2021-09-04  Rajani-cloudJCLOUDS-1584 : Deployment API fails when ARM Template...
2021-08-22  Timur AlperovichJCLOUDS-1558: Implement Azure Blob Azure AD auth 120/head
2021-08-16  Timur AlperovichAzureBlob: Update API to 2017-11-09
2021-08-05  Timur AlperovichStore the MPU ETag for the transient blobstore
2021-07-29  Andrew GaulPrefer case-insenstive header comparisons
2021-07-27  Simone LocciFix location header case sensitive
2021-07-20  Andrew GaulAdd missing javax dependencies for modern Java
2021-07-20  Andrew GaulRemove tests which rely on an isolated ClassLoader
2021-07-20  Andrew GaulRemove Google appengine driver
2021-07-15  Andrew GaulUpgrade to duplicate-finder-maven-plugin 1.5.0
2021-07-14  Andrew GaulUpgrade animal sniffer to 1.20
2021-07-14  Andrew GaulIgnore copyOf method when testing with modern Java
2021-07-14  Andrew GaulUpgrade to EasyMock 4.3
2021-07-10  didixithJCLOUDS-1516: specify host name when creating bucket
2021-06-30  Andrew GaulJCLOUDS-1581: Make CORS maxAgeSeconds optional
2021-06-29  Miroslav NovakJCLOUDS-1577 - Allow to provide Azure Plan Information...
2021-06-29  Andrew GaulRe-optimize LocalBlobStore.getBlob with ranges
2021-06-23  i831992JCLOUDS-1580 - Add support for lowercase metadata headers
2021-04-14  Andrew GaulRemove error-prone
2021-04-14  Andrew GaulNext development version 2.4.0-SNAPSHOT
2021-04-04  Timur AlperovichParse out of order ListBuckets response elements
2021-03-31  Andrew GaulJCLOUDS-1572: Update GCS bucket regions
2021-03-01  Jean-Noël RouvignacS3 APIs: Remove the dependency to com.jamesmurty.utils...
2021-03-01  Jean-Noël RouvignacAvoid using the guice injector int ests which triggers...
2021-02-19  gurkerl83Remove maven emma plugin 2.3.x
2021-02-19  gurkerl83Restructure build profiles
2021-02-19  gurkerl83Remove distribution profiles
2021-02-19  gurkerl83Remove jenkins profile
2021-02-19  gurkerl83Remove site profile and wired enforcer executions
2021-02-19  gurkerl83Remove maven property site url
2021-02-19  gurkerl83Remove section reporting
2021-02-19  gurkerl83Remove maven site deployment related plugins
2021-02-19  gurkerl83Remove maven site deployment
2021-02-12  gurkerl83Remove explicit OSGi import range of okio dep
2021-02-12  gurkerl83Clear rule for bouncycastle exclusion
2021-02-12  korlov42lost changes
2021-02-12  korlov42fix failed testSSLConnectionFailsIfOnlyHttpConfigured
2021-02-12  korlov42fix UnsupportedOperationException during setting socket...
2021-02-12  korlov42JCLOUDS-1551: Update version of OkHttp 3.14.9
2021-02-03  Andrew GaulForce application/x-directory for directories
2021-02-01  Andrew GaulAllow setting BlobAccess in LocalBlobStore.putBlob
2021-01-31  gurkerl83Add OSGi version ranges, guice, okio
2021-01-31  gurkerl83Move from OSGi Spec V4.2 to V6
2021-01-31  gurkerl83Remove duplicated finder exception for cloudsigma
2021-01-31  gurkerl83Reorder dependencies for core module
2021-01-31  gurkerl83Remove javax libraries
2021-01-31  gurkerl83Remove Guice multibindings
2021-01-31  gurkerl83Initial cleanup of maven set up in the parents' module
2021-01-21  Jean-Noël RouvignacSimplify S3 code that uses java-xml-builder (#93)
2020-12-08  davidsloanJCLOUDS-1557 - Azure local server support
2020-12-05  rodedJCLOUDS-1559: add Charset to Json.fromJson InputStream...
2020-10-26  gurkerl83Remove scope declaration from deps management
2020-10-26  gurkerl83Lowering the GSON version
2020-10-26  gurkerl83In the final state of this feature, a rebase on Master...
2020-10-26  gurkerl83In the final state of this feature a rebase on Master...
