2021-08-16  Daniel Grunoeaster eggo
2021-08-16  Daniel Grunomake shortening a bit more flexible
2021-08-16  Daniel Grunouse short form
2021-08-16  Daniel Grunomake it so /all?short=block will only shorten blocks...
2021-08-16  Daniel Grunouse short format
2021-08-16  Daniel GrunoAllow for a short mode, which only shows up to 25 most...
2021-08-16  Daniel Grunotweak focus border
2021-08-16  Daniel GrunoJust IPs for now
2021-08-16  Daniel Grunodon't stop after 25 entries + reword
2021-08-15  Daniel Grunomore shmebulocky
2021-08-15  Daniel GrunoAdd files via upload
2021-08-15  Daniel GrunoThrow standard JSON error response if invalid IP format
2021-08-15  Daniel Grunosearch result response tweaks
2021-08-15  Daniel Grunostyle tweaks, remove search link
2021-08-15  Daniel Grunocss style tweaks
2021-08-15  Daniel Grunobump and docco
2021-08-15  Daniel Grunoallow forcing allows (thus removing any matching blocks)
2021-08-15  Daniel Grunowhitespace trigger
2021-08-15  Daniel GrunoCreate
2021-08-15  Daniel Grunoreword
2021-08-15  Daniel Grunoallow unblocking iptables entries non-forcibly
2021-08-15  Daniel Grunoadd 10 min option
2021-08-15  Daniel Grunoreword
2021-08-15  Daniel GrunoTweak cell sizes
2021-08-15  Daniel GrunoAdd 'add a block' feature
2021-08-15  Daniel Grunofix never expiry
2021-08-15  Daniel GrunoAdd allow listing/editing
2021-08-15  Daniel GrunoAdd missing pubsub entries
2021-08-15  Daniel Grunobump to support empty json
2021-08-15  Daniel GrunoAdd rule manipulations
2021-08-15  Daniel Grunobetter error responses
2021-08-15  Daniel Grunobump ahapi for cache support
2021-08-15  Daniel Grunoadd unblock/remove actions for IPs
2021-08-15  Daniel Grunobump ahapi to allow DELETE with request body
2021-08-15  Daniel Grunowiden boxes a bit
2021-08-14  Daniel GrunoVarious updates
2021-08-14  Daniel Grunofix index search, put a temporary allow on expires...
2021-08-14  Daniel Grunofix timestamp and add pubsubbing of new blocks/allows
2021-08-13  Daniel GrunoUpdate blocky4.css
2021-08-13  Daniel GrunoUpdate index.html
2021-08-13  Daniel Grunobreak earlier
2021-08-13  Daniel Grunoadd es_dsl
2021-08-13  Daniel Grunoforgot asfpy, d'oh.
2021-08-13  Daniel GrunoCreate pipservice-blocky4.service
2021-08-13  Daniel GrunoAdd preliminary blocky script, WIP
2021-08-13  Daniel Grunobump iptables upload size to 2MB
2021-08-13  Daniel Grunobump ahapi
2021-08-10  Daniel GrunoAdd files via upload
2021-08-10  Daniel GrunoCreate index.html
2021-08-10  Daniel GrunoCreate moment.js
2021-08-10  Daniel GrunoCreate blocky4.css
2021-08-10  Daniel Grunoadd in static files from the to-be-made webui dir
2021-08-10  Daniel Grunobump ahapi
2021-08-10  Daniel Grunobump hits, fix null-filters and brace for timeouts
2021-08-10  Daniel Grunoallow removing items from the list manually
2021-08-10  Daniel GrunoAdd endpoint for fetching/manipulating rule-sets
2021-08-10  Daniel GrunoAdd search endpoint
2021-08-10  Daniel Grunocreate endpoint for clients to upload their iptables
2021-08-10  Daniel Grunoadd in-memory client iptables
2021-08-09  Daniel Grunopin to .13 so we can actually connect to our cluster
2021-08-09  Daniel Grunoremove debug addition, oops
2021-08-09  Daniel Grunofind old rules and expire them
2021-08-09  Daniel Grunowe can't change the db while running a query, so run...
2021-08-09  Daniel GrunoPEP8 + turn max days into a constant
2021-08-09  Daniel Grunothis has been abstracted
2021-08-05  Daniel Grunoreword
2021-08-05  Daniel GrunoAdd /allow endpoint for adding entries to allow list
2021-08-05  Daniel Grunodon't shadow, delete stale entries from sqlite as well
2021-08-05  Daniel Grunoshorten by using the List object for handling additions
2021-08-05  Daniel GrunoMake serializable again
2021-08-05  Daniel GrunoPEP8 linting
2021-08-05  Daniel Grunostrip out list handling, call plugins.lists.List instead
2021-08-05  Daniel GrunoAdd new block/allow-list module for abstracting lists
2021-08-05  Daniel Grunocombine block/allow lists into one for all (allows...
2021-08-04  Daniel Grunointroduce now a bit earlier, use it to round out expiry
2021-08-04  Daniel GrunoPEP8
2021-08-04  Daniel Grunocreate endpoint for adding a block
2021-08-04  Daniel Grunofix tests
2021-08-04  Daniel GrunoBlockyBlock and BlockyAllow are both serializable,...
2021-08-04  Daniel GrunoMake use of the new BlockyBlock class
2021-08-04  Daniel GrunoTurn allow/block lists into lists of objects - we need...
2021-08-03  Daniel Grunobump ahapi
2021-08-03  Daniel Grunoshorten
2021-08-03  Daniel Grunorename to match what it really is
2021-08-03  Daniel Grunoswitch what is passed on
2021-08-03  Daniel Grunoshortcut server class
2021-08-03  Daniel Grunobump ahapi
2021-08-03  Daniel GrunoAdd defaults for http api
2021-08-03  Daniel GrunoUpdate
2021-08-03  Daniel GrunoMake generic endpoint for listing all blocks/allows
2021-08-03  Daniel Grunoadd ahapi
2021-08-02  Daniel Grunoadd vars and defaults for http api server
2021-08-02  Daniel GrunoCreate
2021-08-02  Daniel Grunofix old name
2021-08-02  Daniel GrunoCreate blocky4.yaml
2021-08-02  Daniel GrunoCreate
2021-08-02  Daniel Grunorename some tables
2021-08-02  Daniel GrunoCreate
2021-08-02  Daniel GrunoCreate
2021-08-02  Daniel GrunoCreate requirements.txt