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ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeMon, 14 Jan 2019 09:10:38 +0000 (10:10 +0100)
3 days ago  Boris TrishkinUse State enum instead of String state in Domain classes master
5 days ago  Boris TrishkinExpose wait for predicates on relevant API
2018-11-19  Boris TrishkinJCLOUDS-1454 - ServerToServerWithExternalIp Function...
2018-11-15  Andrew GaulDo not allow options in filesystem clearContainer
2018-10-19  Trevor FlanaganJCLOUDS-1431 - Support AU geo for Live Tests.
2018-10-18  Trevor FlanaganJCLOUDS-1457 - Add Clean Server operation to ServerApi.
2018-10-15  Ignasi BarreraRemove deprecated Azure provider
2018-10-14  Andrew GaulFix Optional check
2018-10-14  Andrew Gaulerror-prone 2.3.2 fixes
2018-10-05  john.clarkeJCLOUDS-1455 - Update ParseResponse to log error detail...
2018-09-12  andreaturli[JCLOUDS-1430] Aliyun ECS
2018-07-31  andreaturli[JCLOUDS-1430] - add more features
2018-07-31  Ali BazlamitFirewall Improvements
2018-07-17  FileIOUtilityJCLOUDS-1432 - handle RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND, do not expect...
2018-07-10  Ali Bazlamit\96JCLOUDS-1425 1&1 Block Storage and SSH keys API
2018-07-06  andreaturli[JCLOUDS-1430] - add region and zone API
5 months ago rel/jclouds-labs-2.1.1-rc1 Apache jclouds 2.1.1-rc1 release
5 months ago rel/jclouds-labs-2.1.1 Apache jclouds 2.1.1-rc1 release
11 months ago rel/jclouds-labs-2.1.0-rc3 Apache jclouds 2.1.0-rc3 release
11 months ago rel/jclouds-labs-2.1.0 Apache jclouds 2.1.0-rc3 release
11 months ago rel/jclouds-labs-2.1.0-rc2 Apache jclouds 2.1.0-rc2 release
11 months ago rel/jclouds-labs-2.1.0-rc1 Apache jclouds 2.1.0-rc1 release
13 months ago rel/jclouds-labs-2.0.3 Apache jclouds 2.0.3 release
13 months ago rel/jclouds-labs-2.0.3-rc1 Apache jclouds 2.0.3-rc1 release
18 months ago rel/jclouds-labs-2.0.2-rc1 Apache jclouds 2.0.2-rc1 release
18 months ago rel/jclouds-labs-2.0.2 Apache jclouds 2.0.2-rc1 release
22 months ago rel/jclouds-labs-2.0.1 Apache jclouds 2.0.1 release
22 months ago rel/jclouds-labs-2.0.1-rc2 Apache jclouds 2.0.1-rc2 release
22 months ago rel/jclouds-labs-2.0.1-rc1 Apache jclouds 2.0.1-rc1 release
2 years ago rel/jclouds-labs-1.9.3-rc1 Apache jclouds 1.9.3-rc1 release
2 years ago rel/jclouds-labs-1.9.3 Apache jclouds 1.9.3-rc1 release
2 years ago rel/jclouds-labs-2.0.0 Apache jclouds 2.0.0 release
3 days ago 2.1.x
3 days ago master
12 months ago 2.0.x
2 years ago 1.9.x
4 years ago 1.8.x
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