2018-09-28  Andy SeaborneMerge commit 'refs/pull/470/head' of https://github...
2018-09-28  Andy SeaborneJENA-1595: Revert to logging via scope-test
2018-09-28  Andy SeaborneReset version to 3.9.0-SNAPSHOT
2018-09-27  Andy Seaborne[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2018-09-27  Andy Seaborne[maven-release-plugin] prepare release jena-3.9.0-rc1
2018-09-27  Andy SeaborneJENA-1595: Require log4j for cmds and distribution
2018-09-27  Andy SeaborneClarify reading a JUL configuation
2018-09-27  Andy SeaborneReset version to 3.9.0-SNAPSHOT
2018-09-27  Andy Seaborne[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2018-09-27  Andy Seaborne[maven-release-plugin] prepare release jena-3.9.0-rc1
2018-09-25  Andy SeaborneJENA-1607: Merge commit 'refs/pull/472/head' of https...
2018-09-25  Andy SeaborneJENA-1607: Protect stdout, stderr from being closed 472/head
2018-09-21  Andy SeaborneJavadoc edits
2018-09-21  Andy SeaborneEnsure newline after printing expression.
2018-09-21  Andy SeaborneJENA-1597: Merge commit 'refs/pull/468/head' of https...
2018-09-21  Andy SeaborneJavadoc edit 468/head
2018-09-20  Andy SeaborneRename RIOT examples to make them easier to browse.
2018-09-19  Aaron CoburnJENA-1599: Merge commit 'refs/pull/467/head' of https...
2018-09-18  ajs6fJENA-1605: use transactions in spatialindexer 471/head
2018-09-18  Andy SeaborneTest for enabling ping.
2018-09-18  Andy SeaborneWarn about impending constructor removal.
2018-09-17  Niraj PatelRename README to 470/head
2018-09-15  Andy SeaborneAdd constant for "op:" (make same as "fn:")
2018-09-14  ajs6fJENA-1604: fixing indentation 469/head
2018-09-14  ajs6fJENA-1604: transform HTTP requests
2018-09-14  Andy SeaborneReorganise library code.
2018-09-14  Andy SeaborneJENA-1603: Use RiotChars.isPNCharsBase, not RiotChars...
2018-09-14  Andy SeaborneJENA-1597: embedded => main
2018-09-14  Andy SeaborneJENA-1597: Modules jena-fuseki-main and jena-fuseki...
2018-09-13  Andy SeaborneHandle case of general query servlet.
2018-09-08  Andy SeaborneWrongly setting Content-Encoding
2018-09-08  Andy SeaborneJENA-1597: module jena-fuseki-fulljar
2018-09-08  Andy SeaborneAutomatic module names
2018-09-08  Andy SeaborneJENA-1598: Update to Jetty v9.4.12
2018-09-08  Andy SeaborneJENA-1597: separate jena-fuseki-webapp module
2018-09-05  Aaron CoburnJENA-1599: Upgrade to jsonld-java 0.12.1 467/head
2018-09-01  Andy SeaborneJENA-1596: Merge commit 'refs/pull/466/head' of https...
2018-09-01  Andy SeaborneMigrate use of deprecated method.
2018-08-31  Andy SeaborneJENA-1596: Pass original string queryResultSet, constru... 466/head
2018-08-31  Andy SeaborneMinor tidying
2018-08-31  Andy SeaborneJENA-1594: Merge commit 'refs/pull/465/head' of https...
2018-08-28  Andy SeaborneJENA-1594: Interface AuthorizationService; SecurityRegs... 465/head
2018-08-27  Andy SeaborneJENA-1594: Structure to allow the adding/modifying...
2018-08-27  Andy SeaborneCorrect indentation.
2018-08-27  Andy SeaborneRename SecuriyPolicy to SecurityContext
2018-08-26  Andy SeaborneJENA-1494: Handle any dataset
2018-08-26  Andy Seabornetravis.yaml: put openjdk8 first
2018-08-26  Andy SeaborneJENA-1594: General mechanism for data accesx control...
