2019-10-14  xiangdong huangadd apache-rat for .checkstyle file
2019-10-14  xiangdong huangchange hive's copyright from 2019 to 2018 for being...
2019-10-11  Lei Ruienable lowercase of datatype,encoding,compressor in...
2019-10-08  SilverNarcissus[IOTDB-241] Add query and non query interface in sessio...
2019-09-30  suyue[ IOTDB-160]External sort (#336)
2019-09-29  Jackie Tien[IoTDB-246] Add Chinese version for hadoop-connector...
2019-09-28  Jackie Tien[246-IoTDB] Docs for Hadoop-Connector in IoTDB websites...
2019-09-27  Jiang Tian[IOTDB-221]Add a python client example (#427)
2019-09-27  Jackie Tien[IOTDB-209]Improvement on the Hadoop module (#386)
2019-09-27  Xiangdong HuangReduce project version declaration (#432)
2019-09-27  Xiangdong Huang[IOTDB-242] fix mvn integration-test failed because...
2019-09-27  SilverNarcissus[IOTDB-240] Fix bug (#423)
2019-09-26  Zesong SunFix initial value of minTimestamp to Long.MIN_VALUE...
2019-09-26  BorisChange javdoc to block comment. (#420)
2019-09-26  Yi Tao[IOTDB-188] Delete storage group (#416)
2019-09-26  Zesong SunAdd JMX document (#422)
2019-09-26  SilverNarcissusfix IOTDB-235 (#419)
2019-09-26  Zesong Sun[IOTDB-239] Add interface for showing devices (#421)
2019-09-24  Jiang Tianmerge IncompleteFileTestUtil into TsFileGeneratorForTes...
2019-09-24  Jialin Qiaoupdate pom (#418)
2019-09-23  Zesong SunFix data cannot be found when restarting server in...
2019-09-23  BorisAvoid creating a new ChunkGroupFooter object. (#413)
2019-09-21  Jialin QiaoMerge pull request #411 from apache/delete_timeseries_i...
2019-09-21  Jialin QiaoMerge pull request #410 from apache/improve_log
2019-09-21  qiaojialinadd delete timeseries in session 411/head
2019-09-21  qiaojialinrename delete to deleteData in session
2019-09-21  qiaojialinremove deprecated 410/head
2019-09-21  qiaojialinremove author
2019-09-21  qiaojialinremove unthrowed exception
2019-09-21  qiaojialincatch runtime exception when inserting memtable
2019-09-21  qiaojialinadd flush and close log in StorageGroupProcessor
2019-09-20  Jialin Qiaoexclusion servlet in iotdb-jdbc (#408)
2019-09-20  Jialin Qiaoupdate servlet-api version (#407)
2019-09-19  Zesong SunUpdate document affected by renaming RPC (#405)
2019-09-19  BorisRemove static, add getter and setter. (#403)
2019-09-19  Zesong SunRename some varaible names and struct names in RPC...
2019-09-19  SilverNarcissus[IOTDB-224] fix buffer size and remove cache (#400)
2019-09-19  Lei Rui[IOTDB-223]Add a TsFile sketch tool (#398)
2019-09-19  Jialin Qiaofix rpc error (#401)
2019-09-19  Zesong Sun[IOTDB-222] Fix changing to read-only mode when flushin...
2019-09-19  Xiangdong Huangusing String.getBytes(utf-9).length to replace string...
2019-09-19  Lei Ruifix ignoreTimeStamp IOTDB-214; simplify some jdbc inter...
2019-09-17  Tianan Lifix a bug in DirectoryManager (#393)
2019-09-17  Zesong Sun[IOTDB-219] Add config of tsfile_storage_fs in iotdb...
2019-09-17  Jialin Qiaoadd log for session (#394)
2019-09-17  Jack Tsai[IOTDB-191] Enrich Session interfaces (#375)
2019-09-14  张宇欣fix grammer (#391)
2019-09-14  Lei Ruiuse %IOTDB_HOME%\lib\* to refers to all .jar files...
