2015-10-08  Zack ShoylevAdds an example of using CloudFiles with ServiceNet.
2015-09-16  Zack ShoylevDelete the database instance
2015-08-12  Zack ShoylevUpdate to jclouds 1.9.1
2015-08-05  Andrew GaulUse real location for openstack-swift
2015-08-05  Andrew GaulAdd example for google-cloud-storage
2015-08-05  Andrew GaulRemove call to System.exit
2015-08-05  Andrew GaulCall getWithoutBody for Swift provider example
2015-08-05  Andrew GaulUpdate stale submodule
2015-05-13  Daniel BroudyRemove old google example
2015-05-12  Stuart HendrenUpdate google example for 1.9.0
2015-05-07  Zack ShoylevAdds neutron examples and some cleanup
2015-05-03  Daniel BroudyUpdate compute-basic to use JSON credential
2015-05-01  Zack ShoylevAdds CDN examples
2015-04-27  Daniel Broudyadding google-lb example
2015-04-15  Daniel Broudyadding LICENSE
2015-04-15  Daniel BroudyUse default image for GCE in compute-basic
2015-04-07  Andrea Turlibump jclouds version to 1.9.0
2015-03-30  Everett ToewsUpdated Rackspace examples to 1.9.0
2015-01-30  Zack ShoylevAdds an example blobstore uploader. This example upload...
2015-01-21  Everett ToewsDelete all resources in all regions of an account
2015-01-16  Everett ToewsUpdate examples to 1.8.1
2014-10-18  Andrew PhillipsCleaning up deprecation warnings
2014-10-18  Andrew PhillipsBumping all active examples to 1.8.0
2014-10-18  Andrew PhillipsAdding glacier and openstack modules
2014-10-13  Jeremy DaggettJCLOUDS-592: Explicitly specify region for BlobStore...
2014-09-30  Marek WieczorekSimplify interface of Google examples and fix the name...
2014-09-17  Andrew GaulUpgrade jclouds to current version
2014-09-08  Everett ToewsMinor fixes
2014-09-04  Everett ToewsThe start of examples for OpenStack
2014-08-17  Everett ToewsUpdated Rackspace examples for 1.8.0
2014-08-14  ashmrtnzAdd google-examples as a module.
2014-08-12  Marek WieczorekUpdating the GCE CreateServer example to allow a user...
2014-08-11  Andrew GaulRemove maven-license-plugin
2014-08-11  Roman CoedoAdd glacier example
2014-08-04  Marek WieczorekAdding an example to run a simple program on a GCE VM.
2014-08-01  Sergey KraucheniaRemoving jclouds-project parent and reformatting Chef...
2014-06-27  Max LincolnRemove trailing whitespace
2014-06-10  Everett ToewsFixes to Cloud Files examples from PR #50
2014-06-10  Jeremy DaggettUpdated Cloud Files examples for 1.7.3
2014-06-09  Mikołaj ZalewskiSmall improvements to the CreateServer GCE example.
2014-06-09  Mikołaj ZalewskiUpdating Google examples pom.xml
2014-06-08  Andrew GaulJCLOUDS-546: Remove Javadoc @author annotations
2014-06-04  Zack ShoylevFixes a small typo
2014-05-23  Andrew GaulPrefer File.delete over File.deleteOnExit
2014-05-22  Andrew GaulPrefer Files.write over Files.asCharSink
2014-05-22  Andrew GaulPrefer Files.asCharSink over FileWriter
2014-05-08  Andrew GaulPrint a single container's metadata instead of all
2014-05-07  Marek WieczorekAdding an example to delete a server in GCE
2014-04-27  Mikołaj ZalewskiAdd an example of using jclouds to create a GCE instanc...
