3 days ago  brushed2.11.0-M1-git-12: rename haddock to default, fixing... master
11 days ago  juanpablo2.11.0-M1-git-11
11 days ago  juanpabloFix from 2.11.0.M1-rc1: revert change from commit 87bf9...
11 days ago  juanpabloswitch back versions to 2.11.0.M1-SNAPSHOT
2018-12-03  juanpablo[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2018-12-03  juanpablo[maven-release-plugin] prepare release 2.11.0.M1-RC1 2.11.0.M1-RC1
2018-12-03  juanpabloprepare release for 2.11.0.M1
2018-11-20  juanpablofix Jenkinsfile's emailext to:
2018-11-20  juanpablo2.11.0-M1-git-10
2018-11-20  juanpablouse generics and non-deprecated code
2018-11-20  juanpabloremove warnings from code, add missing @Overrides,...
2018-11-20  juanpablouse try with resources
2018-11-20  juanpablouse multi-catch
2018-11-20  juanpablouse try with resources for db access
2018-11-20  juanpablobackwards-breaking change: move TextUtil.getRequiredPro...
2018-11-20  juanpabloadd jspc-maven-plugin to m2e exclusions
2018-11-13  juanpablomaven cargo plugin updated to 1.7.0 + removed some...
2018-11-12  juanpablo2.11.0-M1-git-09
2018-11-12  juanpabloadd sect-ref to url links on local read links
2018-11-12  juanpablomore add @Overrides, code format, use of generics and...
2018-11-12  juanpabloadd @Overrides, code format
2018-11-12  juanpabloremove warnings from tests
2018-11-12  juanpabloupdate tld versions
2018-11-12  juanpablofix compilation error on rss.jsp
2018-11-12  juanpabloensure JSPs remain well-formed or else break the build
2018-11-12  juanpablomove tld file to jspwiki-main module
2018-11-11  juanpabloupdate ChangeLog with latest changes
2018-11-11  juanpabloclass formatting, remove warning from preferences class...
2018-11-11  juanpabloremove warnings from search package
2018-11-11  juanpablouse try with resources, remove NoClassDefFoundError...
2018-11-11  juanpablouse generics on AttachmentManager public methods
2018-11-11  juanpabloremove use of ModuleManager constants on util test
2018-11-11  juanpabloremove @BeforeAll method, not necessary; use constants...
2018-11-11  juanpabloadd @Overrides, reorganize imports, use generics
2018-11-05  juanpablo2.11.0-M1-git-08
2018-11-05  juanpabloremove last warning from util package
2018-11-05  juanpablotry to load as many externals third-party jars as possi...
2018-11-05  juanpablofix typo and use constants instead of Strings
2018-11-05  juanpabloadd @Overrides
2018-11-05  juanpablouse java 8 class instead of commons-codec one
2018-11-04  juanpablofurther refactors on ClassUtil
2018-11-04  juanpablo* (breaking) ClassUtil#getMappedObject methods now...
2018-11-04  juanpabloremove some warnings
2018-11-04  juanpablobreaking: verifySaltedPassword doesn't throw Unsupporte...
2018-11-04  juanpabloremove compilation warnings
2018-11-04  juanpablobreaking change: both urlDecode methods don't throw...
2018-11-04  juanpabloavoid catching UnsupportedEncodingException
2018-11-04  juanpabloavoid catching UnsupportedEncodingException
2018-11-04  juanpabloavoid concurrency issue by building a new Set, remove...
2018-11-04  juanpabloavoid UnsupportedEncodingException and small refactor...
2018-11-04  juanpablosimplify WikiContexthasAdminPermissions()
2018-11-03  juanpablono need of catching UnsupportedEncodingException
2018-11-03  juanpablolog exception
2018-11-03  juanpablomore use of generics
2018-11-03  juanpablomore use of generics
2018-11-02  juanpablo2.11.0-M1-git-07
2018-11-02  juanpablobackwards-incompatible change: WikiEngine#getRecentChan...
2018-11-02  juanpabloadded Jenkinsfile
2018-11-02  juanpablouse ConcurrentHashMap instead of plain HashMap
2018-11-02  juanpablolog exception instead of using printStackTrace, use...
2018-11-02  juanpabloremove always-true condition and unused variable
2018-11-02  juanpablomore use of generics, reorganize imports and removal...
2018-11-02  juanpablofix build path on eclipse + bogus call on Workflow.jsp
2018-11-02  juanpablouse try with resources
2018-11-02  juanpablouse try with resources
2018-11-02  juanpabloremove unused SuppresWarnings, use generics
2018-11-02  juanpabloremove warnings from tests on org.apache.jspwiki.workfl...
2018-11-02  juanpablouse try with resources
2018-11-02  juanpabloremove dead store
2018-11-02  juanpabloremove warnings from org.apache.jspwiki.rss package
2018-11-02  juanpabloremove warnings from org.apache.jspwiki.workflow package
2018-11-02  juanpablouse generics when possible
2018-10-29  juanpablo2.11.0-M1-git-06: fix JSPs using methods removed on...
2018-10-28  juanpabloupdate changelog for 2.11.0-M1-git-05
2018-10-28  juanpablomore generics
2018-10-28  juanpablouse generics
2018-10-28  juanpabloremove unused SuppressWarning
2018-10-28  juanpablouse generic
2018-10-28  juanpabloWikiEngine#findPages( String query, WikiContext wikiCon...
2018-10-28  juanpablo2.11.0-M1-git-05
2018-10-28  juanpabloAttachmentManager#listAttachments now returns a List...
2018-10-28  juanpablomove PropertiesUtils to util package (breaking backward...
2018-10-28  juanpablosuppress unchecked warning
2018-10-28  juanpabloremove unnecessary @SuppressWarnings
2018-10-28  juanpablomake ModuleBean use WikiModuleInfo instead of <T extend...
2018-10-28  juanpabloReferenceManager#findReferrers returns Set< String...
2018-10-28  juanpabloFilterManager and PluginManager return Collection<...
2018-10-28  juanpabloWikiPage very small refactors
2018-10-28  juanpabloorganize imports
2018-10-28  juanpablomove java code from war module to its own module; markd...
2018-10-28  juanpabloplugins versions' as maven properties too
2018-10-28  juanpablodependencies sorted alphabetically by scope:groupId...
2018-10-28  juanpablofix aditionalConfig file locations on maven-eclipse...
2018-10-28  juanpabloremove markdown-support profile, module is on the main...
2018-10-28  juanpabloproperly require Maven >= 3.5
2018-10-28  juanpablobring down configuration for java modules to parent pom
2018-10-26  juanpablo2.11.0-M1-git-04
2018-10-26  juanpabloflexmark updated to 0.34.56
2018-10-26  juanpabloupdate maven plugins versions'
2018-10-26  juanpabloUpgrade to JUnit 5 (III):