2018-08-26  Andy SeaborneGeneral use DatasetGraphFilteredView
2018-08-26  Andy SeaborneARQ cleanup
2018-08-26  Andy SeaborneProvide DatasetGraph operation
2018-08-26  Andy SeaborneJENA-901: Allow for the GC having freed some weak values.
2018-08-25  Andy SeaborneDecouple FusekiLogging from the webapp.
2018-08-24  Andy SeaborneJENA-1594: GSP and Quads filtered access. Tests.
2018-08-24  Andy SeaborneJavadoc formatting.
2018-08-24  Andy SeaborneUse the connection's httpClient and httpContext for...
2018-08-24  Andy SeaborneUse only getW() for the denying write operations.
2018-08-23  Andy SeaborneJENA-1595: Put log4j and slf4j-log4j into scope test...
2018-08-23  Andy SeaborneJENA-1594: Initial machinery with SPARQL Query filtering
2018-08-23  Andy SeaborneJENA-1585: Refactoring webapp code to separate from...
2018-08-23  Andy SeaborneRefactor to make subclassing easier
2018-08-23  Andy SeaborneMinor formatting tiding
2018-08-23  Andy SeaborneFix javadoc
2018-08-23  Andy SeaborneJENA-1592: Unwrap TDB2 graphs
2018-08-23  Andy SeaborneCopy dataset context to execution for query over model
2018-08-23  Andy SeaborneJENA-1593: Update Apache POM version to 21
2018-08-20  Andy SeaborneMerge commit 'refs/pull/464/head' of https://github...
2018-08-20  Andy SeaborneNodeUtils convert: set and list versions. Deprecate... 464/head
2018-08-20  Andy SeaborneMerge commit 'refs/pull/463/head' of https://github...
2018-08-19  Andy SeaborneTypos 463/head
2018-08-17  Andy SeaborneRefactoring: Make ServletContext separately from the...
2018-08-17  Andy SeaborneFixes up based on comments on PR#463
2018-08-16  Andy SeaborneTypos
2018-08-16  Andy SeaborneBetter attribute naming - org.apache.jena.fuseki:<name>
2018-08-16  Andy SeaborneRemove unused and out-of-date class.
2018-08-16  Andy SeaborneComments and internal rename.
2018-08-16  Andy SeaborneSupport for ServletFilters.
2018-08-16  Andy SeaborneSwitch naming of setters to non-"set" style.
2018-08-16  Andy SeabornePut attribute names constants in Fuseki.
2018-08-16  Andy SeaborneStrings to Node_URIs.
2018-08-16  Andy SeaborneConvert to single format.
2018-08-15  Andy SeaborneProvision for custom parameters so request validation...
2018-08-15  Andy SeaborneFix javadoc.
2018-08-15  Andy SeaborneDeprecate isBackedByTDB in favour of isTDB1
2018-08-15  Andy SeaborneDeprecate isBackedByTDB in favour of isTDB2.
2018-08-15  Andy SeaborneExpose the command line argument processing to build...
2018-08-15  Andy SeaborneTypos and comments.
2018-08-14  Bruno P. KinoshitaMerge branch 'patch-1'
2018-08-14  Bruno P. KinoshitaFix HTML syntax 462/head
2018-08-12  Andy SeaborneMerge commit 'refs/pull/459/head' of https://github...
2018-08-12  Andy SeaborneJENA-1481, JENA-1596: Merge commit 'refs/pull/458/head...
2018-08-11  Bruno P. KinoshitaMerge branch 'JENA-1591'
2018-08-11  Bruno P. KinoshitaJENA-1591: use boolean value in if expression 461/head
2018-08-11  Bruno P. KinoshitaMerge branch 'JENA-1590'
2018-08-11  Bruno P. KinoshitaJENA-1590: fix if statement in RDFWriter#output 460/head
2018-08-11  Andy SeaborneMove clearup of datasets to DataService. Rename as... 459/head
2018-08-11  Andy SeaborneUpdate comments.
2018-08-10  Andy SeaborneMigrate the general file uploader to library Upload.
2018-08-10  Andy SeaborneTidy
2018-08-10  Andy SeaborneUpdate transactional usage to full range of modes.