An initial Jenkinsfile for jclouds.
[jclouds.git] / scriptbuilder /
2018-10-13  Andrew GaulError-prone 2.3.2 fixes
2018-02-21  andreaturlifix typo in project.version
2018-02-16  andreaturliNext development version 2.2.0-SNAPSHOST
2018-02-16  andreaturliApache jclouds 2.1.0-rc3 release rel/jclouds-2.1.0 rel/jclouds-2.1.0-rc3
2018-01-17  Ignasi BarreraPromote Rackspace Cloud Networks providers
2018-01-17  Ignasi BarreraPromote OpenStack Neutron
2018-01-08  Ignasi BarreraPromote Azure ARM from jclouds-labs
2017-08-23  Andrew GaulJCLOUDS-1225: Address Guava 18 Objects changes
2017-05-18  Ignasi BarreraMerge remote-tracking branch 'jclouds-labs-local/packet...
2017-05-08  Andrew GaulMerge remote-tracking branch 'jclouds-labs-b2-local...
2017-05-07  Andrew GaulMerge remote-tracking branch 'jclouds-labs-google-local...
2017-01-25  Svetoslav NeykovSelect the latest available java package to install...
2016-11-15  Ignasi BarreraNext development version 2.1.0-SNAPSHOT
2016-11-09  Ignasi BarreraApache jclouds 2.0.0-rc3 release rel/jclouds-2.0.0 rel/jclouds-2.0.0-rc3
2016-11-03  Ignasi BarreraMake code compatible with newer OSGi framework versions
2016-11-03  William L. Thomson Jrorg/jclouds/scriptbuilder/functionloader/osgi/BundleFun...
2016-08-30  Ignasi BarreraPromoted Docker from jclouds-labs
2016-08-15  Ivana YovchevaFix for ssh reload for CentOS 7
2016-06-17  Ignasi BarreraProperly set the permissions in the ~/.ssh folder
2016-03-16  Ciprian CiubotariuImprove version range specification for guava
2016-02-19  Reijhanniel Jearl... Merge remote-tracking branch 'jclouds-labs-profitbricks...
2016-01-20  Ignasi BarreraPromote DigitalOcean v2
2015-10-25  Aled SageUserAdd: guard groupadd with check if group exists
2015-08-31  Yavor YanchevJCLOUDS-973 Extending the sudo's configuration
2015-06-26  Ignasi BarreraPromote Google Compute Engine
2015-05-13  Svetoslav NeykovMake home folder globally accessible when creating...
2015-04-15  Ignasi BarreraPromote the OAuth v2 API
2015-04-07  Zack ShoylevMerge remote-tracking branch 'promote-jclouds-labs...
2015-03-24  Ignasi BarreraNext development version 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT
2015-03-24  Ignasi BarreraApache jclouds 1.9.0 release jclouds-1.9.0 jclouds-1.9.0-rc2
2015-03-11  Hugo ViejoUpdate
2015-01-14  Ignasi BarreraCustom Chef version in the Omnibus installer
2014-10-24  Adrian ColeRevert "JCLOUDS-653: Address Guava 18 deprecations"
2014-10-10  Ignasi BarreraPromoted jclouds-chef/enterprise to providers/chef
2014-10-10  Ignasi BarreraPromoted jclouds-chef/core to apis/chef
2014-08-30  Andrew GaulCorrect unusual equals implementations
2014-08-20  Jeremy DaggettPrefer isEmpty() for collections rather than size()
2014-08-08  Andrew GaulJCLOUDS-653: Address Guava 18 deprecations
2014-08-05  Andrew PhillipsUp to 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT after the 1.8.0 release
2014-06-25  Andrew GaulJCLOUDS-612: Securely create temporary directories
2014-06-24  Andrew GaulAvoid unnecessary object creation
2014-06-08  Andrew GaulJCLOUDS-546: Remove Javadoc @author annotations
2014-05-27  Ioannis Canellos[JCLOUDS-392] Remove dependency from Maps2. Make jcloud...
2014-05-09  Andrew GaulEnable whitespace around Checkstyle rule
2014-05-09  Andrew GaulEnforce that all commas have trailing whitespace
2014-04-12  Andrew GaulAddress several Guava InputSupplier deprecations
2013-12-17  Andrew BayerUpdating to 1.8.0-SNAPSHOT
2013-12-13  Andrew GaulRemove redundant imports
2013-12-12  Andrew GaulEnforce no unused imports via Checkstyle
2013-12-09  Andrew GaulAddress Checkstyle violations in tests
2013-11-12  Ignasi BarreraJCLOUDS-365: ChefSolo should not depend on InstallChefGems
2013-10-31  Andrew GaulEnable RedundantModifier for Checkstyle
2013-09-18  Ignasi BarreraJCLOUDS-286: Add a statement to install Chef using...
