descriptionApache Infrastructure tools for Pelican-based websites
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
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2022-05-04  Andrew WetmoreUpdate
2022-04-25  dfoulks1OF: Added more currently utilized plugins to pelican...
2022-04-16  SebbDocco
2022-04-16  SebbDefer copying code to reduce rebuilds on changes
2022-04-16  SebbNo longer needed
2022-04-15  Daniel GrunoMerge pull request #28 from apache/gs-flexible
2022-04-15  Daniel GrunoMerge pull request #30 from apache/humbedooh/eccn-remot...
2022-04-15  Daniel Grunostart, not begin humbedooh/eccn-remote-patch 30/head
2022-04-15  Daniel GrunoAdd support for remote fetching of ECCN yaml
2022-04-06  Greg SteinMore flexible pelican config/run. gs-flexible 28/head
2022-04-04  Greg SteinEnable content options in the YAML.
2022-04-04  Greg SteinAdd a pair of new params for the "dir" subcommand.
2022-04-04  Greg SteinSplit out vars for different directories.
2022-04-04  Greg SteinRevise offering help.
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