2018-10-14  Gavtest commit master
2018-07-19  Greg SteinUpdate
2018-07-19  Greg SteinUpdate
2018-07-19  Greg SteinUpdate requirements.txt
2018-07-19  Greg SteinFix the value to detect running on Windows
2018-07-18  Greg SteinRemove unicode from the source markdown files. They...
2018-07-18  Greg SteinSwitch to the cmark-gfm markdown processor
2018-07-18  Greg SteinUpdate
2018-07-18  Greg SteinRedo the slugs for articles
2018-07-18  Greg SteinRemove the manual specification of slugs.
2018-07-18  Greg SteinFix date metadata parsing.
2018-07-18  Greg Steinwhoops. remove personal LIBDIR override.
2018-07-18  Greg Stein* prepare the "slug" properly (and ignore any such...
2018-07-18  Greg SteinWorks much better with the proper attribute names...
2018-07-18  Greg SteinAdd proxy func for rendering html.
2018-07-18  Greg SteinThe gfmextensions library needs to be loaded, and its...
2018-07-18  Greg SteinFix awkward docstring
2018-07-18  Greg SteinTurn the crank on the GFMReader.
2018-07-18  Greg SteinTweak the library name, and where it is located.
2018-07-18  Greg SteinAdd a first pass at GitHub Flavored Markdown based...
2018-07-17  Greg SteinThese config files aren't used and/or don't work as...
2018-07-09  clambertusUpdate
2018-07-08  clambertusUpdate
2018-07-08  clambertusUpdate
2018-06-21  Chris Lambertusrelative link update
2018-06-21  Chris Lambertusdoc update
2018-06-21  Chris LambertusMerge branch 'master' of
2018-04-21  Greg SteinMerge pull request #4 from jeis2497052/master
2018-04-17  John EismeierPropose fix some typos 4/head
2018-01-21  Daniel Grunoclearly I need a non-trivial triviality
2018-01-21  Daniel Grunowhitespace, triggering gitwcsub hopefully
2018-01-21  Daniel Grunoadding a whitespace to check on pubsub
2017-12-30  Greg SteinAdd draft example of machines page, queried from puppet.
2017-07-11  dwhitespace to test building
2017-06-05  Daniel Grunoremove blanks again
2017-06-05  Daniel Grunoadding some blank lines to test multimail
2017-05-17  Gavremove testing
2017-05-17  Gavtest
2017-04-16  Daniel Grunopoint to gitbox for new gitbox repos
2017-04-15  Daniel GrunoOne more trivial change to trigger INFRA-13896
2017-04-15  Daniel Grunotrivial change to see if INFRA-13896 works
2017-03-30  Greg Steinping a change to BB
2017-03-30  Greg Steinremove caret marks from the div lines, to fix table...
2017-03-30  Greg SteinAdd GitHub Flavored Markdown, to align the eventual...
2017-03-30  Greg SteinMove the TOC stuff, to make this look similar to
2017-03-30  Greg SteinPelican inserts a body title, so toss our own.
2017-03-30  Greg SteinFix the title, for Pelican to pick up
2017-03-30  Greg SteinCreate
2017-02-10  Daniel Grunochange title gaedgd gwqaeggeg moo
2017-02-10  Daniel Grunoone more go
2017-02-10  Daniel Grunoone more try...
2017-02-10  Daniel Grunotrivial change to trigger bb
2017-02-10  Daniel Grunotrivial change to trigger buildbot
2017-02-10  Daniel Grunotrivial change
2017-02-10  Greg SteinMerge pull request #2 from ShaneCurcuru/master
2017-02-09  Shane CurcuruChange to use SITENAME throughout; helpful comments... 2/head
2017-01-18  gmcdonaldboring command line edit
2017-01-18  GavUpdate
2017-01-18  gmcdonaldtweak, why not
2017-01-18  gmcdonaldPonies
2017-01-18  Daniel Grunocasing
2017-01-18  gmcdonaldUbercorns are not taxis
2017-01-18  gmcdonaldUbercorns
2017-01-18  gmcdonaldUbercorns
2017-01-18  Daniel GrunoUpdate
2017-01-18  Daniel GrunoUpdate
2017-01-18  Daniel Grunobla bla bla
2017-01-17  gmcdonaldtweak
2016-12-14  Chris ThistlethwaiteAdded SSH fingerprint for christ/update_fingerprint_for_syncope-vm2
2016-11-30  gmcdonaldtest
2016-11-30  gmcdonaldAdd menu item for new fingerprints page
2016-11-30  gmcdonaldrename page
2016-11-30  gmcdonaldAdd machines page from old dev site as fingerprints...
2016-11-28  Daniel Grunofix hover issue with height
2016-11-28  Daniel Grunomake boxes less round and a bit larger on the inside
2016-11-28  Daniel Grunohrmpf, resize the right element
2016-11-28  Daniel Grunoslim front page boxes a bit more
2016-11-28  Daniel Grunodownsize headers a bit, so they fit
2016-11-25  Chris LambertusMerge branch 'johnament-master'
2016-11-25  John D. AmentCleaned up links for mailing list requests. 1/head
2016-11-18  Chris ThistlethwaiteUpdating the wording from Lend us a hand to How can...
2016-11-03  Daniel Grunofix link-span size and position
2016-11-03  Daniel Grunouse spans to turn divs into links, remove need for JS
2016-11-03  dlink typo
2016-11-03  dtext and larger
2016-11-03  dwrong icon
2016-11-03  dcome chat with us!
2016-11-02  dchange ml to new one
2016-11-02  dlink syntax
2016-11-02  dcome talk to us!
2016-11-02  dchange content for infrabot
2016-11-02  dwhitespace for pubsub
2016-11-02  dwhitespace change for formatting
2016-11-02  dfill out content
2016-11-01  Daniel Grunoadd another faq
2016-10-31  dadd line break
2016-10-31  dadd another answer for faq
2016-10-31  dfix escaping
2016-10-31  dadd new faqs
2016-10-31  Daniel Grunothree continents :)