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[infrastructure-website.git] / .asf.yaml
2020-03-17  dfoulks1Merge branch 'master' into nopages-test
2020-03-17  dfoulksOF trying to fix staging issue
2020-03-17  dfoulksAdded default profile to staging
2020-03-17  dfoulksadded null profile to .asf.yaml for this repo
2020-03-17  dfoulksupdated branch names
2020-03-17  dfoulkschanged staging profile
2020-03-17  dfoulkschanged staging profile
2020-03-17  dfoulksadded staging profile
2020-03-17  dfoulksAdded default date and fixed pages dir
2020-03-17  dfoulksUpdated .asf.yaml
2020-03-05  dfoulksAdded a whoami statement to the pelican builder
2020-01-27  Daniel Grunofix up staging
2020-01-14  Daniel Grunoretrigger...
2020-01-14  Daniel Grunouse proper name...
2020-01-14  Daniel Grunomore debuggin...
2020-01-14  Daniel Grunotest ghprb whitelist
2019-11-12  Daniel Grunotweak notify email
2019-10-29  Daniel Grunotry with a docs dir...
2019-10-29  Daniel GrunoURL typo, gah!
2019-10-29  Daniel Grunoone more switch for debug purposes
2019-10-29  Daniel Grunoswicth again
2019-10-29  Daniel Grunoswitch branch
2019-10-29  Daniel Grunotweak settings
2019-10-29  Daniel Grunoretrigger
2019-10-29  Daniel Grunotry updating GHP
2019-10-29  Daniel Grunotrigger again..
2019-10-29  Daniel Grunoretrigger...
2019-10-29  Daniel Grunocan only specify /docs
2019-10-29  Daniel Grunodebug...
2019-10-29  Daniel Grunoone more time..
2019-10-29  Daniel Grunoretrigger
2019-10-29  Daniel Grunotrigger again
2019-10-29  Daniel Grunoretrigger
2019-10-29  Daniel Grunotesting GH pages...
2019-10-21  Chris ThistlethwaiteMerge pull request #11 from apache/dfoulks/cleanup
2019-10-21  Chris Thistlethwaitefixing more broken links
2019-10-09  dfoulks1Update .asf.yaml
2019-10-09  dfoulks1Update .asf.yaml
2019-09-18  Daniel GrunoChange to a branch we can commit to
2019-09-18  Daniel GrunoTest target branch specification
2019-09-17  Daniel Grunoretrigger
2019-09-17  Daniel Grunoretrigger
2019-09-17  Daniel Grunotttttrigger
2019-09-17  Daniel Grunoretrigger
2019-09-17  Daniel GrunoTrigger .asf.yaml pelican autobuild attempt
2019-08-27  Daniel Grunotry with staging as a bool (no profile defined)
2019-08-27  Daniel Grunotest changing profile name
2019-08-27  Daniel Grunookay, this time it should work D:
2019-08-27  Daniel Grunoall good? :)
2019-08-27  Daniel Grunoonce more..
2019-08-27  Daniel Grunotrigger.-
2019-08-27  Daniel Grunoand again..
2019-08-27  Daniel Grunoretrigger
2019-08-27  Daniel Grunotry enabling staging, see what happens
2019-08-25  Daniel Grunojust have one, valid feature
2019-08-25  Daniel Grunoone more time with a bad feature
2019-08-25  Daniel Grunohave one valid, one invalid section
2019-08-25  Daniel Grunoadd it back
2019-08-25  Daniel Grunowhat happens if we delete it...
2019-08-25  Daniel Grunofix up, should work again now
2019-08-25  Daniel Grunomore gurrbage
2019-08-25  Daniel Grunogarbage it up a bit
2019-08-25  Daniel Grunohaaaaaands
2019-08-25  Daniel Grunoshould work now?
2019-08-25  Daniel Grunoagain...
2019-08-25  Daniel Grunoretrigger
2019-08-25  Daniel Grunotrigger again
2019-08-25  Daniel Grunotrigger..
2019-08-25  Daniel GrunoAdd .asf.yaml for testing