Next development version 1.9.4-SNAPSHOT
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2016-11-23  Andrea TurliNext development version 1.9.4-SNAPSHOT 1.9.x 11/head
2016-11-23  Andrea TurliApache jclouds 1.9.3-rc1 release
2016-11-18  Guglielmo NigriFix okio version range for jclouds-okhttp
2016-03-16  Ciprian CiubotariuImprove version range specification for guava
2016-01-12  Ignasi BarreraNext development version 1.9.3-SNAPSHOT
2016-01-12  Ignasi BarreraApache jclouds 1.9.2 release rel/jclouds-1.9.2 rel/jclouds-1.9.2-rc1
2015-08-02  Ignasi BarreraNext development version 1.9.2-SNAPSHOT
2015-08-02  Ignasi BarreraApache jclouds 1.9.1 release jclouds-1.9.1 jclouds-1.9.1-rc1
2015-06-29  Andrea Turlicreate java-xmlbuilder.version property for maven
2015-05-22  Zack ShoylevUpgrade to autovalue 1.1; Adds autovalue/gson builders...
2015-04-15  Ignasi BarreraExclude Eclipse annotation processor files that are...
2015-04-09  Zack ShoylevMerge remote-tracking branch 'promote-jclouds-labs...
2015-03-29  Ignasi BarreraNext development version 1.9.1-SNAPSHOT
2015-03-24  Ignasi BarreraApache jclouds 1.9.0 release jclouds-1.9.0 jclouds-1.9.0-rc2
2015-03-23  Ignasi BarreraFixes OpenStack extension namespace configuration
2015-03-10  Andrew GaulUpgrade to Modernizer Maven Plugin 1.3.0
2015-02-13  Andrew GaulUpgrade to duplicate-finder-maven-plugin 1.1.1
2015-01-17  Jeremy DaggettUpdate AutoValue to version 1.0
2015-01-14  Jeremy DaggettUpdate okhttp to version 2.2.0
2015-01-12  Andrew GaulUpgrade to modernizer-maven-plugin
2015-01-05  Ignasi BarreraJCLOUDS-792: Configure chef-client security attributes
2014-12-03  Jeremy DaggettUpgrade assertj-core to 1.7.0 and assertj-guava to...
2014-11-27  Ignasi BarreraJCLOUDS-744: Upgrade to OkHttp 2.1.0 and use its native API
2014-11-27  Ignasi BarreraJCLOUDS-747: Configured Animal Sniffer plugin to check...
2014-11-19  Adrian ColeAdd dependency management for each auto project indepen...
2014-10-30  Adrian ColeJCLOUDS-750 support serializing auto-value types withou...
2014-10-30  Adrian ColeJCLOUDS-534 Set floor version of guava to 16.0.1
2014-10-29  Andrew PhillipsMoving Guava version config into <dependencyManagement>
2014-10-29  Andrew PhillipsCleaning up jsch dependencies
2014-10-28  Adrian ColeJCLOUDS-750 Permit tools like AutoService to generate...
2014-10-26  Andrew PhillipsExtracting Guava version into a property
2014-10-25  Adrian ColeRevert "JCLOUDS-652: Require JDK 7"
2014-10-10  Ignasi BarreraAligned pom.xml files for Chef
2014-10-10  Ignasi BarreraPromoted jclouds-chef/enterprise to providers/chef
2014-10-10  Ignasi BarreraPromoted jclouds-chef/core to apis/chef
2014-10-07  Andrew PhillipsMoving the invocation of checkstyle:check from 'validat...
2014-10-07  Andrew PhillipsCleaning up formatting in project POM
2014-10-06  Andrew PhillipsRevert "JCLOUDS-736: Revert "Fail build on checkstyle...
2014-10-06  Andrew PhillipsOverriding checkstyle-plugin config in jclouds-resources
2014-10-06  Andrew PhillipsMoving checkstyle-plugin config to profiles
2014-10-05  Andrew PhillipsOverriding modernizer-plugin exclusion file location...
2014-10-05  Andrew PhillipsAdding apache-snapshots as a plugin repo
2014-10-03  Andrew GaulRevert "Revert "Revert "Unhook modernizer from verify...
