Next development version 1.9.4-SNAPSHOT
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2016-11-23  Andrea TurliNext development version 1.9.4-SNAPSHOT 1.9.x 11/head
2016-11-23  Andrea TurliApache jclouds 1.9.3-rc1 release
2016-08-15  Ivana YovchevaFix for ssh reload for Centos 7
2016-07-13  Andrea TurliChange line endings on files recursively
2016-03-08  Aled SageFix TemplateOptions.clone; adds RunScriptOptions.copyTo
2016-01-12  Ignasi BarreraNext development version 1.9.3-SNAPSHOT
2016-01-12  Ignasi BarreraApache jclouds 1.9.2 release rel/jclouds-1.9.2 rel/jclouds-1.9.2-rc1
2015-10-25  Nikolay SokolovClose connection during ExecChannel
2015-10-25  Aled SageUserAdd: guard groupadd with check if group exists
2015-10-16  Yavor YanchevJCLOUDS-973 Extending the sudo's configuration
2015-10-13  Ignasi BarreraFix line endings. Use Unix line endings everywhere
2015-09-21  Ignasi BarreraGCE hardware profiles might not have volumes
2015-08-02  Ignasi BarreraNext development version 1.9.2-SNAPSHOT
2015-08-02  Ignasi BarreraApache jclouds 1.9.1 release jclouds-1.9.1 jclouds-1.9.1-rc1
2015-07-29  Ignasi BarreraFix AWS and EC2 TemplateBuilder live tests
2015-07-20  Alex Heneveldadd deprecated flag to Hardware and prefer non-deprecat...
2015-07-14  Zack ShoylevUpdates live tests and template builder settings for...
2015-06-25  Reijhanniel Jearl... Fix template equals assertion to consider location...
2015-06-15  Ignasi BarreraImprove image check in the BaseImageExtensionLiveTest
2015-06-11  Ignasi BarreraAdded CoreOS to the OSFamily enum
2015-05-13  Svetoslav NeykovMake home folder globally accessible when creating...
2015-04-09  Zack ShoylevMerge remote-tracking branch 'promote-jclouds-labs...
2015-04-08  Ignasi BarreraProperly clone the login credentials
2015-03-29  Ignasi BarreraNext development version 1.9.1-SNAPSHOT
2015-03-24  Ignasi BarreraApache jclouds 1.9.0 release jclouds-1.9.0 jclouds-1.9.0-rc2
2015-03-11  Hugo ViejoUpdate
2015-02-18  Zack ShoylevFixes more tests with timing problems
2015-02-05  Zack Shoylevfix jclouds live tests failing when a keypair is missing.
2015-01-30  Zack ShoylevFixes flavor and template tests to be more robust.
2015-01-30  Aled SageJCLOUDS-529: fix aws-ec2 cleanupIncidentalResources
2015-01-09  Jeremy DaggettUse AutoService to generate service loader metadata
2014-11-19  Andrea Turliadd support for recent centos and ubuntu versions
2014-11-17  Adrian ColeJCLOUDS-778 Remove OS support tests from TemplateBuilde...
2014-11-17  Adrian ColeJCLOUDS-780 Remove vcloud.
2014-10-30  Adrian ColeMake TemplateBuilderImplTest less brittle.
2014-10-24  Adrian ColeRevert "JCLOUDS-653: Address Guava 18 deprecations"
2014-10-12  Andrew PhillipsUpdating Javadoc for exclusion CIDR blocks
2014-10-12  Andrew PhillipsMinor formatting cleanup
2014-10-11  Ignasi BarreraAllow to configure CIDR exclusion blocks
2014-10-10  Ignasi BarreraPromoted jclouds-chef/enterprise to providers/chef
2014-10-10  Ignasi BarreraPromoted jclouds-chef/core to apis/chef
2014-10-06  Adrian ColeJCLOUDS-153 remove IO Executor and usage of it.
2014-10-05  Adrian Colefix checkstyle
2014-10-05  Adrian ColeJCLOUDS-153 Remove deprecated ExecutorService and HttpA...
2014-09-01  Andrew GaulEnforce Override annotation via Checkstyle
2014-08-30  Andrew GaulMiscellaneous FindBugs fixes
2014-08-30  Andrew GaulAvoid unnecessary boxing
2014-08-26  Andrew GaulPrevent instantiation of utility classes
2014-08-26  Andrew GaulEnforce type naming via Checkstyle
2014-08-26  Andrew GaulRemove spurious whitespace
2014-08-20  Jeremy DaggettPrefer isEmpty() for collections rather than size()
2014-08-14  Stuart HendrenJCLOUDS-661: Adding a test for single-port firewall...
