Merge pull request #1550 from Aklakan/GH-1548
[jena.git] / jena-fuseki2 / apache-jena-fuseki / dist /
2022-01-12  Andy SeaborneMerge pull request #1162 from afs/jena2251-war-download
2022-01-12  Andy SeaborneJENA-2251: Don't put WAR file in binary download 1162/head
2022-01-12  Andy SeaborneRemove unnecessary HTTPS/encryption declaration
2022-01-07  Claude WarrenMerge pull request #1158 from Claudenw/Jena_2242
2022-01-04  Andy SeaborneMerge pull request #1147 from TopQuadrant/RDFWriterRegi...
2022-01-04  Andy SeaborneMerge pull request #1148 from afs/license
2022-01-02  Andy SeaborneMerge pull request #1088 from ericprud/patch-1
2022-01-01  Andy SeaborneNew Year! 1148/head
2022-01-01  Andy SeaborneJENA-2236: Revise LICENSE and NOTICE files
2021-12-21  Bruno P. Kinoshita[JENA-1911] New UI
2021-11-14  Andy SeaborneMerge pull request #1105 from afs/qexec2
2021-11-14  Andy SeaborneRemove unnecessary items from LICENSE and NOTICE in... 1105/head
2021-09-24  Andy SeaborneMerge pull request #1076 from afs/rdf-protobuf
2021-09-23  Andy SeaborneJENA-2167: Add required text for Protobuf redistribution 1076/head
2021-08-24  Andy SeaborneMerge pull request #1055 from afs/migrate
2021-08-24  Andy SeaborneMerge pull request #1054 from afs/jena2151-iter-close
2021-08-24  Andy SeaborneMerge pull request #1053 from afs/jena2143-shacl-stdin
2021-08-24  Andy SeaborneMerge pull request #1050 from afs/jsonld-3
2021-08-19  Andy SeaborneJENA-1948: Include Titanium and dependencies 1050/head
2021-03-25  Andy SeaborneMerge commit 'refs/pull/799/head' of
2021-01-01  Andy SeaborneUpdate year in NOTICE
2020-01-10  Andy SeaborneMerge pull request #663 from afs/iter
2020-01-09  DamienFontaineMerge pull request #1 from apache/master
2020-01-08  Andy SeaborneMerge pull request #666 from afs/http-rdf
2020-01-08  Andy SeaborneMerge pull request #665 from apache/year-update
2020-01-07  Andy SeaborneUpdate year in NOTICE
2019-01-18  Code FerretMerge branch 'master' of
2018-12-30  Andy SeaborneUpdate year in NOTICE
2018-03-14  Andy SeaborneMerge commit 'refs/pull/381/head' of https://github...
2018-03-12  Osma SuominenMerge remote-tracking branch 'osma/fuseki-systemd-service'
2018-03-09  Osma SuominenJENA-1501: add note about systemd unit file 375/head
2018-01-20  Claude WarrenMerge remote-tracking branch 'apache/master' into FixGr...
2018-01-10  Andy SeaborneMerge commit 'refs/pull/335/head' of
2017-12-31  Andy SeaborneJENA-1454: Merge commit 'refs/pull/334/head' of github...
2017-12-31  Andy SeaborneUpdate year
2017-09-28  Andy SeaborneJENA-1396: Merge //github/afs/mantis as subdirectory...
2017-03-14  Chris DollinMerge pull request #3 from apache/master 228/head
2017-01-01  Andy SeaborneUpdate NOTICE for year; use "year-year" format
2016-12-04  Andy SeaborneMerge commit 'refs/pull/188/head' of
2016-11-07  Andy SeaborneEditorial fix.
2016-11-01  Andy SeaborneJENA-1169: Merge commit 'refs/pull/187/head' of github...
2016-10-30  Andy SeaborneInclude crypto notice in distribution README files. 187/head
2016-01-01  Andy SeaborneHappy New Year 2016
2015-03-17  Rob VesseMerge branch 'master' into JENA-507
2015-02-17  Rob VesseMerge branch 'master' into eliminate-assignments
2015-02-01  Andy SeaborneMerge Jena pull request for an OSGi module.
2015-01-29  Andy SeaborneJENA-872 : apache-jena-fuseki