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2022-06-03  Tung Van TRAN[CHANGELOG] Upgrade docker relevant
2022-03-10  Benoit Tellier[RELEASE] Roll CHANGELOG.md prior to 3.7.0 release
2022-03-01  Benoit Tellier[CHANGELOG] Add recent changes to the changelog
2022-02-07  Benoit Tellier[RELEASE] Changelog for 3.6.2
2022-01-28  Benoit Tellier[RELEASE] Disclose CVEs in 3.6.1 announce + changelog
2021-12-19  Benoit Tellier[CHANGELOG] Enrich the changelog for unreleased version...
2021-12-19  Benoit Tellierf [CHANGELOG] Changes for Apache James - 3.6.1
2021-12-19  Benoit Tellier[CHANGELOG] Changes for Apache James - 3.6.1
2021-07-09  Tellier BenoitMerge pull request #520 from chibenwa/website-mime4j...
2021-07-07  Tellier BenoitMerge pull request #522 from chibenwa/changelog-02...
2021-07-07  Tellier BenoitMerge pull request #528 from chibenwa/JAMES-3609
2021-07-07  Tellier BenoitMerge pull request #519 from chibenwa/JAMES-3607
2021-07-07  Tellier BenoitMerge pull request #518 from chibenwa/perf-jmap
2021-07-07  Tellier BenoitMerge pull request #517 from chibenwa/push-perf-2
2021-07-07  Tellier BenoitMerge pull request #513 from chibenwa/JAMES-3604-publis...
2021-07-07  Tellier BenoitMerge pull request #530 from chibenwa/JAMES-3604 (...
2021-07-05  Tellier BenoitJAMES-3593 Recommend the upgrade to RabbitMQ 3.8.18...
2021-07-02  Benoit Tellier[CHANGELOG] Enrich the changelog for unreleased version... 522/head
2021-07-02  Benoit TellierJAMES-3593 Recommend the upgrade to RabbitMQ 3.8.18 521/head
2021-06-10  Benoit TellierJAMES-3593 Recommend the upgrade to RabbitMQ 3.8.17
2021-06-09  Benoit TellierJAMES-3593 Recommend upgrade of RabbitMQ to 3.8.16
2021-05-18  Benoit TellierJAMES-3578 Drop Cassandra schema support prior version 8
2021-05-03  Benoit Tellier[UPGRADE] Adopt Apache Tika 1.26
2021-04-02  Benoit TellierJAMES-3524 ChangeLog entry
2021-03-18  Benoit Tellier[RELEASE] Freeze 3.6.0 CHANGELOG.md and upgrade-instruc...
2021-03-18  Benoit Tellier[RELEASE] Add missing changelog entries
2021-02-25  Benoit TellierJAMES-2514 Changelog and Upgrade instructions for Cassa...
2020-12-14  Benoit Tellier[CHANGELOG] Update the content of the changelog followi...
2020-12-07  Benoit TellierJAMES-3435 CHANGELOG.md & upgrade-instructions.md
2020-10-26  Benoit TellierJAMES-3430 Document migration for MessageV3 table
2020-10-16  Benoit TellierJAMES-3428 Document read-repairs for mailbox counters
2020-10-14  Benoit TellierJAMES-3407 Document mailbox read repair
2020-10-09  Benoit TellierJAMES-1677 Upgrade default user password hashing algorithms
2020-10-09  Benoit TellierJAMES-3416 ElasticSearch address indexing fixes
2020-10-09  Benoit TellierJAMES-3405 Expose metrics over HTTP
2020-09-25  duc91James-3385: update Email/Query documentation
2020-09-15  Gautier DI FOLCOJAMES-3028 Document OpenStack's Swift dropping
2020-07-23  Benoit Tellier[RELEASE] Changelog: freeze 3.5.0
2020-07-23  Benoit TellierJAMES-3313 Drop support for Hybrid BlobStore
2020-07-23  Benoit Tellier[CHANGELOG] Document recent work
2020-06-24  Benoit TellierJAMES-3252 Fix Changelog typo
2020-06-21  Benoit TellierJAMES-3252 DomainList autoDection should be turned...
2020-06-16  Eugen StanMerge pull request #174 from mbaechler/adr-jdk-11
2020-06-16  Eugen StanMerge pull request #149 from irsl/patch-2
2020-06-04  Benoit TellierJAMES-2760 mailqueue.size.metricsEnabled should be...