2019-09-12  Zesong Sun[IOTDB-200] Support creating TsFileWriter with config... 389/head
2019-09-12  SilverNarcissususe jdbc to connect iotdb in spark (#381)
2019-09-12  Yi Tao[IOTDB-180] Get rid of JSON format in "show timeseries...
2019-09-11  suyue[IOTDB-57]rename (#384)
2019-09-10  Lei Ruiadd more partition tests for spark-tsfile-connector...
2019-09-10  SilverNarcissusfix bug in IOTDB-207 (#385)
2019-09-08  Lei Ruifix a bug in TimeRange's intersect function (#382)
2019-09-07  Jialin QiaoMerge pull request #380 from Genius-pig/master
2019-09-06  zhutianciMove a util class to test dir. 380/head
2019-09-06  Zesong Sun[IOTDB-189] Support compatibility of HDFS File and...
2019-09-06  Jialin QiaoMerge pull request #378 from apache/fix_tsfile_example
2019-09-06  Jialin QiaoMerge pull request #377 from JackieTien97/ty
2019-09-06  Jialin QiaoMerge pull request #303 from SilverNarcissus/xuekaifeng...
2019-09-06  qiaojialinfix log size 378/head
2019-09-06  JackieTien97Set log level to error 377/head
2019-09-06  Jialin QiaoMerge pull request #299 from LeiRui/pick-wm
2019-09-06  151250176change log level to error 303/head
2019-09-06  qiaojialinfix tsfile example data type
2019-09-06  151250176for travis
2019-09-06  151250176add log for partition position and add test code for...
2019-09-06  JackieTien97Change all the str.length() to str.getBytes().length...
2019-09-06  JackieTien97remove the redundant field measurementSchemaList in...
2019-09-05  Jialin QiaoMerge pull request #371 from LeiRui/quickFix
2019-09-04  151250176add license
2019-09-04  RUI, LEIadd unit test for DeviceMetadataCache 371/head
2019-09-04  Jialin QiaoMerge pull request #374 from apache/session_synchronized
2019-09-04  qiaojialinmake session thread safe 374/head
2019-09-04  qiaojialinMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2019-09-04  Jialin Qiaoavoid reopen session (#373)
2019-09-04  qiaojialinavoid reopen session 373/head
2019-09-04  151250176add test
2019-09-04  151250176remove original file
2019-09-04  151250176add write narrow form to tsfile
2019-09-04  RUI, LEIfix some small problems discovered when reading code
2019-09-04  RUI, LEIupdate with master 299/head
2019-09-04  RUI, LEIMerge branch 'master' into pick-wm
2019-09-03  151250176for travis
2019-09-03  Jialin Qiaochange maven version in travis from 3.6.1 to 3.6.2...
2019-09-03  151250176change code format to confirm google style
2019-09-03  Jialin QiaoMerge pull request #368 from apache/fix_parameter
2019-09-03  Jialin QiaoMerge pull request #352 from jack870131/query_device_an...
2019-09-03  151250176remove NewConverter
2019-09-03  151250176merge wide and narrow convertor together and update doc
2019-09-03  qiaojialinfix maxConcurrentClientNum to rpcMaxConcurrentClientNum 368/head
2019-09-03  RUI, LEIMerge branch 'master' into pick-wm
2019-09-03  qiaojialinadd set max open files to preliminaries
2019-09-02  Jialin QiaoMerge pull request #367 from apache/session_insert
2019-09-02  qiaojialinformat insertRow in rpc.thrift 367/head
2019-09-02  qiaojialinadd insertRow interface
2019-09-02  RUI, LEIfix data type problem in watermark detection
2019-08-31  Jialin QiaoMerge pull request #360 from samperson1997/split_develo...
2019-08-30  Zesong SunAdd mvn clean compile step 360/head