Next development version 2.6.0-SNAPSHOT
[jclouds-labs-openstack.git] / openstack-glance /
2022-03-26  Andrew GaulNext development version 2.6.0-SNAPSHOT master
2021-09-18  Andrew GaulNext development version 2.5.0-SNAPSHOT
2021-04-14  Andrew GaulNext development version 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT
2020-12-07  gurkerl83Sync OSGi handling with Apache JClouds Project
2019-10-13  Ignasi BarreraNext development version 2.3.0-SNAPSHOT
2019-10-13  Ignasi BarreraApache jclouds 2.2.0-rc1 release rel/jclouds-labs-openstack-2.2.0 rel/jclouds-labs-openstack-2.2.0-rc1
2018-02-21  andreaturlifix typo in project.version
2018-02-16  andreaturliNext development version 2.2.0-SNAPSHOST
2018-02-16  andreaturliApache jclouds 2.1.0-rc3 release rel/jclouds-labs-openstack-2.1.0 rel/jclouds-labs-openstack-2.1.0-rc3
2018-01-17  Andrew GaulPrefer Collections.emptyMap over EMPTY_MAP
2018-01-16  Ignasi BarreraAdd support for Keystone V3
2017-08-30  Andrew GaulMake auto service optional
2017-08-25  Andrew GaulJCLOUDS-1225: Address Guava 18 Objects changes
2016-11-15  Ignasi BarreraNext development version 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT
2016-11-09  Ignasi BarreraApache jclouds 2.0.0-rc3 release rel/jclouds-labs-openstack-2.0.0 rel/jclouds-labs-openstack-2.0.0-rc3
2016-10-23  Andrew GaulAvoid lower-case l literal suffix
2016-02-06  Reijhanniel Jearl... JCLOUDS-691: Remove 404 fallbacks of PUT and POST calls...
2015-07-09  Arvind NadendlaFixes issue where glance fails to parse image details...
2015-04-09  Evgeny TarasenkoParse image properties when get image metadata from...
2015-03-24  Ignasi BarreraNext development version 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT
2015-03-24  Ignasi BarreraApache jclouds 1.9.0 release jclouds-labs-openstack-1.9.0 jclouds-labs-openstack-1.9.0-rc2
2014-12-03  Jeremy DaggettUse AutoService for creation of Service Loader Metadata
2014-11-14  Zack ShoylevRemove jclouds.version and replace it with project...
2014-10-24  Adrian ColeRevert "JCLOUDS-653: Address Guava 18 deprecations"
2014-10-21  Andrew PhillipsAdding copyFrom option to Glance
2014-10-06  Andrew PhillipsRevert "Fix poms so that modernizer doesn't fail on...
2014-10-05  Adrian ColeFix poms so that modernizer doesn't fail on snapshot.
2014-09-16  Jeremy DaggettRemove unnecessary blobstore references
2014-09-04  Jeremy DaggettJCLOUDS-686: Glance API ListImageOptions should support...
2014-08-21  Jeremy DaggettFix Maven parent.relativePath warnings
2014-08-13  Jeremy DaggettRemoved @Nullable annotations on region parameters
2014-08-13  Jeremy DaggettPrefer Regions to Zones
2014-08-08  Andrew GaulJCLOUDS-653: Address Guava 18 deprecations
2014-08-05  Andrew PhillipsUpdating project versions to 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT
2014-08-05  Andrew PhillipsUp to 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT after the 1.8.0 release
2014-07-17  Jeremy DaggettCleaned up the Glance v1 API and refactored expect...
2014-07-10  Jeremy DaggettJCLOUDS-560: Removed references to an extension API...
2014-06-08  Andrew GaulJCLOUDS-546: Remove Javadoc @author annotations
2014-05-13  Andrew GaulAddress Checkstyle violations
2014-05-13  Andrew GaulUpdate pre-ASF copyright notices
2014-04-02  jasdeep-hundalJCLOUDS-494: Change Glance EndpointParam parser to...
2014-03-25  Jeremy DaggettFixed failing Glance expect test
2013-12-17  Andrew BayerUpdating to 1.8.0-SNAPSHOT
2013-12-12  Andrew GaulEnforce no unused imports via Checkstyle
2013-11-16  Everett ToewsPrefer Iterables.getOnlyElement(). Document checkNotNull().
2013-10-24  Everett ToewsRefactored OpenStack pagination to use PaginationOptions.
2013-10-15  Everett ToewsBetter formatting of production ready providers/APIs.
2013-10-10  Everett ToewsAdd/Update README files to indicate level of production...
2013-09-26  Adrian ColeJCLOUDS-297. add missing snapshot repos so that project...
2013-07-10  Zack ShoylevFixes a loop in glance tests Tests attempt to re-authen...
2013-07-04  zack-shoylevChange labs to have their own parent POMs
2013-05-24  Andrew BayerJCLOUDS-31. License header cleanup
2013-05-23  Ignasi BarreraJCLOUDS-62: Update license headers
2013-05-22  Andrew BayerJCLOUDS-80. Inherit apache-rat plugin config.
2013-05-13  Andrew BayerJCLOUDS-30. Switch to 2 space indents for POM files.
2013-05-13  Andrew BayerJCLOUDS-21. Switch groupId to org.apache.jclouds, chang...
2013-04-10  adriancoleremoved async classes from openstack-glance
2013-04-10  adriancolefix compile issues resulting from
2013-04-06  adriancoleadded notes about group ids in labs being temporary
2013-04-05  Andrew PhillipsRemoving explicit versions that match the inherited...
2013-03-23  Matt StephensonClean up poms, simplify parentage, eliminate project...
2013-03-09  Andrew PhillipsSeparating labs version from jclouds version
2013-03-09  Adrian Colebump master to 1.7.0-SNAPSHOT
2013-03-06  Jeremy Daggett1385 - Restructure openstack projects in labs