JAMES-3775 Documentation for RSpamD extension (#1113)
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2020-06-16  Eugen StanMerge pull request #149 from irsl/patch-2
2019-07-25  Raphael OuazanaMerge remote-tracking branch 'mbaechler/use-temporary...
2019-07-18  Raphael OuazanaMerge remote-tracking branch 'benoit/vault-it'
2019-07-18  Rémi KowalskiJAMES-2827 remove geronimo library
2018-01-11  Raphael OuazanaMerge remote-tracking branch 'benoit/JAMES-2282'
2018-01-11  Raphael OuazanaMerge remote-tracking branch 'benoit/JAMES-2263-doc'
2018-01-10  Matthieu BaechlerJAMES-2277 tab to 4 space in xml
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1852 Fuse all projects website together in order...
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1852 All project should inherit the same side...
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 Improve mailet (server) documentation a bit
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 Review server speech
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 Move mentions of version 2 in a specific tab
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 Lost feature should be removed from first...
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 Remove banner with version beta4 news
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 Correct a grammar mistake
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 Adding RFC list page
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 Modify sentence about protocols
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 Rework advantages TAB
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 Add link to sources on menu
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 Removing link to nightly
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 Remove useless link to v3 documentation
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 Adding mention about upcoming 3.0 release
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 Rework main tab in index
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 Correct obvious typos + remove comments
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 Modernize objectives
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 Adding Objectives as a TAB
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 Update SIEVE information
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 Update queue information
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 Add mentions to Cassandra Users
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 Add mentions to mailbox
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 Document JMAP support
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 Document ManageSieve support
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 Hot reload is no more planned
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 OSGI is no more planned
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 Switch IMAP to supported
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 Switch POP3 support to experimental
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 Add feature page
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 Adding references to previous documentation
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 Adding Release policy compliant link to...
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 NNTP have been removed from Release line
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 Remove documentation about removed feature
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 Merge Overview and Reference pages
2017-05-03  Benoit TellierJAMES-1841 Create one big collapsable menu for develope...
2017-05-03  Antoine DupratJAMES-2012 Add the Cassandra TCP connection timeout
2017-04-26  Antoine DupratJAMES-2011 Add the Cassandra driver read timeout
2017-03-31  benwaMAILBOX-291 Fix use of punctuation on the quota's websi...
2017-03-31  benwaMAILBOX-291 Allow to configure CurrentQuotaManager...
2017-03-31  benwaMAILBOX-291 Allow to store max quotas in JPA using...
2017-03-02  Antoine DupratMerge remote-tracking branch 'lduzan/JAMES-1948_better_...
2017-03-02  Luc DUZANJAMES-1944 add QueryLogger parameter to CassandraBuilder
2017-02-28  benwaMAILBOX-287 Update website documentation about ES confi...
2017-02-08  Antoine DupratJAMES-1922 Fix typo in security documentation
2017-01-23  Luc DUZANJAMES-1908 add support for multiple cassandra node...
2016-11-30  Laura RoyetJAMES-1867 Add indexAttachments in ElasticSearch config...
2016-11-30  Benoit TellierJAMES-1868 Add documentation for the metric feature
2016-11-14  Antoine DupratMerge remote-tracking branch 'quynhn/JPA_Lucene'
2016-11-10  Antoine DupratMerge remote-tracking branch 'btellier/3.0.0-beta5'
2016-11-10  Antoine DupratMerge remote-tracking branch 'quynhn/MAILBOX-270'
2016-11-09  Quynh NguyenMAILBOX-270: Documentation update
2016-11-02  Antoine DupratMerge remote-tracking branch 'btellier/JAMES-1830'
2016-10-31  Benoit TellierJAMES-1830 Adding release notes for JAMES 3.0-beta5
2016-10-31  Benoit TellierJAMES-1830 Reident release-notes
2016-10-21  Antoine DupratMerge remote-tracking branch 'mbaechler/fix-warnings'
2016-10-20  Benoit TellierJAMES-1831 Replace old logo with the new one
2016-10-20  Antoine DupratMerge remote-tracking branch 'lroyet/JAMES-1829'
2016-10-03  Matthieu BaechlerMerge branch 'switch-readme-to-adoc'
2016-10-03  Matthieu BaechlerJAMES-1827 update cassandra-guice path and dependencies...
2016-08-31  Raphael OuazanaMerge remote-tracking branch 'quynhn/MAILBOX-270'
2016-08-30  Benoit TellierJAMES-1773 Documenting that limit should be strictly...
2016-08-29  Benoit TellierMAILET-107 Correct documentation for HasAttachment
2016-08-19  Raphael OuazanaMerge remote-tracking branch 'laura/JAMES-1813-2'
2016-08-18  Benoit TellierJAMES-1773 Document possibility to match header value
2016-08-18  Benoit TellierJAMES-1773 Fix typo in RecipientIsLocal configuration
2016-08-18  Benoit TellierJAMES-1773 Re-indent matcher documentation
2016-03-04  Antoine DupratMerge remote-tracking branch 'lroyet/JAMES-1686'
2016-03-04  Benoit TellierIMAP-370 Mailbox configuration page should link to...
2016-03-04  Benoit TellierIMAP-370 Add MOVE extension to supported commands in...
2016-03-04  Antoine DupratMerge remote-tracking branch 'fvignon/DockerJamesReadMeFix'
2016-03-03  Antoine DupratMerge remote-tracking branch 'rouazana/JAMES-1696'
2016-03-02  Antoine DupratFix provided mailets site
2016-03-01  Antoine DupratMerge remote-tracking branch 'rouazana/JAMES-1691-2'
2016-03-01  akaplanJAMES-1670 ToRecipientFolder mailet should use init...
2016-03-01  Benoit TellierRevert "JAMES-1670 ToRecipientFolder mailet should...
2016-03-01  akaplanJAMES-1670 ToRecipientFolder mailet should use init...
2016-02-15  Matthieu BaechlerMerge remote-tracking branch 'fabien/JAMES-1676'
2016-02-12  Antoine DupratJAMES-1685 Replace SVN to GIT in site
2016-02-02  Fabien VignonMerge commit '01a3740fc5c1178ac12047419f1132d825174e57...
2015-11-28  Benoit TellierMAILBOX-211 Event system documentation
2015-11-03  Matthieu BaechlerJAMES-1626 Add configuration documentation
2015-11-03  Matthieu BaechlerJAMES-1626 Fix a typo on the site in the server index...
2015-10-07  Antoine DupratJAMES-1621 James server modules merge. Contributed...
2007-05-10  Stefano BagnaraRefactoring james-project layout to make poms tree...
2007-05-08  Stefano BagnaraChanged james m2 skin to use remote resources plugin...
2007-04-29  Norman MaurerMove 2.3.1 release to the top
2007-04-29  Norman MaurerMore modify to reflect 2.3.1 final
2007-04-29  Norman MaurerUpdate website to reflect release of james server 2.3.1
2007-04-19  Stefano BagnaraIntroduced a download page for unstable VOTED releases...
2007-04-17  Stefano BagnaraFix xml syntax error from last FAQ entry.
2007-04-11  Danny AngusJAMES-774 (added documentation)
2006-11-15  Stefano BagnaraFixed a bunch of broken links on the new website (JAMES...