descriptionApache Jclouds Karaf
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeWed, 21 Feb 2018 15:47:37 +0000 (16:47 +0100)
2018-02-21  andreaturlifix typo in project.version master
2018-02-16  andreaturliNext development version 2.2.0-SNAPSHOST
2018-02-16  andreaturliApache jclouds 2.1.0-rc3 release rel/jclouds-karaf-2.1.0 rel/jclouds-karaf-2.1.0-rc3
2018-02-02  andreaturliAdd openstack-neutron to feature.xml
2018-01-08  Ignasi BarreraPromote Azure ARM from jclouds-labs
2017-11-30  Ignasi BarreraAdded Maven profile to define the build toolchain
2017-08-25  Andrew GaulJCLOUDS-1225: Upgrade to Guava 18.0
2017-08-04  Ignasi BarreraFix vagrant feature dependencies
2017-05-22  Ignasi BarreraPromoted Packet to the main repo
2017-05-12  Ignasi BarreraFix Chef commands
2017-05-12  Ignasi BarreraDo not use SNAPSHOT versions in the README
2017-05-11  Ignasi BarreraRemove labs features from the main feature set and...
2017-05-11  Guillaume NodetFix karaf commands
2017-05-11  Guillaume NodetRemove the integration tests for feature installation...
2017-05-11  Guillaume NodetUse Karaf 4.0.x plugin to preserve JDK 7 compatibility.
2017-05-10  Guillaume NodetAdd built time karaf feature verification
5 months ago rel/jclouds-karaf-2.1.1-rc1 Apache jclouds 2.1.1-rc1 release
5 months ago rel/jclouds-karaf-2.1.1 Apache jclouds 2.1.1-rc1 release
11 months ago rel/jclouds-karaf-2.1.0-rc3 Apache jclouds 2.1.0-rc3 release
11 months ago rel/jclouds-karaf-2.1.0 Apache jclouds 2.1.0-rc3 release
11 months ago rel/jclouds-karaf-2.1.0-rc2 Apache jclouds 2.1.0-rc2 release
11 months ago rel/jclouds-karaf-2.1.0-rc1 Apache jclouds 2.1.0-rc1 release
13 months ago rel/jclouds-karaf-2.0.3 Apache jclouds 2.0.3 release
13 months ago rel/jclouds-karaf-2.0.3-rc1 Apache jclouds 2.0.3-rc1 release
18 months ago rel/jclouds-karaf-2.0.2-rc1 Apache jclouds 2.0.2-rc1 release
18 months ago rel/jclouds-karaf-2.0.2 Apache jclouds 2.0.2-rc1 release
22 months ago rel/jclouds-karaf-2.0.1 Apache jclouds 2.0.1 release
22 months ago rel/jclouds-karaf-2.0.1-rc2 Apache jclouds 2.0.1-rc2 release
22 months ago rel/jclouds-karaf-2.0.1-rc1 Apache jclouds 2.0.1-rc1 release
2 years ago rel/jclouds-karaf-1.9.3-rc1 Apache jclouds 1.9.3-rc1 release
2 years ago rel/jclouds-karaf-1.9.3 Apache jclouds 1.9.3-rc1 release
2 years ago rel/jclouds-karaf-2.0.0 Apache jclouds 2.0.0 release
5 months ago 2.1.x
10 months ago master
13 months ago 2.0.x
2 years ago 1.9.x
4 years ago 1.8.x
4 years ago 1.7.x
4 years ago 1.6.x
5 years ago 1.5.x
6 years ago 1.4.x
6 years ago 1.3.x
7 years ago 1.2.x