2006-08-27  Stefano BagnaraFix typos in NOTICE.txt and pom.xml
2006-08-27  Stefano BagnaraRemove the hardcoded configuration of the smtphandler...
2006-08-22  Norman MaurerFix broken config file
2006-08-10  Vincenzo Gianferrari... Fixing POSTAGE-11: "Getting sometimes an NPE in POP3Cli...
2006-08-10  Noel J. BergmanRemove -- characters that were reported as invalid...
2006-08-10  Bernd Fondermann- apply new ASF headers
2006-08-09  Bernd Fondermannapplied the fix/patch for JIRA POSTAGE-7
2006-08-07  Stefano BagnaraIntroduced maven2 pom to build postage site.
2006-08-07  Stefano BagnaraAdd copyright statement to NOTICE / check if svn notifi...
2006-07-12  Bernd Fondermannmake it compile under Java 1.4
2006-07-10  Bernd Fondermann- log exceptions when reading forwarded mail
2006-06-29  Bernd Fondermannincorporate changes/fixes made to similar code in james...
2006-06-20  Bernd Fondermannsome apache commons libraries which come in handy
2006-06-20  Bernd Fondermannmake JVMResourceSampler compile under Java5
2006-06-19  Bernd Fondermanninitial import (finish)
2006-06-19  Bernd Fondermanninitial import (ongoing)
2006-06-19  Bernd Fondermanninitial import (ongoing)
2006-06-14  Stefano Bagnarapostage svn structure (JAMES-442)