Merge pull request #1471 from afs/jena2342-group-vars
[jena.git] / jena-permissions /
2021-07-05  Claude WarrenMerge pull request #1027 from Claudenw/querybuilder...
2021-07-05  Claude WarrenMerge pull request #1026 from Claudenw/JENA-2092
2021-05-26  Andy SeaborneMerge pull request #1002 from MBoegers/1262-sortAndAlignTTL
2021-05-25  Claude WarrenMerge pull request #1006 from Claudenw/permissionsV4_main
2021-05-25  Claude WarrenCode to differentiate between hard and soft read errors. 1006/head
2017-09-28  Andy SeaborneJENA-1396: Merge //github/afs/mantis as subdirectory...
2015-07-06  Rob VesseMerge branch 'master' into eliminate-assignments-jena3
2015-05-24  confidencesunMerge pull request #1 from apache/master
2015-04-25  Claude WarrenMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/jena3' into jena3
2015-04-24  claudemodifications to rename jena security as jena permissions
2015-04-24  Andy SeaborneModule jena-seurity becomes jena-permissions