2014-10-03  Andrew GaulJCLOUDS-736: Revert "Fail build on checkstyle warnings"
2014-10-03  Andrew PhillipsExcluding checkstyle.xml from Checkstyle checking
2014-10-01  Andrew GaulUpgrade to Maven Checkstyle Plugin 2.13
2014-09-23  Andrew GaulRevert "Revert "Unhook modernizer from verify phase""
2014-09-23  Andrew GaulRevert "Unhook modernizer from verify phase"
2014-09-23  Andrew GaulUnhook modernizer from verify phase
2014-09-23  Andrew GaulMove modernizer from validate to verify phase
2014-09-23  Andrew GaulAdd modernizer-maven-plugin to build
2014-09-17  Jeremy DaggettAdd assertj-core and assertj-guava dependencies to...
2014-09-10  Jeremy DaggettFail build on checkstyle warnings
2014-09-02  Andrew GaulAddress masked fields FindBugs warning
2014-08-30  Andrew GaulAdd suppressions to FindBugs
2014-08-27  Andrew GaulUpgrade to maven-findbugs-plugin 3.0.0
2014-08-26  Ignasi BarreraIgnore jEnv files
2014-08-19  Chris CustineMove checkstyle copyright header into checkstyle.xml
2014-08-11  Andrew GaulEnforce ASF copyright header via Checkstyle
2014-08-09  Andrew GaulRemove maven.compile.optimize
2014-08-09  Andrew GaulJCLOUDS-652: Require JDK 7
2014-08-05  Andrew PhillipsUp to 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT after the 1.8.0 release
2014-07-28  Ignasi BarreraRevert "Move jclouds-chef to the main jclouds repo"
2014-07-28  Ignasi BarreraMove jclouds-chef to the main jclouds repo
2014-07-10  Andrew GaulUpgrade to logback 1.1.2
2014-07-03  Andrew GaulConsistently use Square's mockwebserver
2014-07-02  Ignasi BarreraExclude the CONTRIBUTING file from the rat check
2014-07-01  Andrew GaulUpgrade to testng 6.8.8
2014-06-19  Andrew GaulUpgrade to OkHttp 1.6.0
2014-06-09  Andrew GaulUpgrade to findbugs-maven-plugin 2.5.4
2014-05-28  Andrew GaulUpgrade to Surefire 2.17
2014-05-18  Ignasi BarreraFixed format and removed the trailing spaces
2014-05-18  Chris CustineJCLOUDS-571 - Fix build to suppress maven parent.relati...
2014-05-14  Andrew GaulUpgrade to Checkstyle 2.12.1
2014-05-14  Andrew GaulUpgrade to maven-findbugs-plugin 2.5.3
2014-05-12  Ignasi BarreraJCLOUDS-563: Upgrade parent pom to version 14
2014-04-24  Andrew PhillipsUpdating the Maven Site plugin version 3.1 -> 3.3
2014-03-27  Pasi NiemiJCLOUDS-516: Add ssh agent support via sch agentproxy
2014-02-12  Andrew PhillipsRemoving unused Sonatype OSS plugin snapshot repository
2014-02-12  Andrew PhillipsMoving dependencies for the Checkstyle plugin into...
2014-01-13  Ignasi BarreraAdded OkHttp driver to support modern HTTP verbs
2013-12-26  Andrew GaulUpgrade to Apache Rat 0.10
2013-12-17  Andrew BayerUpdating to 1.8.0-SNAPSHOT
2013-12-17  Andrew BayerSwitch to maven-compiler-plugin 3.1
2013-12-13  Andrew GaulSync checkstyle config
2013-12-09  Andrew GaulAddress Checkstyle violations in tests
2013-12-09  Andrew GaulUpgrade to Checkstyle 2.11
2013-11-22  Andrew PhillipsJCLOUDS-386: Removing the remote-resources plugin
2013-11-21  Andrew GaulRemove more incubator references
2013-11-17  Andrew GaulUpgrade to maven-duplicate-finder-plugin 1.0.5
2013-09-05  Andrew GaulEnable some Xlint warnings
2013-08-05  Andrew PhillipsRemoving pre-ASF release profile configuration
2013-08-01  Andrew GaulUpdate URL for commons-logging-1.1.1-bin.tar.gz
2013-07-17  Andrew BayerAllow skipping duplicate-finder-plugin by setting skipD...
2013-07-02  Ignasi BarreraJCLOUDS-149: Reuse checkstyle configuration
2013-06-12  Andrew BayerAdding DEPENDENCIES to rat exclude
2013-06-12  Andrew BayerAdd license headers to src/test/resources where possibl...
2013-05-31  Andrew BayerUse default Apache remote resources
2013-05-29  Andrew BayerSwitch maven-remote-resources-plugin execution to defau...
2013-05-28  Andrew BayerTweaking release plugin config