Bump mysql-connector-java from 5.1.25 to 8.0.28 in /openstack
[jclouds-examples.git] / pom.xml
2018-10-11  Trevor FlanaganExample of Dimension Data CloudControl provider
2018-03-22  andreaturlibump jclouds.version to 2.1.0
2016-08-02  Andrew GaulAdd blobstore-uploader to parent pom
2015-08-05  Andrew GaulUpdate stale submodule
2015-04-07  Andrea Turlibump jclouds version to 1.9.0
2014-10-18  Andrew PhillipsBumping all active examples to 1.8.0
2014-10-18  Andrew PhillipsAdding glacier and openstack modules
2014-08-14  ashmrtnzAdd google-examples as a module.
2014-08-11  Andrew GaulRemove maven-license-plugin
2014-08-01  Sergey KraucheniaRemoving jclouds-project parent and reformatting Chef...
2014-04-17  Andrew PhillipsUpdating the examples after the 1.7.2 release
2014-04-01  Jeremy DaggettJCLOUDS-389: Updated license headers, broken links...
2014-03-12  Andrew GaulCompile examples with 1.7.1 and repair bit-rot
2013-12-26  Andrew GaulUpgrade to Apache Rat 0.10
2013-11-21  Andrew GaulRemove more incubator references
2013-05-24  Andrew BayerJCLOUDS-31. License header cleanup
2013-05-23  Andrew BayerJCLOUDS-66. Update Maven project metadata for ASF.
2013-05-23  Andrew BayerJCLOUDS-80. Inherit apache-rat plugin config.