JAMES-3781 As a user I want to enforce explicit configuration
[james-project.git] / protocols /
2022-06-13  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 ProtocolMDCContextFactory::retrieveIp could...
2022-06-12  Benoit Tellier[FIX] Drop dangerous synchronous methods in IMAP code.
2022-06-07  vttranJAMES-3757 IMAP/SMTP OIDC extensions should support...
2022-06-03  Tung Van TRAN[UPGRADE] org.mockito:mockito-core 3.7.7 -> 4.6.0
2022-06-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-3773 Get rid of Reactor Elastic scheduler
2022-06-03  Trần Hồng QuânJAMES-3756 Implement DelegationStore based Authorizator...
2022-06-03  Benoit Tellier[PERF] Rely more on UnsynchronizedByteArrayOutputStream
2022-06-03  Benoit Tellier[PERF] Improve SMTP performance
2022-06-02  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 Defer unsolicited flags notifications
2022-06-02  Tung Van TRAN[CLEAN CODE] Remove Unused import
2022-06-02  Benoit Tellier[PERF] Reduce MimeBodyElement memory allocation
2022-05-27  Benoit TELLIERJAMES-3737 Reactive IMAP RENAME (#1016)
2022-05-26  Benoit TELLIERJAMES-3715 Prevent possible NPE upon inactive SMTP...
2022-05-26  Benoit TELLIERJAMES-3737 Reactive IMAP CREATE (#1011)
2022-05-24  vttranJAMES-3755 IMAP/SMTP OIDC token introspection (#1006)
2022-05-24  Benoit TELLIERJAMES-3737 Reactive IMAP for COPY + MOVE (#1010)
2022-05-23  Benoit TellierJAMES-3769 Flatten trailing AND in SearchQuery
2022-05-19  Benoit Tellier[PERF] BytesBackedLiteral: Size is known upon copy
2022-05-19  Benoit Tellier[PERF] ImapResponseComposerImpl: Reduce buffer size
2022-05-19  Benoit Tellier[PERF] Reuse string builder during IMAP parser decoding
2022-05-19  Benoit Tellier[PERF] Simplify SearchKey::toString
2022-05-09  Benoit Tellier[REFACTORING] Use CHarMatcher in FetchCommandParser
2022-05-09  Benoit Tellier[REFACTORING] Reaorder declarations in ImapRequestLineR...
2022-05-09  Benoit Tellier[PERF] Decode UTF-7 only if needed
2022-05-09  Benoit Tellier[PERF] IMAP avoid memory allocation when parsing STATUS...
2022-05-09  Benoit Tellier[PERF] IMAP improve status items parsing
2022-05-09  Benoit Tellier[PERF] IMAP improve flags parsing
2022-05-09  Benoit Tellier[PERF] IMAP use constants for CharValidator where immutable
2022-05-09  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 AuthenticateProcessor should disable reads...
2022-05-09  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 Avoid a race condition upon STARTTLS
2022-05-09  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 Avoid a race condition upon compress
2022-05-09  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 StartTLS and compress no longer need a disti...
2022-05-09  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 Execute IMAP requests on eventLoop
2022-05-09  Benoit TELLIER[REFACTORING] Use Splitter::splitToStream (#989)
2022-05-05  Benoit TELLIERJAMES-1489 Fix decoding for complex UTF-8 searches...
2022-05-04  Benoit TELLIER[PERF] Constant for Locales DEFAULT
2022-05-04  Benoit TELLIER[PERF] MessageManager::getMetaData should allow not...
2022-05-04  Benoit TELLIER[PERF] IMAP: limit memory allocation for command name...
2022-05-04  Benoit TELLIER[PERF] IMAP CAPABILITY: Limit memory allocation upon...
2022-05-04  Benoit TELLIER[PERF] IMAP STATUS: Fasten MDC
2022-05-04  Loan[PERF] IMAP SEARCH: Reduce overhead for large responses
2022-05-04  Loan[PERF] IMAP FETCH: Fasten flags writing
2022-05-04  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 Document thread tuning for protocols
2022-05-04  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 Allow configuring boss thread count for...
2022-04-30  Tung Van TRANJAMES-3752 - Enable ImapHeartbeatHandler by setting...
2022-04-30  Benoit Tellier[PERF] Avoid String => bytes conversions for IMAP constants
2022-04-30  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 IMAP FETCH: More contextual logs
2022-04-30  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 Fetch should not block when using QResync
2022-04-30  Benoit Tellier[PERF] getSelectedMailboxReactive: avoid duplicating...
2022-04-30  Benoit Tellier[PERF] Allow using MailboxManager::startProcessing...
2022-04-30  Benoit Tellier[PERF] ListingEncodingUtils::getNameAttributes should...
2022-04-30  Benoit Tellier[PERF] IMAP should allow sending char response
2022-04-30  Benoit Tellier[PERF] Fasten IMAP FETCH MDC context computation
2022-04-30  Benoit Tellier[PERF] FetchData should optimize adding single item
2022-04-20  Benoit TellierJAMES-3740 Fix a typo in UidMsnConverter
2022-04-20  Benoit TellierJAMES-3740 Improve performance if UidMsnConverter is...
2022-04-20  Benoit TellierJAMES-3740 Compact primitive collections for UID <...
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 Don't encapsulate a Cassandra query in a...
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 Remove unneeded defer
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 Fix reactive subscriptions for Cassandra
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 ExpungeProcessor: indentation
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 Status processor was not fully reactive
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 EnableProcessor should be fully reactive
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 Bring back structured MDC logging for IMAP
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 Refactor slightly SearchProcessor
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 Fix JPA EntityManager lifecycle
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 IMAP: Reactify LIST RIGHTS
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 IMAP: Reactify LIST RIGHTS
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 IMAP: Reactify GET ACL
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 IMAP: Reactify SUBSCRIBE / UNSUBSCRIBE
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 IMAP: Reactify MYRIGHTS
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 IMAP: Reactify DELETE
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 IMAP: Reactify SET QUOTA
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 Fix a bunch of warnings within AbstractMailb...
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 Reactive implementation for IMAP EXPUNGE
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 Method extraction refactoring for IMAP EXPUNGE
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 Reactive implementation for IMAP CLOSE
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 IMAP: Reactify QUOTA
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 Fix protocols/imap (mocked) unit tests
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 AbstractMailboxProcessor: local variable...
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 IMAP STORE: Reactive implementation
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 Small refactorings for IMAP STORE
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 Reactify eventbus unsubscription operation
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 SelectedMailboxImpl: resetNewApplicableFlags...
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 Fix a potential deadlock with IMAP IDLE
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 SelectedMailboxImpl: remove uneeded synchron...
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 SelectedMailboxImpl: remove uneeded synchronized
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 Reactive implementation for MessageManager...
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 IMAP Search: reactified
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 IMAP Search: Preliminary refactoring with...
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 IMAP LSUB: reactive implementation
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 IMAP Close: avoid reading mailbox metadata
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 IMAP Expunge: avoid reading mailbox metadata...
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 Improve IMAP GetQuota
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 Reactify IMAP GETQUOTAROOT
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 Reactify IMAP STATUS
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 Reactify IMAP unsolicited notifications
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 Drop MessageManager::isModSeqPermanent
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 Reactive IMAP: SELECT
2022-04-19  Benoit TellierJAMES-3737 Reactive IMAP: FETCH