descriptionApache Jackrabbit FileVault Jenkins Shared LIbrary
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeThu, 17 Mar 2022 08:36:52 +0000 (09:36 +0100)
2022-03-17  Konrad Windszusremove workaround related to "Unexpected CryptoAPI... master
2022-03-15  Konrad Windszusfix syntax error
2022-03-15  Konrad Windszusclear workspace prior to running IT stage/deploy stage
2022-03-15  Konrad Windszusecho node name for all stages
2022-03-15  Konrad Windszusadd workaround for failing ITs due to
2022-01-07  Konrad WindszusJCRVLT-580 allow to parameterize Maven version
2021-12-28  Konrad WindszusJCRVLT-579 use wagon-maven-plugin for deferred deployme...
2021-12-01  Konrad WindszusCorrectly pass on publisherStrategy
2021-10-07  Konrad Windszusdon't attach publishers to Maven Sonar execution
2021-10-07  Konrad Windszusfix typo
2021-10-07  Konrad Windszusmake SonarCloud project key configurable
2021-10-07  Konrad Windszuscollect surefire and failsafe reports
2021-10-07  Konrad Windszusset job properties
2021-10-07  Konrad Windszusfix some typos
2021-10-07  Konrad WindszusJCRVLT-530 fix folder structure
2021-10-07  Konrad WindszusJCRVLT-530 add Jenkins shared library
8 weeks ago master
4 months ago feature/JCRVLT-580-parameterize-maven-version