JAMES-3298 Update information for DOAP file - is outdated
[james-site.git] / doc-sites /
2021-04-07  Jean Helouupgrades to latest released antora
2021-04-07  Jean HelouUses antora supplemental_files to customize UI
2021-04-07  Eugen StanJAMES-3226 #comment Using github urls for edit-url
2020-07-31  Eugen StanJAMES-3226 #comment Using homepage in james-site, added...
2020-07-30  Eugen StanJAMES-3226 #comment Added all sites to playbook
2020-07-20  Eugen Stan[JAMES-3226] Cloned antora-ui-default - we can change...
2020-07-20  Eugen StanMerge commit 'dea185379e9938295306bcaadb8ef5af069f0d07...
2020-07-12  Eugen Stan[JAMES-3294] Added the UI bundle for Antora
2020-07-12  Eugen Stan[JAMES-3226] Starting a new website build