2022-05-05  Andrew WetmoreUpdate master
2022-05-05  Andrew WetmoreUpdate
2022-05-04  Andrew WetmoreUpdate
2022-04-25  dfoulks1OF: Added more currently utilized plugins to pelican...
2022-04-16  SebbDocco
2022-04-16  SebbDefer copying code to reduce rebuilds on changes
2022-04-16  SebbNo longer needed
2022-04-15  Daniel GrunoMerge pull request #28 from apache/gs-flexible
2022-04-15  Daniel GrunoMerge pull request #30 from apache/humbedooh/eccn-remot...
2022-04-15  Daniel Grunostart, not begin humbedooh/eccn-remote-patch 30/head
2022-04-15  Daniel GrunoAdd support for remote fetching of ECCN yaml
2022-04-06  Greg SteinMore flexible pelican config/run. gs-flexible 28/head
2022-04-04  Greg SteinEnable content options in the YAML.
2022-04-04  Greg SteinAdd a pair of new params for the "dir" subcommand.
2022-04-04  Greg SteinSplit out vars for different directories.
2022-04-04  Greg SteinRevise offering help.
2021-11-21  SebbFix up to allow for python move
2021-11-13  Daniel Grunocall py3 directly, avoid inheriting a broken environment
2021-08-22  SebbEnsure requirements.txt is up to date
2021-08-20  Dave Fisherasfindex plugin for site index (#26)
2021-07-21  SebbOF: document condition
2021-07-21  sebbASFDocument script purpose
2021-07-20  SebbOF: unnecessary (and wrong)
2021-07-20  sebbASFUse requirements.txt (#22)
2021-07-20  Dave FisherOF: Cleanup Dockerfile installs - add (#20)
2021-07-19  sebbASFOF: Avoid: --bind without --listen has no effect (#18)
2021-07-19  sebbASFMerge pull request #16 from apache/dave/smaller-docker...
2021-07-18  Dave FisherTwo phase Dockerfile saves 230MB in image 16/head
2021-07-18  sebbASFSimplify docker; build from checkout (#15)
2021-07-16  Dave FisherOF: Dockerfile - use recent commit hash, support all...
2021-07-16  Greg SteinMerge pull request #11 from bdelacretaz/dockerfile...
2021-07-16  Bertrand Delacretaztypo 11/head
2021-07-16  Bertrand DelacretazMention INFRA_PELICAN_COMMIT in build instructions
2021-07-15  Greg SteinMerge pull request #10 from apache/sebb/pylint
2021-07-15  SebbPylint fixes 10/head
2021-07-15  SebbTODO
2021-07-15  SebbOF: fix file name
2021-07-15  sebbASFPlugin is very noisy (#5)
2021-07-15  Dave FisherOF: update plugin architecture
2021-07-15  Greg SteinMerge pull request #4 from apache/dave/anomolous-backslash
2021-07-15  Greg SteinOF: remove required= argument (not available in py3.6)
2021-07-15  Greg SteinMerge pull request #9 from apache/feature/Dockerfile
2021-07-15  Dave FisherUpdate commit in Dockerfile 9/head
2021-07-15  Dave FisherAdjust args parsing - include args.func(args)
2021-07-15  Dave FisherDockerfile with commit hash updated
2021-07-15  Dave Fisheradd initial help about pelicanconf.yaml
2021-07-15  Dave now has two commands: git and dir
2021-07-14  Greg SteinMerge pull request #8 from apache/feature/allow-empty...
2021-07-14  Dave FisherOF: Add all plugins to the README (#7)
2021-07-14  Dave FisherUpdate gitignore for cmark library installed in place
2021-07-14  Dave FisherSet checkout to commit point which has
2021-07-14  Dave FisherIntroduce Dockerfile
2021-07-14  Dave FisherFix plugins specification 8/head
2021-07-14  Dave FisherAllow missing plugins directive along with missing...
2021-07-13  Dave FisherFixup [ and ] for ezt in download templates
2021-07-05  Dave FisherPer sebb - fix anomolous backslash 4/head
2021-07-05  SebbOF: unused import
2021-07-04  Greg SteinMerge pull request #3 from apache/dave/no-single-branch
2021-07-04  Dave Fisherclone with --depth=1 --no-single-branch 3/head
2021-07-03  Greg SteinMerge pull request #1 from apache/dave/expanded
2021-07-03  Greg SteinSome tweaks to generate_settings() 1/head
2021-07-03  Greg SteinMinor edits
2021-07-03  Dave Fisherupdate to asfgenid
2021-07-03  Dave Fisherremove extra data
2021-07-03  Dave Fishertop level debug in yaml
2021-07-03  Dave Fishercode review
2021-07-03  Dave FisherAdd asfdata, asfrun, and asfcopy plugins. Update asfgen...
2021-07-02  Dave Fisherdev/test improvements: --listen mode and requirements...
2021-07-01  Greg Steinuse --quiet rather than printing diffs. implies --exit...
2021-07-01  Greg Steinfix path to the builtin plugins
2021-07-01  Greg SteinAvoid committing, if no changes. Do more work in dev...
2021-07-01  Dave FisherSet PAGE_TRANSLATION_ID = None and TIMEZONE = 'UTC'
2021-06-28  Greg Steinsimple script to build/compare pelican builds
2021-06-26  Greg SteinImprove the template for auto-settings.
2021-06-26  Greg SteinTheme should be in the conf, not cmdline.
2021-06-26  Greg SteinRemove duplicate debug genid param.
2021-06-25  Greg SteinTweaks to the auto-settings.
2021-06-24  Greg SteinTweak the regex for headers
2021-06-24  Greg SteinUse the GFMReader's new module name.
2021-06-24  Greg SteinAdd the plugin, if the yaml configures it.
2021-06-24  Greg SteinAdd YAML config for the asfgenid plugin.
2021-06-22  Greg SteinComment tweak for using
2021-06-22  Greg SteinMove to plugins/
2021-06-22  Greg SteinEnable Pelican builds using YAML config.
2021-06-16  Dave FisherMerge branch 'master' of
2021-06-16  Dave Fisherput things back
2021-06-16  Gavspecify path
2021-06-16  Gavchange path
2021-06-16  SebbOF: typo
2021-06-16  Dave FisherMove pelican-gfm into plugins
2021-06-16  sebbASFUpdate
2021-06-14  Greg Steinignore __pycache__
2021-06-14  Greg SteinMerge branch 'master' of
2021-06-14  Greg Steinadd ALv2 license
2021-06-14  Greg SteinCreate
2021-06-14  Greg SteinCreate requirements.txt
2021-06-14  Greg SteinUpdate
2021-06-14  Greg SteinQuick script to kick off a site rebuild.
2021-06-10  Greg SteinUpdate
2021-06-10  Greg Steinprint export LIBCMARKDIR for copy/paste.