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2022-01-01  Andy SeaborneJENA-2236: Revise LICENSE and NOTICE files
2017-09-28  Andy SeaborneJENA-1396: Merge //github/afs/mantis as subdirectory...
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2016-11-07  Andy SeaborneUpdate file locations for Plugged In Software contribution.
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2015-01-25  Andy SeaborneMantis
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2014-10-20  Rob VesseMove Jena Hadoop RDF Tools into new location for mergin...
2014-10-02  rvesse@apache.orgMerge branch 'master' of ../jena-csv-conversion into...
2014-10-01  Rob VesseMove jena-csv code to intended location
2014-08-15  Ying JiangJENA-625: prepare release:
2014-05-15  Rob VesseMinor corrections to LICENSE and add missing license...
2014-04-04  Rob VesseAdd stub LICENSE and NOTICE to hadoop-rdf module (JENA...
2013-01-08  Andy SeaborneSync with Jena trunk (2.10.0)
2013-01-04  Andy SeaborneUpdate for Jetty source code used in Fuseki
2012-07-02  Andy SeaborneAdd customized files for next time