descriptionApache JMeter
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeMon, 9 May 2022 20:17:56 +0000 (23:17 +0300)
7 days ago  Vladimir SitnikovUpdate Kotlin to 1.6.21 master 713/head
7 days ago  Philippe MRevert Bugfix 65885 (#709)
10 days ago  MilamberUpdate the section about JMeter and HiDPI screens.
2022-04-29  Felix SchumacherSplit start up phase, to give splash screen more time
2022-04-18  Felix SchumacherCode clean-up mainly to trigger CI v5.5-rc2
2022-04-18  Felix SchumacherConvert to junit5 methods
2022-04-18  Felix SchumacherRemove unused import
2022-04-18  Felix SchumacherUse correct constructors for Charset aware Reader
2022-04-18  Felix SchumacherUpdated a few dependencies
2022-04-18  Felix SchumacherSilence warnings in test code and use correct parameter...
2022-04-18  Felix SchumacherSuppress diverse warnings in test code
2022-04-18  Felix SchumacherSuppress warnings about old date API
2022-04-18  Felix SchumacherSuppress warning about calling wait without a loop
2022-04-18  Felix SchumacherAdd override annotations to make error prone happy
2022-04-18  Felix SchumacherUse newer time API to make error prone happy
2022-04-18  Felix SchumacherUse ArrayList instead of LinkedList
2 weeks ago v5.5-rc2
2 months ago v5.5-rc1
4 months ago rel/v5.4.3
4 months ago v5.4.3-rc1
4 months ago rel/v5.4.2
5 months ago v5.4.2-rc1
15 months ago rel/v5.4.1
15 months ago v5.4.1-rc2
16 months ago v5.4.1-rc1
17 months ago rel/v5.4
17 months ago v5.4-rc2
17 months ago v5.4-rc1
2 years ago rel/v5.3
2 years ago v5.3-rc1
2 years ago rel/v5.2.1
2 years ago v5.2.1-rc5
7 days ago master
4 months ago fix-CVE-2021-45105
5 months ago fix-CVE-2021-44228
20 months ago bug_64553
22 months ago fix_64581