2014-08-08  Andrew GaulJCLOUDS-653: Address Guava 18 deprecations
2014-08-06  Andrew GaulReset StringBuilder instead of creating new ones
2014-08-05  Andrew PhillipsUp to 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT after the 1.8.0 release
2014-07-18  Aled SageJCLOUDS-549: Fix NPE in LoginCredentials.toString
2014-07-16  Andrew GaulJCLOUDS-622: Remove most vestiges of InputSupplier
2014-07-15  Werner BuckJCLOUDS-625: Set VolumeBuilder id to nullable in VolumeImpl
2014-07-07  Andrea Turlirefactor BaseComputeServiceLiveTest to simplify the...
2014-06-25  Andrew GaulJCLOUDS-612: Securely create temporary directories
2014-06-24  Christopher DancyJCLOUDS-610: Return the affected nodes from resumeNodes...
2014-06-24  Andrew GaulAvoid unnecessary object creation
2014-06-20  Ignasi BarreraJCLOUDS-588: Register discovered images in the image...
2014-06-16  Christopher DancyNodePredicates gained static predicate SUSPENDED
2014-06-10  Chris CustineJCLOUDS-583: Updates HP Cloud compute provider to work...
2014-06-10  Andrew PhillipsCleaning up Checkstyle violations from b1c1636 and...
2014-06-08  Andrew GaulJCLOUDS-546: Remove Javadoc @author annotations
2014-06-06  Ignasi BarreraJCLOUDS-570: Fallback to the GetImageStrategy
2014-05-21  Ignasi BarreraJCLOUDS-573: Make sure to destroy all nodes created...
2014-05-21  Andrew GaulOverride hashCode when equals overridden
2014-05-17  Andrew GaulAddress CheckStyle violations
2014-05-17  Andrew GaulReplace InputSupplierMap with Map<K, ByteSource>
2014-05-17  Andrew GaulMigrate InputSupplier callers to ByteSource
2014-05-16  Andrew GaulMake constants final classes instead of interfaces
2014-05-09  Andrew GaulEnable whitespace around Checkstyle rule
2014-05-09  Andrew GaulEnforce that all commas have trailing whitespace
2014-04-15  Andrew GaulJCLOUDS-534: Upgrade to Guava 17.0-rc2
2014-04-11  Andrew GaulJCLOUDS-534: Address Guava 17 compatibility issues
2014-04-11  ashley-taylorJCLOUDS-528: Ability to control interfaces to test...
2014-03-27  Pasi NiemiJCLOUDS-516: Add ssh agent support via sch agentproxy
2014-02-19  Andrew GaulPrefer ByteSource over deprecated InputSupplier
2014-01-20  Andrew GaulAddress Checkstyle violations
2014-01-08  Andrew BayerJCLOUDS-416. Add TemplateOptions#networks.
2013-12-21  Andrew GaulReplace calls to Closeables.closeQuietly
2013-12-20  Andrew GaulAddress miscellaneous Guava deprecations
2013-12-17  Andrew BayerUpdating to 1.8.0-SNAPSHOT
2013-12-13  Andrew GaulRemove redundant imports
2013-12-12  Andrew GaulEnforce no unused imports via Checkstyle
2013-12-09  Andrew GaulAddress Checkstyle violations in tests
2013-12-02  Zack ShoylevFixes broken cloudservers live tests, updates versions...
2013-11-21  Andrew BayerJCLOUDS-381. Allow explicit naming of nodes via Templat...
2013-11-19  Alex Heneveldremove addl whitespace pointed out in JCLOUDS-331
2013-11-18  Alex Heneveldapplies tidies for imageChooser (JCLOUDS-331) as sugges...
2013-11-07  Martin HarrisJCLOUDS-331: Changed return type of TemplateBuilder...
2013-10-31  Andrew GaulEnable RedundantModifier for Checkstyle
2013-10-08  Andrew BayerFix OpenStack Nova SecurityGroupExtension based on...
2013-10-04  Alex HeneveldJCLOUDS-331 - support specifying an imageChooser functi...
2013-10-03  Andrew BayerJCLOUDS-287. Add SecurityGroupExtension support to...
2013-10-01  Andrew BayerFix assertEquals arg ordering in BaseSecurityGroupExten...
2013-09-30  Andrew GaulAdd whitespace around keywords and braces