4 hours ago  GavMerge pull request #1263 from apache/humbedooh/gitbox... deployment
4 hours ago  Daniel GrunoDefault to not visibly notifying JIRA or PRs unless... humbedooh/gitbox-pr-jira 1263/head
20 hours ago  Chris ThistlethwaiteOF: moving incubator.git to gitbox
2 days ago  Daniel GrunoOF: Increase timeout
2 days ago  Daniel GrunoOF: Move auth from git-wip, sync gitadmins
2 days ago  GavMerge pull request #1262 from apache/christ/INFRA-17385
2 days ago  Chris ThistlethwaiteMerge pull request #1261 from apache/gm/INFRA-14471
2 days ago  Chris Thistlethwaitemigrating to gitbox INFRA-17385 christ/INFRA-17385 1262/head
3 days ago  GavFixup perms of newly created list INFRA-14471 gm/INFRA-14471 1261/head
3 days ago  Gavtweak, remove unneeded auth
4 days ago  clambertusMerge pull request #1260 from apache/cml/INFRA-17376
4 days ago  Chris LambertusINFRA-17376 cml/INFRA-17376 1260/head
5 days ago  Chris ThistlethwaiteMerge pull request #1259 from apache/humbedooh/INFRA...
5 days ago  Daniel GrunoMake creadur/rat read-only humbedooh/INFRA-17348 1259/head
7 days ago  Chris ThistlethwaiteOF: fixing up archiva not having asf-site branch
7 days ago  Daniel GrunoMerge pull request #1258 from apache/christ/INFRA-16387
7 days ago  Chris ThistlethwaiteMerge pull request #1257 from apache/humbedooh/financials
7 days ago  Chris ThistlethwaiteMoving Archiva website to gitbox INFRA-16387 christ/INFRA-16387 1258/head
7 days ago  Daniel GrunoUpdate pit-authorization-template humbedooh/financials 1257/head
7 days ago  Chris ThistlethwaiteMerge pull request #1256 from apache/gm/INFRA-17359
7 days ago  GavAlso add to ssl gm/INFRA-17359 1256/head
7 days ago  GavINFRA-17359 - add Includes
7 days ago  GavMerge pull request #1255 from dave2wave/patch-1
7 days ago  Dave FisherUpdate 1255/head
8 days ago  Daniel GrunoOF: Update Assistant Treasurer
9 days ago  GavMerge pull request #1254 from apache/cml/INFRA-17301
9 days ago  Chris LambertusINFRA-17301 cml/INFRA-17301 1254/head
10 days ago  Chris LambertusINFRA-16653
11 days ago  Chris LambertusOF: blocky
11 days ago  Chris LambertusOF: kif+loggy on new boxes
11 days ago  Chris LambertusINFRA-17334
12 days ago  clambertusMerge pull request #1253 from apache/gm/cleanup-dist...
12 days ago  gmcdonaldRemove files now in svn. INFRA-15707 gm/cleanup-dist-files 1253/head
13 days ago  Chris Lambertuszmanda -> rsync
13 days ago  Chris Lambertuszmanda -> rsync
13 days ago  Chris LambertusOF: need class
13 days ago  Chris Lambertusfisheye backup cml/fisheye-backup
13 days ago  Chris Lambertuspurge unused code, add rsync user cml/devops
13 days ago  Chris Lambertuszmanda -> rsync
2018-11-28  gmcdonaldPinot ppmc private area access. INFRA-17327 gm/ppmc-pinot
2018-11-28  Chris LambertusOF: missing fd
2018-11-28  Daniel GrunoOF: make sure we close FDs before overriding??
2018-11-28  Daniel GrunoOF: make very sure we don't fudge the recipients
2018-11-28  Chris LambertusOF: proper username humbedooh/roundtrips
2018-11-28  Chris LambertusOF: missing parameters
2018-11-28  Daniel GrunoOF: permissions
2018-11-28  Daniel GrunoOF: Just use /tmp for everything, work around postfix...