2014-04-23  Everett ToewsReorder the deps and better comments
2014-04-21  Jeremy DaggettJCLOUDS-346: Update Rackspace Cloud Files Examples
2014-04-17  Andrew PhillipsUpdating the examples after the 1.7.2 release
2014-04-10  Andrew GaulRemove O(container) call to BlobStore.countBlobs
2014-04-10  Andrew GaulConsistently gather and emit blob metadata
2014-04-10  Andrew GaulPrefer ByteSource over String Payload
2014-04-08  Andrew GaulPrefer Guava IO helpers
2014-04-06  Suriya priya... Minor changes to compute-basics after code review
2014-04-01  Everett ToewsChange example to use Ubuntu and SSD
2014-04-01  Everett ToewsChange example to use Ubuntu
2014-04-01  Jeremy DaggettRevert compute examples back to use RestContext until...
2014-04-01  Jeremy DaggettJCLOUDS-389: Updated license headers, broken links...
2014-03-31  Jeremy DaggettUpdated broken links and license info
2014-03-20  Jeremy DaggettRemoved all references to RestContext from Rackspace...
2014-03-17  Suriya priya... Update compute-basics example for GCE provider, support...
2014-03-12  Andrew GaulCompile examples with 1.7.1 and repair bit-rot
2014-03-04  Zack ShoylevRevert "Adds an example on how to use cloud-init with...
2014-03-04  Zack ShoylevAdds an example on how to use cloud-init with Nova...
2014-02-27  Andrew GaulAddress deprecation warnings in CloudFilesPublish
2014-02-12  Zack ShoylevRenames domain classes for consitency
2014-01-23  Ignasi BarreraUpdated to 1.7.0 and to use the Omnibus installer in...
2014-01-13  Everett ToewsExample of creating a server with a key pair
2014-01-08  Jeremy DaggettUpdated .gitignore to ignore Mac OS specific files
2014-01-03  Everett ToewsExamples for Rackspace Cloud Queues
2013-12-26  Andrew GaulUpgrade to Apache Rat 0.10
2013-12-24  Zack ShoylevFixes params in wrong order
2013-12-24  Zack ShoylevFixes method signatures.
2013-12-24  Zack ShoylevMissed fix.
2013-12-24  Zack ShoylevUpdates examples to use the 1.7.0 release
2013-12-10  Zack ShoylevJCLOUDS-215 Add autoscale examples
2013-12-02  Andrew GaulReplace createInputStreamMap call with countBlobs
2013-12-01  Andrew GaulCorrect Jclouds -> jclouds typo
2013-12-01  Andrew GaulCorrect jcloud -> jclouds typo
2013-11-21  Andrew GaulRemove more incubator references
2013-11-21  Andrew GaulJCLOUDS-387: Removing DISCLAIMER file now that jclouds...
2013-11-14  Everett ToewsSetup examples to use Rackspace performance flavors.
2013-11-14  Everett ToewsConsolidate zone to make it easier to change the zone...
2013-10-24  Everett ToewsCorrected CentOS and some spelling and formatting errors.
2013-10-24  Andrew GaulAdd license headers to satisfy Rat
2013-10-15  Everett ToewsConsistent handling of close across all Rackspace examples.
2013-10-10  Everett ToewsFixed CDB examples to be consistent with all other...
2013-10-08  zack-shoylevAdd examples for clouddatabases https://issues.apache...
2013-09-12  Everett ToewsAdded missing newline.
2013-09-09  Everett ToewsImproved README. Fixed dir misspelling. Removed change...
2013-09-08  Everett ToewsUpdated Rackspace examples to 1.6.2.
2013-09-08  Everett ToewsImproved examples. Prefer System.out.format. Moved...
2013-08-30  Andrew GaulReorder Java properties for OpenStack examples
2013-08-21  Francis DevereuxPass the overrides to the ContextBuilder
2013-08-05  Everett ToewsMake the example domain more unique to the user.
2013-07-29  Andrew PhillipsUpdating the UploadDirectoryToCDN example
2013-07-29  Andrew PhillipsCRLF -> LF line endings