9 days ago  dfoulks1OF: removed old openoffice forums and wiki3 nodefiles deployment
9 days ago  dfoulks1Removed nodefiles for decomm'd mysql node
2022-04-22  Daniel GrunoOF: must be bytes
2022-04-21  Daniel Grunorevert to prefork, bump limits
2022-04-21  Daniel GrunoMerge pull request #1897 from dave2wave/patch-2
2022-04-21  Dave FisherUpdate 1897/head
2022-04-21  dfoulks1Merge pull request #1896 from dave2wave/patch-1
2022-04-21  Dave FisherUpdate 1896/head
2022-04-05  dfoulks1OF: Removed ldap1-il-eu, and backup02 nodefiles
2022-04-04  Daniel GrunoSo long, and thanks for all the fish!
2022-04-04  Daniel GrunoDelete
2022-04-03  Daniel GrunoAdd files via upload
2022-04-01  fluxoprepare to decom host
2022-03-31  Daniel GrunoDelete
2022-03-31  Daniel GrunoDelete
2022-03-31  Daniel GrunoDelete
2022-03-31  Daniel GrunoDelete
2022-03-31  Daniel GrunoDelete
2022-03-31  Daniel Grunowrong repo!
2022-03-31  Daniel Grunoref to self
2022-03-29  fluxotls required
2022-03-29  fluxoswitch to more appropriate relay host
2022-03-29  Daniel GrunoDelete
2022-03-27  Daniel Grunotrack nocommits as well
2022-03-27  Daniel Grunoallow fetching description
2022-03-27  Daniel GrunoAdd gitbox2
2022-03-27  Daniel GrunoOF: missing closing parenthesis
2022-03-27  Daniel GrunoAlso allow fetching the git config file
2022-03-26  Daniel GrunoAdd 'jobs' notification scheme for GHA
2022-03-26  Daniel Grunoanchor gitweb, allow he-fi to access notifications...
2022-03-19  Daniel Grunoswitch over to multiprocessing syncer
2022-02-27  fluxodon't try to verify letsencrypt upstream
2022-02-22  Daniel Grunoallow overrides for staging
2022-02-22  Daniel GrunoAllow for github url overrides
2022-02-18  dfoulks1Merge pull request #1895 from apache/gm/no-longer-used
2022-02-18  gmcdonaldmajor p3 cleanup, lets see what is left 1895/head
2022-02-07  dfoulks1buildbot-vm2 has been decommissioned
2022-01-28 has been decommissioned
2022-01-27  dfoulks1OF: removed bb-slave7 from ci.a.o
2022-01-14  dfoulks1Merge pull request #1893 from apache/christ/moving_loggy
2022-01-14  dfoulks1Merge pull request #1894 from apache/gm/unused-nodes
2022-01-14  gmcdonaldremove unused nodes 1894/head
2022-01-14  gmcdonaldremove unused nodes
2022-01-13  Chris Thistlethwaitemoving loggy out of the ubuntu yaml and into individual... 1893/head
2022-01-11  Daniel GrunoOF: only log what can be logged
2022-01-04  Daniel GrunoOF: main is de facto master now, allow that
2022-01-04  dfoulks1OF: added iroh to the hieray eyaml encryption list
2021-12-29  fluxoMerge pull request #1891 from apache/dave2wave-patch-1
2021-12-29  Dave FisherFix for the AOO MediaWiki 1891/head
2021-12-28  Chris Lambertuspootle's DB is on its own host
2021-12-28  fluxoMerge pull request #1890 from apache/gm/remove-bb-nodes
2021-12-28  gmcdonaldremove now unused nodes 1890/head
2021-12-28  gmcdonaldremove now unused nodes
2021-12-15  Chris Lambertusldap migration planning
2021-12-13  Daniel GrunoMerge pull request #1889 from apache/env/ldap_pubsub_role
2021-12-13  Drew FoulksOF: Fixed a project retirement bug.
2021-11-29  Daniel Grunoremove old loggy and blocky
2021-11-23  Chris Lambertusensure: absent long-gone repos
2021-11-23  Chris LambertusOF: absent ancient deprecated repos blocking apt-update
2021-11-22  Chris Lambertusadd ldap_pubsub role for authenticated access 1889/head
2021-11-11  gmcdonalds/302/301
2021-11-10  dfoulks1Merge pull request #1888 from apache/gm/use-rewrite...
2021-11-10  gmcdonalduse rewrite as redirect may not kick in before the... 1888/head
2021-11-10  dfoulks1Merge pull request #1886 from apache/gm/redirect-flink
2021-11-10  gmcdonaldredirect Flink docs to nightlies 1886/head
2021-10-16  Daniel GrunoOF: hook must end with .py
2021-10-15  Daniel Grunounicode things so bb2 works
2021-10-13  Daniel GrunoOF: needs admin path added
2021-10-13  GavMerge pull request #1884 from apache/humbedooh/bb-gitco...
2021-10-13  Daniel GrunoUpdate 1884/head
2021-09-21  Daniel GrunoMerge pull request #1883 from apache/cml/INFRA-22351
2021-09-21  Chris Lambertusremove trailing slashes 1883/head
2021-09-14  Daniel GrunoDelete
2021-09-14  Daniel GrunoDelete
2021-09-10  dfoulksChanges to
2021-08-31  gmcdonaldOF: Add rsync creds
2021-08-26  GavOF: Date tweak , svn trigger testing.
2021-08-24  Daniel Grunodrop key sorting till we are on the new box
2021-08-19  Daniel GrunoAllow dashes in usernames as it once was allowed
2021-08-18  GavMerge pull request #1882 from apache/cottage14-patch-2
2021-08-18  Andrew WetmoreUpdate index.html 1882/head
2021-08-17  Daniel GrunoMerge pull request #1881 from apache/cottage14-patch-2
2021-08-16  Daniel GrunoOF: Never sort by key here
2021-08-16  Daniel Grunoadd a carp
2021-08-15  Andrew WetmoreUpdate index.html 1881/head
2021-08-13  Gavremove offline nodes
2021-08-09  dfoulksOF: removed tac-vm2 nodefiles, see INFRA-20810
2021-08-09  Chris Lambertusadd rsync backups
2021-08-06  Chris ThistlethwaiteOF: updating ip list
2021-08-04  Chris Lambertusadd rsync backups for wiki3
2021-07-28  Daniel GrunoRefactor, only sleep if return value
2021-07-27  Daniel Grunoallow main to update github settings as well by default
2021-07-20  dfoulksOF: bumped kif fd limit
2021-07-14  Daniel GrunoMerge pull request #1880 from apache/gm/www-gitbox
2021-07-14  Gavenable members commit for www-site on Gitbox 1880/head
2021-07-12  Daniel GrunoOF: Add a timeout so we don't crash the whole queue...
2021-07-01  Chris ThistlethwaiteMerge pull request #1879 from apache/sebb/cheapestfirst
2021-06-30  Daniel GrunoLower to 10, as per the folks upstairs
2021-06-29  Daniel GrunoOF: test for valid github user id specs
2021-06-29  Daniel GrunoOF: allow empty list