2022-04-23  Andy SeaborneUse RDFWriter.source()
2022-04-23  Andy SeaborneJENA-2298, JENA-2299: Updates for RDFParser and RDFWriter
2022-04-23  Andy Seabornegeosparql:GeosparqlDataset
2022-04-23  Andy SeaborneSplit GSP and DSP
2022-04-23  Andy SeaborneUpdate for GSP and quads
2022-04-23  Andy SeaborneAdd link to privacy policy
2022-03-25  Andy SeaborneUpdate download settings section
2022-03-15  Bruno P. KinoshitaMake the menu more alphabetical
2022-03-14  Bruno P. KinoshitaAdd title to Home
2022-02-24  Rob VesseMerge pull request #97 from apache/tdb-typos
2022-02-23  GregAlboApache SIS dependency updated from `0.8` to `1.1`.
2022-02-23  Rob VesseFix some minor typos and grammar in transactions docs 97/head
2022-02-20  Andy SeaborneUpdate documentation about TDB1 and TDB2
2022-02-09  Andy SeaborneTypo
2022-02-02  Andy SeaborneGeoSPARQL assembler
2022-02-02  Andy Seabornexloader --thread argument
2022-02-02  Andy SeaborneDownload instructions for Fuseki war file
2022-02-01  Andy SeaborneNote fuseki modules as experimental
2022-02-01  Andy SeaborneRearrange download page
2022-02-01  Andy SeaborneDownload links for 4.4.0
2022-01-29  Andy SeaborneRemove broken section for Fuseki WAR
2022-01-28  Andy SeaborneRemove mention of fuseki:serviceUpload as a default...
2022-01-28  Andy SeaborneUpdate and link to fuseki-modules.html
2022-01-28  Andy SeaborneFix for hugo warning about .Path
2022-01-28  Andy SeaborneSHACLC: Sections for extensions
2022-01-28  Andy SeaborneDownlinks to Fuseki WAR file
2022-01-21  Andy SeaborneUpdate code architecture image
2022-01-12  Andy SeaborneUpdate RDF-star terminology
2022-01-10  Andy SeaborneUpdate places for help
2021-12-31  Andy SeaborneRemove reference to IRC
2021-12-29  Andy SeaborneFix link; remove mention of Mac OS/X
2021-12-28  Bruno P. KinoshitaAdd Citing section to site
2021-12-18  Andy SeaborneDownload links for 4.3.2
2021-12-10  Andy SeaborneDownload links for 4.3.1
2021-12-09  Erich Bremertypos
2021-12-09  Andy SeaborneRemove stray text/link
2021-12-09  Andy SeaborneMinor: fix version table
2021-12-09  Andy SeaborneFixes to address review comments
2021-12-09  Andy SeaborneFix link to example code
2021-12-09  Andy SeaborneFix for xloader doc
2021-12-09  Andy SeaborneDefault database to create is now TDB2
2021-12-09  Andy SeaborneFormatting fix
2021-12-09  Andy SeaborneJENA-1806: Updates for moving of code to jena-examples
2021-12-09  Andy SeaborneQuery building substitution()
2021-12-09  Andy SeaborneMore on xloader
2021-12-05  Andy SeaborneDownload for 4.3.0
2021-12-01  Rob VesseMerge pull request #80 from steady137/main
2021-11-30  Ryan StokesUsing .rdf extension for OWL demo data. 80/head
2021-11-30  Ryan StokesSome minor edits to the amazing inference document.
2021-11-15  Andy SeaborneUpdates for revised SPARQL APIs
2021-11-15  Andy SeaborneMove to archive/
2021-11-15  Andy SeaborneRemove references to SDB
2021-11-14  Andy SeaborneDocumentation for xloader
2021-11-12  Andy SeaborneUpdate .gitignore for hugo
2021-11-03  den1s0vUpdate
2021-11-03  Andy SeaborneMove 'Download Mirrors' section to end of download...
2021-11-02  Andy SeaborneDocumentation for Fuseki Modules
2021-11-01  Rob VesseMerge pull request #72 from apache/using-alt-compression
2021-11-01  Rob VesseRemove explicit Snappy mentions (JENA-2181) 72/head
2021-10-28  Rob VesseNotes on using alternative compression (JENA-2181)
2021-09-27  Andy SeaborneSome fixes
2021-09-27  Andy SeaborneAuth registration example
2021-09-26  Andy SeaborneOutline for documentation for SPARQL APIs upgrade
2021-09-26  Andy SeaborneProtobuf (#69)
2021-09-26  Andy SeaborneRemove text about writing to other graphs (#70)
2021-09-19  Andy SeaborneEditorial
2021-09-17  Andy SeaborneImprove download pages. Link to source-release. (#68)
2021-09-16  Andy SeaborneSHACL - SPARQL targets and SHACLC extensions (#63)
2021-09-16  Andy SeaborneMerge branch 'main' of
2021-09-16  Andy SeaborneJENA-1948: JSON-LD 1.1 support (#65)
2021-09-16  Michael Wechnernote added re environment variable FUSEKI_BASE (#67)
2021-09-12  Andy SeaborneDownload for 4.2.0
2021-09-04  Andy SeaborneImprove language (#66)
2021-07-16  GregAlboFixed typo
2021-07-16  GregAlboClarification about GeoSPARQL and CLI options.
2021-06-26  Andy SeaborneFix link
2021-06-22  Andy SeaborneShEx documentation (#59)
2021-06-22  Andy SeaborneMOD and IDIV
2021-06-22  Rob VesseMerge pull request #61 from apache/enable-staging-publish
2021-06-21  Rob VesseUse asf-staging to match ASF requirements 61/head
2021-06-21  Rob VesseUpdated README and Getting Involved
2021-06-21  Rob VesseAdd required script step
2021-06-21  Rob VesseAdd staging stage to Jenkinsfile
2021-06-21  Andy SeaborneFile in directory for javadoc publishing
2021-06-18  ØyvindGadd note on adjusting vm.max_map_count (#58)
2021-06-04  Andy SeaborneDownload for 4.1.0
2021-06-04  Andy SeaborneLink in Data+RDFS
2021-05-29  Andy SeaborneMerge pull request #55 from apache/spaces
2021-05-28  Andy SeaborneTabs to spaces; consistent indent 55/head
2021-05-26  Andy SeaborneFormatting of link text
2021-05-26  Andy SeaborneMerge pull request #54 from stain/patch-1
2021-05-26  Andy SeaborneJENA-2110: Remove misplaced file
2021-05-26  Andy SeaborneMerge pull request #53 from bobdc/JENA-2110
2021-05-25  Claude WarrenMerge pull request #52 from Claudenw/PermissionsUpdate
2021-05-25  Stian Soiland... Markdown typo, http to https 54/head
2021-05-24  Bob DuCharmeMoved new material from last commit to appropriate... 53/head
2021-05-23  Bob DuCharmeAdded quick reference section
2021-05-20  Claude WarrenUpdated to reflect hard/soft read error differences 52/head
2021-05-17  Andy SeabornePut back h3 sections
2021-05-17  Andy SeaborneJENA-2084: Sync documentation with source RDF Binary...