2018-11-28  Daniel GrunoOF: use tmp for temp json
2018-11-28  Daniel GrunoOF: linting, commenting, syntax
2018-11-27  Daniel GrunoOF: Trim and replace JSON *after* it's been written to
2018-11-27  Chris Lambertustypo
2018-11-27  Chris Lambertusremove errant php7 packages for now
2018-11-27  Chris Lambertusforce ooo-forums to php5.6
2018-11-27  Chris Lambertusmove ooo wiki to new vm
2018-11-26  Daniel GrunoMerge pull request #1252 from apache/cml/ooo-mail
2018-11-26  Chris Lambertusmail routing for ooo cml/ooo-mail 1252/head
2018-11-26  Daniel GrunoMerge pull request #1251 from apache/christ/blocky_remo...
2018-11-26  Chris Thistlethwaiteremoving extra space at end of an IP address christ/blocky_remove_space 1251/head
2018-11-26  Chris LambertusOF: fix new forumaoo password
2018-11-25  clambertusMerge pull request #1250 from solomax/deployment
2018-11-25  Maxim Solodovnikmod_proxy_wstunnel is added 1250/head
2018-11-24  Daniel GrunoMerge pull request #1249 from apache/cml/INFRA-17272
2018-11-24  Daniel GrunoOF: Add for maintenance cycles
2018-11-24  Chris LambertusINFRA-17272 cml/INFRA-17272 1249/head
2018-11-24  Chris LambertusINFRA-17308 cml/INFRA-17308 1248/head
2018-11-23  gmcdonaldincrease chars
2018-11-21  Daniel GrunoOF: Elaborate that only PMC/PPMC creds will get you...
2018-11-21  clambertusMerge pull request #1246 from apache/christ/blocky_ipta...
2018-11-21  Chris Thistlethwaiteadding full path to iptables christ/blocky_iptables_path 1246/head
2018-11-21  Daniel GrunoOF: Increase timeout max to accommodate automation
2018-11-21  Daniel GrunoOF: Increase timeout to accommodate gitbox migration...
2018-11-21  gmcdonaldsync updated list with svn01-us-west
2018-11-21  gmcdonaldremove unused apsecmail apsiteread
2018-11-21  gmcdonaldupdate svn role
2018-11-20  GavMerge pull request #1245 from apache/gitbox-bulker
2018-11-20  Daniel GrunoOF: Should require root
2018-11-20  Daniel Grunoforgot cfgparser gitbox-bulker 1245/head
2018-11-20  Daniel Grunoremove stale web hooks on import
2018-11-20  clambertusMerge pull request #1244 from apache/gitbox-bulker
2018-11-20  Daniel Grunodon't run updated on gitbox repos 1244/head
2018-11-20  Daniel Grunodon't show repos that are on disk but have been moved...
2018-11-20  Daniel Grunomove to a dedicated area, infra only
2018-11-20  Daniel Grunoadd a gitbox script alias
2018-11-20  Daniel Grunoenable cgi on git.a.o
2018-11-20  clambertusMerge pull request #1243 from apache/christ/blocky_restarts
2018-11-20  Chris Thistlethwaiteadding full path christ/blocky_restarts 1243/head
2018-11-20  Chris Thistlethwaiteadding hourly restarts to blocky
2018-11-20  gmcdonaldupdate svn site
2018-11-20  gmcdonaldupdate projects role
2018-11-20  gmcdonaldremove unused comdev roles
2018-11-20  gmcdonaldremove disabled acct entries.
2018-11-19  Daniel GrunoOF: Fix key
2018-11-19  gmcdonaldupdate mm auth
2018-11-19  Chris ThistlethwaiteMerge pull request #1242 from apache/humbedooh/INFRA...
2018-11-19  Daniel GrunoINFRA-17260: Bump dist limit for flink humbedooh/INFRA-17260 1242/head
2018-11-19  gmcdonaldupdate svn role
2018-11-19  Chris ThistlethwaiteOF: one more change and re-encrypt
2018-11-19  Chris ThistlethwaiteOF: zomg word are hard to read
2018-11-19  Chris ThistlethwaiteOF: fixing my own fix
2018-11-19  Chris ThistlethwaiteOF: magic must be 16 character