Update git-primer.md
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2021-11-22  fluxoMerge pull request #33 from WillemJiang/patch-1
2021-05-19  sebbASFMerge pull request #35 from kinow/minor-improvements
2021-02-18  Bruno P. KinoshitaRemove unused imports, and re-declared URL
2021-01-04  sebbASFMerge pull request #25 from GeorgLink/patch-2
2020-12-11  Daniel GrunoAdd SPU to the plugin mix
2020-03-17  Daniel Grunoadd .htaccess as static file
2020-03-17  dfoulksOF: Added default date of fs mtime is no date informati...
2020-03-17  Daniel GrunoMerge pull request #13 from apache/nopages-test
2020-03-17  dfoulks1Merge branch 'master' into nopages-test
2020-03-17  dfoulksre-added the pages directory
2020-03-17  dfoulksAdded default date and fixed pages dir
2020-03-17  dfoulksupdated page utl and page_save_as
2019-11-13  Daniel GrunoOF: Specify pelican GFM plugin
2019-10-09  Daniel GrunoTry saving pages with full dir path
2019-09-18  Daniel GrunoOF: this is a default plugin now, nix from our conf
2018-07-18  Greg SteinSwitch to the cmark-gfm markdown processor
2018-07-18  Greg SteinAdd a first pass at GitHub Flavored Markdown based...
2018-06-21  Chris LambertusMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/apache...
2017-03-30  Greg SteinAdd GitHub Flavored Markdown, to align the eventual...
2017-03-30  Greg SteinMove the TOC stuff, to make this look similar to devconf.py
2016-10-31  dMerge branch 'master' of https://git1-us-west.apache...
2016-10-31  Daniel Grunoadd a ToC generator plugin
2016-10-31  Daniel Grunomove news into the news/ directory
2016-10-30  Daniel Grunodrop the 'pages' bit
2016-10-30  Daniel Grunofix links
2016-10-30  Daniel Grunomake sure news is sorted desc by date
2016-10-30  Daniel GrunoMerge branch 'asf-site' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2016-10-30  Daniel Grunoadd footer with copyright etc
2016-10-26  dinitial commit for pelican site