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ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeTue, 11 Dec 2018 19:51:07 +0000 (14:51 -0500)
2 hours ago  Chris ThistlethwaiteOF: moving incubator.git to gitbox deployment
31 hours ago  Daniel GrunoOF: Increase timeout
31 hours ago  Daniel GrunoOF: Move auth from git-wip, sync gitadmins
31 hours ago  GavMerge pull request #1262 from apache/christ/INFRA-17385
31 hours ago  Chris ThistlethwaiteMerge pull request #1261 from apache/gm/INFRA-14471
31 hours ago  Chris Thistlethwaitemigrating to gitbox INFRA-17385 christ/INFRA-17385 1262/head
2 days ago  GavFixup perms of newly created list INFRA-14471 gm/INFRA-14471 1261/head
2 days ago  Gavtweak, remove unneeded auth
3 days ago  clambertusMerge pull request #1260 from apache/cml/INFRA-17376
3 days ago  Chris LambertusINFRA-17376 cml/INFRA-17376 1260/head
4 days ago  Chris ThistlethwaiteMerge pull request #1259 from apache/humbedooh/INFRA...
4 days ago  Daniel GrunoMake creadur/rat read-only humbedooh/INFRA-17348 1259/head
6 days ago  Chris ThistlethwaiteOF: fixing up archiva not having asf-site branch
6 days ago  Daniel GrunoMerge pull request #1258 from apache/christ/INFRA-16387
6 days ago  Chris ThistlethwaiteMerge pull request #1257 from apache/humbedooh/financials
6 days ago  Chris ThistlethwaiteMoving Archiva website to gitbox INFRA-16387 christ/INFRA-16387 1258/head
2 hours ago deployment
31 hours ago christ/INFRA-17385
2 days ago gm/INFRA-14471
3 days ago cml/INFRA-17376
4 days ago humbedooh/INFRA-17348
6 days ago christ/INFRA-16387
6 days ago humbedooh/financials
6 days ago gm/INFRA-17359
8 days ago cml/INFRA-17301
11 days ago gm/cleanup-dist-files
12 days ago cml/fisheye-backup
12 days ago cml/devops
13 days ago gm/ppmc-pinot
13 days ago humbedooh/roundtrips
2 weeks ago cml/ooo-mail
2 weeks ago christ/blocky_remove_space