15  Alasdair MercerFixed bold styling in FAQ 5/head
2018-07-29  Jimmy CaseyFixed Spelling. 4/head
2018-06-05  Bertrand DelacretazClarify title
2018-06-05  Bertrand DelacretazTrival change, does this help mirror the renamed UNUSED...
2018-06-04  Bertrand DelacretazUpdate README w.r.t publishing process
2018-06-04  Bertrand DelacretazAdd 'getting in touch with the Incubator' section
2018-03-09  John D. AmentFixing service desk links. Adding note to use JIRA...
2018-03-09  John D. AmentUse https urls.
2018-01-27  John D. AmentRedirect /wave to status page.
2018-01-02  duoyu119Fix typo 3/head
2017-12-10  John D. AmentInformation on managing subscriptions.
2017-12-10  John D. AmentUpdating mentor guide for newer services and processes.
2017-11-29  Phil SorberUpdate 2/head
2017-11-28  Luciano Resende Update mailing list request with correct links
2017-11-28  Luciano ResendeUpdate mailing list request links
2017-10-06  SebbFix link
2017-10-06  SebbUnderline the phrases as indicated
2017-09-24  John D. AmentUpdating welcome message to align to new repos.
2017-09-04  John D. AmentFixing link to APMM.
2017-08-17  John D. AmentFix link to Phonebook PMC
2017-08-10  SebbNo longer needed
2017-08-10  SebbDrop obsolete copy of .htaccess
2017-08-06  Craig L RussellMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2017-08-06  Craig L RussellFix typo in
2017-08-03  John D. AmentUpdate readme with information on how to clone the...
2017-08-03  John D. AmentClarify the email format.
2017-08-02  Craig L Russellfix strong metadata
2017-07-30  SebbJust use https: always.
2017-07-30  SebbRedirect does not work. Try another fix.
2017-07-30  SebbDefault to current version of file
2017-07-30  SebbWrap long lines for easier reading
2017-07-26  John D. AmentAdding links to the lists of podlings/projects.
2017-07-23  John D. AmentFix page titles to match.
2017-07-23  John D. AmentMinor fixes to the naming links. Adding links to the...
2017-07-21  John D. AmentClarify some steps in retirement.
2017-07-21  John D. AmentINCUBATOR-202 Split graduation and handover to differen...
2017-07-19  John D. AmentRun clutch in the build.
2017-07-19  gmcdonaldtweak regex, the site is currently very b0rken
2017-07-19  John D. AmentCreate redirects podlings.xml/dtd/xsd
2017-07-13  John D. AmentFix website links.
2017-07-13  John D. AmentFix div sizing on homepage.
2017-07-13  John D. AmentAdd content to content/ directory
2017-07-13  John D. AmentForce copy .htaccess.
2017-07-13  John D. AmentForce build to include .htaccess.
2017-07-13  John D. AmentFix base URL.
2017-07-13  John D. AmentAdding .htaccess file. Update how to update the websit...
2017-07-08  John D. AmentAdding styles from old site.
2017-07-08  John D. AmentCopy build output not checkout.
2017-07-08  John D. AmentAlso build the SVN bits with the git website.
2017-07-06  Daniel TakamoriMerge branch 'master' into jbake-site
2017-06-24  John D. AmentFix mentor guide bullets. Added FAQ to header, fixed... UNUSED-jbake-site
2017-06-24  John D. AmentClean up flow for mentor page.
2017-06-24  John D. AmentRemoved unused pages. Adding retired page. Move a...
2017-06-24  John D. AmentLast bits of migration done.
2017-06-24  John D. AmentInclude estimated reading time.
2017-06-24  John D. AmentUse https url.
2017-06-24  John D. AmentTrying to see if this makes images dir work.
2017-06-24  John D. AmentContinued converting pages to new layout and technology.
2017-06-17  John D. AmentInclude the new mail alias.
2017-06-17  John D. AmentCreate a README to give some instructions on how to...
2017-06-17  John D. AmentUse literal instead of source.
2017-06-17  John D. AmentRemoving unneeded file.
2017-06-17  John D. AmentChanging favicon, base URL.
2017-06-17  John D. AmentUse a custom bake script to allow DTD processing over...
2017-06-17  John D. AmentMigrate landing page to use a homepage template.
2017-06-17  John D. AmentCleaning up footer to be more ASF. Adding ASF header...
2017-06-17  John D. AmentDeleting unused files.
2017-06-17  John D. AmentSetup output to working directory.
2017-06-16  John D. AmentRemoving gradle build, use native JBake.
2017-04-18  John D. AmentOutput is going to build/jbake.
2017-04-18  John D. AmentChange how generation works.
2017-04-18  John D. AmentDo a recursive copy.
2017-04-18  John D. AmentAdding build script wrapper.
2017-04-18  John D. AmentAdding build script based on gradle.
2017-04-18  John D. AmentContinuing progress on converting to asciidoc.
2017-03-18  John D. AmentCleaning up website layout. Adding new logo.
2017-01-15  John D. AmentConverted a few more pages. Removed placeholder conten...
2017-01-15  John D. AmentBasic site using jbake, converted couple of guides.
2017-01-06  John D. AmentChanging locations again. old-master