2020-10-26  gurkerl83Re-Enable the build for all modules. Increase version...
2020-10-26  gurkerl83Remove the OSGi configuration from each module. The...
2020-10-26  gurkerl83Onboard bnd-configuration files, one per module
2020-10-26  gurkerl83Integrate GSON library in Clouds Core Bundle Final
2020-10-26  gurkerl83Replace embedded and repackaged GSON library
2020-10-19  Andrew GaulRemove unintended executable permissions
2020-09-26  Andrew GaulJCLOUDS-1498: Upgrade to Guice 4.2.3
2020-09-21  Tamas CservenakJCLOUDS-1552: Do not attempt to parse empty payload...
2020-08-01  Andrew GaulOptimize MultiBlobInputStream.read()
2020-08-01  Andrew GaulJCLOUDS-1367: Do not open open InputStream in copyBlob
2020-07-11  Andrew GaulStore transient Blob data with ByteArrayPayload
2020-07-05  Jean-Noël RouvignacJCLOUDS-1542 follow-up: check whether isAccessible...
2020-06-26  Jean-Noël RouvignacJCLOUDS-1542 Java 11 warns of illegal reflective access...
2020-06-25  Sam OttenhoffJCLOUDS-1473 add INTELLIGENT_TIERING enum
2020-06-24  Andrew GaulDisable doclint during Jenkins build
2020-06-24  Andrew GaulJCLOUDS-1333: JCLOUDS-1334: JCLOUDS-1470: Require Java...
2020-06-03  Jean-Noël RouvignacJCLOUDS-1491 Jclouds uses a deprecated version of Guava...
2020-05-31  Andrew GaulJCLOUDS-912: JCLOUDS-1547: GCS InputStream single-part...
2020-05-09  Andrew GaulJCLOUDS-1546: Support GCS Archive storage class
2020-04-22  rodedJCLOUDS-1543: remove unused imports from FetchBlobMetad...
2020-04-22  Fritz ElfertFix toolchain setup on jenkins (#68)
2020-04-17  Roded BahatJCLOUDS-1543: change FetchBlobMetadata to retain origin...
2020-04-17  Fritz ElfertEnable docs in travis build (#69)
2020-04-16  Fritz ElfertFix javadoc generation on JDK >= 8 (#67)
2020-04-04  Timur AlperovichHash the content for fs MPU ETag if no xattr.
2020-04-04  ikky888JCLOUDS-1541: Add Middle East (Bahrain) region to the...
2020-03-08  Xavier BOURGOUINFix BlobMetadata null size when using ApacheHCHttp...
2020-03-03  Colm O hEigeartaighJCLOUDS-1540 - Update Snakeyaml
2020-02-17  majaseremetJCLOUDS-1533 - Fix upload with SAS token when blob...
2020-01-24  Ian SpringerJCLOUDS-1538: fix typo in rfc1123SimpleDateFormat ...
2019-12-03  Colm O hEigeartaighJCLOUDS-1532 - Update SSHJ + JSCH (#57)
2019-11-28  Markus Alexander... JCLOUDS-1529: Do not export org.jclouds.json.gson.inter...
2019-11-25  Colm O hEigeartaighJCLOUDS-1528 - Use TLS instead of SSL in SSLContext...
2019-11-18  Colm O hEigeartaighDowngrade BouncyCastle to 1.60, which works with Oracle...
2019-11-15  Colm O hEigeartaighJCLOUDS-1526 - Update BouncyCastle dependency (#53)
2019-11-15  Colm O hEigeartaighJCLOUDS-1525 - Update xmlbuilder dependency (#52)
2019-11-09  Andrew GaulFix TOCTOU issue when getting blob during removal
2019-10-23  Xavier BOURGOUINFix infinite socket timeout when using ApacheHCHttpComm...
2019-10-21  Ignasi BarreraNext development version 2.3.0-SNAPSHOT
2019-10-21  Ignasi BarreraApache jclouds 2.2.0-rc1 release
2019-10-16  rodedJCLOUDS-1520: change UntrustedSSLContextSupplier to...
2019-10-14  Ignasi BarreraAdd TravisCI file for pull requests (#50)
2019-10-13  Ignasi BarreraEtag is not supported in OSX
2019-10-10  Xavier BOURGOUINFix null content-length header on HEAD requests
2019-09-19  Andrew PhillipsUpdate README copyright dates