descriptionApache Isis™ software is a framework for rapidly developing domain-driven apps in Java. Write your business logic in entities, domain services or view models, and the framework dynamically generates a representation of that domain model as a webapp or as a RESTful API. For prototyping or production.
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeMon, 16 May 2022 03:49:48 +0000 (05:49 +0200)
118 min ago  Andi HuberMerge pull request #931 from apache/dependabot/maven... master
2 hours ago  dependabot... Bump maven-jaxb2-plugin from 0.14.0 to 0.15.1 931/head
16 hours ago  Andi HuberISIS-3051: minor cosmetics
18 hours ago  Andi HuberISIS-3050: remove debug line in prev. commit
18 hours ago  Andi HuberISIS-3050: improve a bit on mm changes since graphql...
18 hours ago  Andi HuberISIS-3051: set introspection mode explicit on MMNodes
18 hours ago  Andi HuberISIS-3051: minor test refactoring
19 hours ago  Andi HuberISIS-3051: adds regression test based on metamodel...
20 hours ago  Andi HuberISIS-3051: adding test cases
20 hours ago  Andi HuberISIS-3051: improve mixed in icons
20 hours ago  Andi HuberISIS-3051: adds 'isMixedIn' flag to the member type...
2 days ago  Andi HuberISIS-3050: badge render fix
2 days ago  Andi HuberISIS-3050: replace empty text-area when in output mode...
3 days ago  Andi HuberBump datanucleus-jdo-api 3.2.0-release -> 3.2.1
3 days ago  Andi HuberISIS-3040: minor refactoring
3 days ago  Andi HuberMerge pull request #929 from apache/dependabot/maven...
2 months ago 2.0.0-M7.20220314.1909.ISIS-2975.7bd602dd
2 months ago 2.0.0-M7.20220314.1906.ISIS-2975.1ee56b01
2 months ago 2.0.0-M7.20220314.1853.ISIS-2975.5b15764d
2 months ago rel/isis-2.0.0-M7
7 months ago 2.0.0-M6-site-build
8 months ago rel/isis-2.0.0-M6
8 months ago isis-2.0.0-M6-RC1
10 months ago 2.0.0-M5_before_new_facet_prec_logic Before switching to new FacetRankin...
13 months ago rel/isis-2.0.0-M5
13 months ago isis-2.0.0-M5-RC1
19 months ago rel/isis-2.0.0-M4
2 years ago rel/isis-2.0.0-M3
3 years ago rel/helloworld-archetype-2.0.0-M2
3 years ago rel/simpleapp-archetype-2.0.0-M2
3 years ago rel/isis-2.0.0-M2
3 years ago rel/helloworld-archetype-1.17.0
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2 hours ago dependabot/maven/master/camel.version-3.14.3
21 hours ago 3051-mm-regression
2 days ago v1-lab
5 days ago ISIS-3037
2 weeks ago ISIS-2947
3 weeks ago dependabot/maven/master/com.sun.xml.bind.external-relaxng-datatype-3.0.2
4 weeks ago ISIS-3001
4 weeks ago dependabot/maven/master/com.sun.xml.bind.external-rngom-3.0.2
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2 months ago 2.0.0-M7
3 months ago ISIS-2878