45 hours ago  Chris WellsAdded pipservice file master
3 days ago  Sander StrikerUpdate
11 days ago  Chris WellsAdded _parse_review_action_items()
11 days ago  Chris WellsAdded discussion item parser
11 days ago  Chris WellsA few pep8 fixes
2022-05-03  Chris WellsSimplified requirements.txt
2022-04-20  Chris WellsAdding some method documentation
2022-04-20  Chris WellsCleaning up detritus
2022-04-20  Chris WellsRewrote _parse_officer_reports()
2022-04-20  Chris WellsRemoved temp test script
2022-04-20  Chris WellsRewrote _parse_exec_officer_reports()
2022-04-20  Chris WellsMade the _parse_attachments() method similar to other...
2022-04-19  Chris WellsRefactored _parse_roll_call()
2022-04-19  Chris WellsCompiled the regex for _create_index()
2022-04-19  Chris WellsUpdated _parse_special_orders()
2022-04-19  Chris WellsUpdated _parse_committee_reports()
2022-04-19  Chris WellsUpdated _parse_last_minutes() call
2022-04-19  Chris WellsParse attachments
2022-04-19  Chris WellsCleaning up a few unneeded bits
2022-04-19  Chris WellsUpdate _parse_meeting_date() to use _get_section()
2022-04-19  Chris WellsAdded _create_index() and _get_section
2022-04-15  Craig L RussellUpdate
2022-04-13  Chris WellsMoved parser logic into a library
2022-04-13  Chris WellsAdded _parse_special_orders()
2022-04-13  Chris WellsRewrote _parse_committee_reports() to follow _parse_las...
2022-04-12  Chris WellsAdded regex for committee reports
2022-04-11  Chris WellsFixed typo/updated checkum
2022-03-23  Chris WellsAdd missing treasurer report parsing
2022-03-23  Chris WellsAdd remaining section names
2022-03-16  Bertrand DelacretazClarity private archive
2022-03-15  Greg Steinif DATA_DIR is not in the env, use self dir
2022-03-15  Greg SteinMove some class vars.
2022-03-15  Greg Steinmove regex patterns to symbolic constants
2022-03-15  Greg SteinParse multiple minutes
2022-03-15  Greg SteinSometimes an agenda may have multiple minutes to approve.
2022-03-15  Greg Steinand symbols for the roll call
2022-03-15  Greg Steinuse more symbolic constants
2022-03-15  Greg SteinMove magic constants to named constants.
2022-03-15  Greg SteinMerge branch 'master' of
2022-03-15  Bertrand DelacretazComment on PMC comments history
2022-03-15  Greg SteinFlatten dicts into instance vars.
2022-03-11  Chris WellsPreliminary work on SQL models
2022-03-11  Chris WellsMore work on parser
2022-03-11  Sander StrikerUpdate
2022-03-11  Sander StrikerUpdate
2022-03-10  Sander StrikerUpdate
2022-03-09  Chris WellsParse previous minutes
2022-03-09  Chris WellsAdded roll call parsing
2022-03-09  Chris WellsSeparate agenda into sections
2022-03-09  Chris WellsRemoved old svn lib
2022-03-08  Sander StrikerUpdate
2022-03-08  Sander StrikerUpdate
2022-03-08  Sander StrikerUpdate
2022-03-08  Sander StrikerUpdate
2022-03-02  Chris WellsAdded model, view, and test data for committee-info.txt
2022-03-02  Chris WellsRenamed Agenda and Minutes class methods to be more...
2022-03-01  Sander StrikerUpdate
2022-03-01  Sander StrikerUpdate
2022-03-01  Chris WellsAdded model, view, and test data for meeting calendar
2022-03-01  Chris WellsAdded back env variable support for DATA_DIR
2022-02-25  Chris WellsUpdated worklog/plans
2022-02-25  Chris WellsAllow fetching single minutes/agendas by meeting date
2022-02-25  Chris WellsRenamed methods to be more clear
2022-02-25  Chris WellsMade File class subscriptable and small fixes
2022-02-25  Chris WellsSmall testing config changes
2022-02-23  Chris WellsRefactor SVN classes and testing
2022-02-23  Chris WellsPytest now creates a local SVN repo before test and...
2022-02-18  Chris WellsAdjusting for new test data
2022-02-18  Chris WellsStart using properly
2022-02-18  Chris WellsMoved test data into seperate folders
2022-02-17  Chris WellsIncorporated Dir class into agendas/minutes views
2022-02-17  Chris WellsAdded method to return specific file
2022-02-17  Chris WellsMerge branch 'master' of
2022-02-17  Chris WellsAdded docstrings and changed _info_regex to class variable
2022-02-17  Chris WellsFixed File object creation in Dir class to allow for...
2022-02-17  Chris WellsSmall additions to the File class
2022-02-17  Chris WellsDRY'ed up Dir class into Parent and added File class
2022-02-17  Bertrand DelacretazMore details on the reports pre-approvals workflow
2022-02-16  Chris WellsWorking on a new Dir object for agenda and minutes...
2022-02-15  Chris WellsBringing more data in for testing
2022-02-15  Chris WellsStarted work on agenda parsing tool
2022-02-15  SebbNeeds to be same as repo name
2022-02-11  Chris WellsRefactored models
2022-02-11  Chris WellsEliminating hardcoded data path
2022-02-11  Chris WellsExpanded the test case
2022-02-11  Chris WellsMoving asf out of agenda
2022-02-11  Chris WellsQuick add to .gitignore
2022-02-10  Chris WellsBroke apart requirements.txt to ease testing env
2022-02-10  Chris WellsSwitched out unittest for pytest
2022-02-10  Chris WellsStarted testing and added 404 handler
2022-02-09  Chris WellsAdded POC Minutes model/route using FileModel parent...
2022-02-09  Chris WellsCreated FileModel parent class
2022-02-09  Chris WellsStarted Agenda model
2022-02-09  Chris WellsAdded config file support
2022-02-09  Chris WellsAdded agenda routing
2022-02-09  Chris WellsCleaned up spacing
2022-02-08  Chris WellsAdded depth functionality
2022-02-08  Chris WellsFixed bug
2022-02-08  Chris WellsRefactored constructor logic
2022-02-07  Chris WellsFixed inconsistent variable names