2013-05-20  Ignasi BarreraJCLOUDS-67: Filtered license headers from script fragments
2013-05-17  adriancoleJCLOUDS-31. updated to ASF headers via mvn com.mycila...
2013-05-14  Andrew BayerJCLOUDS-37. Fix RAT violations in incubator-jclouds...
2013-05-13  Andrew BayerJCLOUDS-30. Switch to 2 space indents for POM files.
2013-05-13  Andrew BayerJCLOUDS-16. Switch groupId to org.apache.jclouds, chang...
2013-04-05  Ignasi BarreraMerge pull request #1487 from nacx/statement-builders
2013-04-03  Ignasi BarreraEnforce the use of builders in Ruby and Chef statements
2013-03-14  Adrian ColeMerge pull request #1424 from maginatics/xlint
2013-03-14  Andrew GaulAddress Xlint warnings
2013-03-11  Adrian ColeMerge pull request #1406 from maginatics/null-http...
2013-03-11  Adrian ColeMerge pull request #1408 from maginatics/null-payload
2013-03-09  Adrian Colebump master to 1.7.0-SNAPSHOT
2013-03-07  Adrian ColeMerge pull request #1390 from jclouds/ultra-lbpool
2013-03-06  Adrian ColeMerge pull request #1389 from rackspace/rax-dns
2013-03-06  Adrian ColeMerge pull request #1388 from hpcloud/feature/openstack...
2013-03-06  Adrian ColeMerge pull request #1384 from nacx/abiquo-maven-central
2013-03-06  Adrian ColeMerge pull request #1386 from nacx/flexible-chef-gems
2013-03-06  Ignasi BarreraImproved RubyGems installation.
2013-03-04  adriancole[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2013-03-04  adriancole[maven-release-plugin] prepare release jclouds-1.6... jclouds-1.6.0-alpha.4
2013-03-01  Adrian ColeMerge pull request #1375 from maginatics/blob-builder...
2013-03-01  Adrian ColeMerge pull request #1065 from i11/master
2013-03-01  Adrian ColeMerge pull request #1376 from shrinandj/aws-s3-director...
2013-03-01  Adrian ColeMerge pull request #1368 from jcoste/floatingIPFromPool
2013-03-01  Adrian ColeMerge pull request #1377 from nacx/chef-version
2013-02-28  Ignasi BarreraThere is no need to force the Chef version anymore
2013-02-05  adriancole[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2013-02-05  adriancole[maven-release-plugin] prepare release jclouds-1.6... jclouds-1.6.0-alpha.2
2013-02-02  adriancole[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2013-02-02  adriancole[maven-release-plugin] prepare release jclouds-1.6... jclouds-1.6.0-alpha.1
2013-01-25  Adrian ColeMerge pull request #1245 from carlpulley/ensure_hostnam...
2013-01-25  Carl PulleyIssue #1240: replaced cut with awk
2013-01-25  Carl PulleyIssue #1240: Updated ensure_hostname_in_hosts to use...
2013-01-25  Adrian ColeMerge pull request #1243 from maginatics/remove-unneede...
2013-01-25  Adrian ColeMerge pull request #1241 from carlpulley/ensure_hostnam...
2013-01-24  Carl PulleyIssue #1240: Improved handling of /etc/hosts updates...
2013-01-22  Adrian ColeMerge pull request #1218 from maginatics/delete-contain...
2013-01-19  Adrian ColeMerge pull request #1198 from jclouds/easy-deprecation...
2013-01-19  adriancoleremoved deprecated methods which were easy to do
2013-01-16  Adrian ColeMerge pull request #1182 from aplowe/master
2013-01-14  Adrian ColeMerge pull request #1177 from jclouds/retryablepredicat...
2013-01-14  Adrian ColeMerge pull request #1175 from jclouds/unwind-crypt
2013-01-14  Adrian Coleunwound dependencies relating to ssh keys and crypt
2013-01-13  Adrian ColeMerge pull request #1170 from dralves/gce-kernels
2013-01-13  Adrian ColeMerge pull request #1173 from jclouds/single-use
2013-01-12  Adrian ColePasswordGenerator only used in scriptbuilder
2013-01-12  Adrian Coleremoved function only used once and only accessing...