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2014-10-18  Andrew PhillipsBumping all active examples to 1.8.0
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2014-04-01  Jeremy DaggettJCLOUDS-389: Updated license headers, broken links...
2014-03-12  Andrew GaulCompile examples with 1.7.1 and repair bit-rot
2013-10-24  Andrew GaulAdd license headers to satisfy Rat
2013-07-01  Andrew PhillipsJCLOUDS-159: Removing async API from blobstore-largeblob
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2012-06-17  Adrian Coleupdated examples to 1.5.0-beta.3
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2012-05-21  Adrian ColeMerge pull request #8 from aledsage/Issue-935-Strike3
2012-05-21  Aled SageIssue 935: fixes by waiting for bucket to be created...
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2012-02-16  Adrian Coleupdated version + header
2011-10-17  Adrian Coleup to 1.2.0
2011-10-06  Adrian Coleupdate to 1.1.1
2011-06-05  Adrian Coleupdated to 1.0.0
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2011-05-27  Tibor Kisscleanup and more comments to blobstore-largeblob exampl...
2011-05-27  Tibor Kissthe Ning based connection is not yet done, so we don...
2011-05-27  Tibor Kissinfinite timeout for long uploads
2011-05-27  Tibor KissAttempt to use async-http-client for zero-copy trasfer...
2011-05-27  Adrian Coleupdated to latest syntax
2011-05-26  Adrian ColeMerge branch 'master' of github.com:jclouds/jclouds...
2011-05-26  Adrian Coleadded large blob and hdfs examples
2011-04-22  Tibor Kissinfinite timeout for long uploads
2011-04-21  Tibor KissAttempt to use async-http-client for zero-copy trasfer...
2011-04-07  Adrian Coleupdated to latest syntax
2011-03-28  Adrian Colecleaned up syntax a bit
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2011-03-25  Tibor KissAWS S3 Multipart Upload sample application.