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2020-10-02  Andi HuberMerge pull request #1 from apache/dependabot/npm_and_ya...
2020-10-02  Andi HuberMerge pull request #2 from apache/dependabot/npm_and_ya...
2020-03-09  danhaywoodadds nav icons, menu items for archived v1.x docs
2020-02-25  danhaywoodtweaks margins
2020-02-04  danhaywoodcolours, new -narrow page-role
2020-02-04  danhaywoodupdates menu
2020-01-31  danhaywoodadds float left etc for sidebars
2020-01-30  danhaywoodtweaks
2020-01-15  danhaywoodupdates top level menu, is all.
2020-01-11  danhaywoodupdates menu
2019-12-19  danhaywoodupdates the order of menu items
2019-12-19  danhaywoodsorts out menu spacing
2019-12-17  danhaywoodupdates header
2019-12-17  danhaywoodremoves page margins, adds smoke to LHS nav, updates...
2019-11-14  danhaywoodcolours and page roles
2019-09-23  danhaywoodfurther mods to menu, fixes src link to local tocbot...
2019-09-17  danhaywoodMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2019-07-18  Dan Allenfix invalid nav item in preview site [skip ci]
2019-07-17  Dan Allenstyle caption on block image like other captions
2019-07-17  Dan Allenadd support for underline role
2019-07-17  Dan Allenupdate preview page [skip ci]
2019-06-17  Dan Allenmerge !71
2019-06-17  Dan Allenrevise styles for quote blocks
2019-06-17  Antonioadded styling to quote blocks
2019-06-17  Dan Allenmerge !68
2019-06-17  Dan Allenadd CSS selectors for float roles (left and right)
2019-05-04  danhaywoodadds 'on this page' TOC
2019-02-18  Dan Allendon't show Edit this Page if repository is private
2019-01-01  Dan Allenmerge !67
2018-12-30  Dan Allenrename preview-site-src folder to preview-src