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2013-02-02  adriancoleupdated examples to use jclouds 1.6.0-alpha.1
2013-01-18  Andrea Turliupdated virtualbox compute-basics example
2012-12-29  Adrian Coleupdated to 1.5.4
2012-07-25  Adrian Coleupped
2012-07-17  Adrian Colemoved examples to 1.5.0-beta.6
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2012-06-17  Adrian Coleupdated examples to 1.5.0-beta.3
2012-05-23  Adrian Coleremoved temporary repo
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2012-05-02  Adrian Coleupdated syntax
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2012-04-24  Adrian Coleupdate to jclouds 1.5.0-alpha.5
2012-04-19  Adrian Coleupdated to jclouds 1.5.0-alpha.4
2012-04-06  Adrian Coletypo
2012-04-01  Adrian Coleupdated to alpha2
2012-03-31  Andrea Turliadded virtualbox compute service in compute-basics
2012-03-23  Adrian Coleupdated to 1.5.0-alpha.1
2012-03-23  Adrian Coletypo
2012-03-23  Adrian Colewith openstack examples
2012-03-22  Adrian Coleopenstack-nova example
2012-02-22  Adrian Coleupdates to 1.4.0-rc.2
2012-01-23  Adrian ColeMerge pull request #3 from milkmansrevenge/master
2012-01-22  Chris StrandNow using static method to get LoginCredentials.Builder...
2012-01-22  Chris StrandUpdated compute basics to use LoginCredentials instead...
2012-01-16  Adrian Coleupdated to jclouds 1.3
2012-01-11  Adrian Coleupdated some examples to 1.3.0-rc-2
2011-10-17  Adrian Coleup to 1.2.0
2011-10-06  Adrian Coleupdate to 1.1.1
2011-08-18  Adrian Coleupdated to include minRam
2011-08-17  Adrian Coleupdated to latest jclouds and fixed bouncycastle relate...
2011-08-06  Adrian Coleclarified the type of ssh key needed
2011-08-05  Adrian Coleupdated to 1.1.0 version
2011-07-25  Adrian Coleswitched to sshj and logback
2011-06-05  Adrian Coleupdated to 1.0.0
2011-05-27  Adrian Coleswitched to latest snapshot
2011-05-27  Adrian Coleupdated to reset default login user's password
2011-05-27  Adrian Coletrying out new statements in snapshot
2011-05-26  Adrian Coleadded large blob and hdfs examples
2011-05-06  Adrian Coleswitched to latest snapshot
2011-05-01  Adrian Coleupdated to reset default login user's password
2011-05-01  Adrian Coletrying out new statements in snapshot
2011-02-21  Adrian ColeMerge branch 'master' of git@github.com:jclouds/jclouds...
2011-02-21  Adrian Coleupdated to beta-9b
2011-02-10  Adrian Coleadded new basic compute example