2015-04-08  Geoffrey Coreyclean up
2015-04-08  Geoffrey Coreyadd example tlp setup w/ maven
2015-04-08  Geoffrey Coreyremove these files
2015-04-08  Geoffrey Coreysybc with infra puppet repo more
2015-03-17  Geoffrey CoreyUpdate Gemfile
2015-03-17  Geoffrey CoreyAdd centos 6.6 box support
2015-01-15  Geoffrey CoreyStop downloading chef
2015-01-09  Geoffrey Coreyfix typo
2015-01-07  Geoffrey CoreyAdd some more detail to readme
2015-01-06  Geoffrey CoreyAdd a bit more to the docs
2015-01-06  Geoffrey CoreyAdd some helpfule stuff
2015-01-06  Geoffrey CoreyMake compatible with openstack config
2015-01-06  Geoffrey CoreyPull out node specific clases
2015-01-06  Geoffrey CoreyAdd node specific yaml file
2015-01-06  Geoffrey CoreyRemove vm_hostname stuff
2015-01-06  Geoffrey CoreySet vm hostname
2015-01-06  Geoffrey CoreyAdd vagrant kitchen file
2015-01-06  Geoffrey CoreyChange net-ssh lib to allow ed25519 host key algs
2015-01-06  Geoffrey CoreyAdd more files to ignore
2015-01-06  Geoffrey CoreyAdd basic puppet + hiera + test kitchen files
2015-01-06  Geoffrey CoreyAdd git ignore
2015-01-05  Geoffrey CoreyInitial commit