2020-05-22  LanKhuatJAMES-3158 Deprecate HybridBlobStore
2020-04-29  Rene CordierJAMES-3138 Changelog entry
2020-04-29  LanKhuatJAMES-3143 Update CHANGELOG
2020-04-21  Matthieu BaechlerMerge remote-tracking branch 'mine/jdk-11'
2020-04-21  Matthieu BaechlerJAMES-2932 use Java 11 for compile and run by default
2020-04-17  Gautier DI FOLCOJAMES-3134 Update RabbitMQ related documentation
2020-04-17  LanKhuatJAMES-3117 Update changelog
2020-04-01  Benoit TellierJAMES-3022 Change default log file after log4j2 upgrade
2020-03-25  Benoit TellierJAMES-3124 Test and recommend upgrading to Tika 1.24
2020-03-23  Benoit TellierJAMES-3122 Remove LogEnabled deprecated API
2020-03-17  LanKhuatJAMES-3072 Add an entry for mailbox export in the CHANGELOG
2020-03-17  Benoit TellierJAMES-3112 Upgrade notes and Changelog
2020-03-09  Benoit TellierJAMES-3074 Changelog & upgrade instructions for JPA...
2020-03-09  Benoit TellierJAMES-3074 Maildir: On the fly UidValidity sanitizing
2020-03-09  Benoit TellierJAMES-3105 Changelog entry
2020-03-06  Benoit TellierJAMES-3058 Changelog entry: solving mailbox inconsistencies
2020-02-27  duc91JAMES-3062: EventDeadLetters healthCheck documentation
2020-02-20  Gautier DI FOLCOJAMES-3066 Add allowed From headers webadmin endpoint...
2020-02-14  duc91JAMES-3040: change behavior of uploadDocument directly...
2020-02-11  Matthieu BaechlerMerge remote-tracking branch 'mine/split-blobstore...
2020-02-10  Tran Tien DucJAMES-3016 Drop allow8bitmime option in remote delivery
2020-02-06  Rene CordierJAMES-2950 Add entries about the change in the changelo...
2019-12-18  Benoit TellierJAMES-2919 MessageFastView projection changelog entry
2019-12-10  Benoit TellierJAMES-2576 Rework HealthChecks routes status code
2019-12-03  Raphael OuazanaDocument changes for RabbitMQ 3.8
2019-11-27  Benoit TellierChangelog for JamesUser class removal
2019-11-26  Raphael OuazanaJAMES-2949 Update documentation accordingly
2019-11-20  Benoit TellierJAMES-2964 Changelog for negative quota creation
2019-11-20  Rémi KOWALSKIJAMES-2981 Changelog for Cassandra keyspace creation
2019-11-20  Benoit TellierChangelog for recent changes
2019-11-20  Benoit TellierChangelog entry for stricter mailbox name validation
2019-11-20  Benoit TellierChangelog entry for ElasticSearch authentication + SSL
2019-11-20  Benoit TellierChangelog for Distributed Task Management
2019-11-20  Benoit TellierChangelog entry for Cassandra authentication + SSL
2019-11-20  Benoit TellierChangelog entry for library upgrade
2019-11-20  Benoit TellierAdd some items contributed since last release
2019-11-20  Benoit TellierChangelog for various bug fixes
2019-11-20  Benoit TellierChangelog for Distributed Task Management
2019-11-20  Benoit TellierChangelog for recent ElasticSearch changes
2019-11-13  Matthieu BaechlerMerge remote-tracking branch 'mine/one-fix-per-day-4'
2019-11-13  Raphael OuazanaJAMES-2949 Update changelog and upgrade instructions
2019-11-01  Benoit TellierJAMES-2917 Document breaking changes in changelog ...
2019-09-26  Benoit TellierJAMES-2703 Document removals in Changelog and Upgrade...
2019-09-25  Rene CordierJAMES-2855 Document tika server image upgrade in Changelog
2019-09-25  Matthieu Baechler3.4.0 release: Update changelog
2019-09-04  Benoit TellierChangelog for recent changes
2019-09-03  Matthieu BaechlerJAMES-2870 update CHANGELOG.md about zookeeper deprecat...
2019-09-03  Rémi KowalskiUpdate CHANGELOG.md
2019-06-06  Raphael OuazanaMerge remote-tracking branch 'mine/random'
2019-06-06  Raphael OuazanaMerge remote-tracking branch 'blackheaven/JAMES-2870'
2019-06-05  Rene CordierJAMES-2767 Downgrading ES version to 6.3 in changelog
2019-05-29  Gautier DI FOLCOJAMES-2780 Update CHANGELOG with TMT Sprint 5 content
2019-05-28  Benoit TellierUpdate changelog
2019-04-29  Raphael OuazanaMerge remote-tracking branch 'trantienduchn/browsable'
2019-04-29  Raphael OuazanaMerge remote-tracking branch 'trantienduchn/fix-domain...