Merge pull request #1555 from Aklakan/gh-1498
[jena.git] / jena-fuseki2 / apache-jena-fuseki / fuseki
2021-09-24  Andy SeaborneMerge pull request #1076 from afs/rdf-protobuf
2021-09-23  Andy SeaborneJENA-2167: Protobuf-based RDF binary format
2020-01-09  DamienFontaineMerge pull request #1 from apache/master
2019-07-16  Chris TomlinsonMerge pull request #582 from buda-base/JENA-1723-or...
2019-07-08  Rob VesseMerge branch 'master' of
2019-07-07  Andy SeaborneMerge pull request #580 from apache/JENA-1719
2019-06-24  Andy SeaborneMerge pull request #578 from afs/query-verbose
2019-06-23  Andy SeaborneMerge pull request #579 from afs/clean-test-warnings
2019-06-21  Andy SeaborneMerge pull request #577 from jainvasu631/patch-1
2019-06-21  Vasu JainLine 242 : Error #should be msg instead of message 577/head
2017-09-28  Andy SeaborneJENA-1396: Merge //github/afs/mantis as subdirectory...
2016-10-03  Andy SeaborneJENA-1208: Provide controls for JSON-LD output.
2016-08-31  Chris DollinMerge
2016-08-06  Andy SeaborneJENA-1219: Pass FUSEKI_HOME and FUSEKI_BASE in su process
2016-07-31  Andy SeaborneJENA-1218: Don't use log_daemon_msg inside exec'ed...
2015-12-29  Andy SeaborneJENA-1082: Merge commit 'refs/pull/116/head' of github...
2015-12-17  Andy SeaborneJENA-1099: Autocreate 'run' if using defaults
2015-12-17  Andy SeaborneJENA-1099: Export FUSEKI_HOME and FUSEKI_BASE
2015-12-16  Andy SeaborneJENA-1099: undo export FUSEKI_HOME and FUSEKI_BASE
2015-12-16  Andy SeaborneJENA-1099: export FUSEKI_HOME and FUSEKI_BASE
2015-12-16  Andy SeabornePrint FUSEKI_BASE when DEBUG set
2015-10-11  Andy SeaborneJENA-1040: Setting up log_* functions
2015-10-02  Andy SeaborneJENA-1035: Set java executable via JAVA or JAVA_HOME
2015-09-26  Andy SeaborneCorrect redirection
2015-09-26  Andy SeaborneBump mentioned java version
2015-09-07  Andy SeaborneJENA-1020: Remove status setting it's own FUSEKI_PID
2015-07-22  confidencesunMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/JENA-491'
2015-07-22  confidencesunMerge pull request #8 from apache/master
2015-07-12  Andy SeaborneMerge commit 'refs/pull/85/head' of 85/head
2015-07-07  Rob VesseMerge branch 'JENA-977'
2015-07-07  Rob VesseMerge branch 'eliminate-assignments-jena3' (JENA-780)
2015-07-06  Claude WarrenChanged to saver subshell idiom
2015-07-06  Rob VesseMerge branch 'master' into eliminate-assignments-jena3
2015-07-04  Claude WarrenAdded chdir $FUSEKI_HOME when running in an environment...
2015-07-04  Claude WarrenAdded FUSEKI_CLASSES to the script.
2015-07-03  Claude WarrenAdded missing space in fuseki script
2015-06-17  Andy SeaborneMerge commit 'refs/pull/53/head' of
2015-06-16  Andy SeaborneJENA-964: Remove --home flag (not used in Fuseki2)
2015-03-17  Rob VesseMerge branch 'master' into JENA-507
2015-02-17  Rob VesseMerge branch 'master' into eliminate-assignments
2015-02-06  Andy SeaborneMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2015-02-05  Andy SeaborneDocumentation about how <scope> used for the OSGi bundle.
2015-02-05  Andy SeaborneApply changes for FUSEKI_USER to both Fuseki1 and Fusek...
2015-02-01  Andy SeaborneMerge Jena pull request for an OSGi module.
2015-01-29  Andy SeaborneJENA-872 : apache-jena-fuseki