2014-12-03  Alex[maven-release-plugin] prepare release juddi-3.2.1 juddi-3.2.1
2014-12-03  AlexNOJIRA missed some dependencies
2014-12-03  Alexmissed a pom
2014-12-03  AlexNOJIRA rolling back masters to 3.2.1 snapshot
2014-11-28  Alex[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2014-11-28  Alex[maven-release-plugin] prepare release juddi-3.2.1
2014-11-28  Alexfun with the release plugin
2014-11-28  AlexMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2014-11-28  Alex[maven-release-plugin] prepare release juddi-3.2.1
2014-11-26  Alexpreparing for 3.2.1 release
2014-11-13  alexoreeJUDDI-890 fixed an issue with juddi-gui from the saveCo...
2014-11-13  alexoreeJUDDI-890 fixed the build
2014-11-13  alexoreeJUDDI-890 fixed, hopefully all content is preserved...
2014-11-11  alexoreeNOJIRA updating readme files
2014-11-02  alexoreefixing minor typos in the readme files
2014-11-02  alexoreeJUDDI-885 fixed
2014-11-01  alexoreeJUDDI-887 fixed (again)
2014-11-01  alexoreeJUDDI-887 done and documented
2014-11-01  alexoreeJUDDI-886 fixed
2014-11-01  alexoreeJUDDI-883 fixed
2014-10-19  alexoreeJUDDI-866 subscription notifier may fail to send messag...
2014-09-24  Kurt StamJUDDI-840 adding the ability to specify a full path
2014-09-23  Kurt StamJUDDI-823 create profiles for wildly/EAP
2014-09-23  Kurt StamJUDDI-587 upgradinding to JPA 2.0
2014-06-28  alexoreemissed a file on the last commit
2014-06-27  alexoreeJUDDI-880 fixed
2014-05-16  alexoreeJUDDI-872 readme added
2014-05-16  alexoreeJUDDI-879 updating documentation
2014-05-11  alexoreeJUDDI-878 updating guide to reflect the latest informat...
2014-05-11  alexoreeJUDDI-878 source code fix for on install issue on jboss 7
2014-05-03  AlexJUDDI-879 adding new test functions to the admin consol...
2014-04-28  AlexJUDDI-706 in progress
2014-04-18  alexoreeJUDDI-874 done
2014-04-06  alexoreeJUDDI-825 adding vsv rules for v2 and v3. removing...
2014-03-16  alexoreeJUDDI-872 initial cut vsv sample
2014-03-14  alexoreeJUDDI-876 resolved
2014-03-09  alexoreeJUDDI-198 tests added to the TCK. API change to optimiz...
2014-03-09  alexoreeJUDDI-198 attempting to fix the build
2014-03-09  alexoreeJUDDI-198 all spec functionality and tModel vsv implemented
2014-03-07  alexoreeJUDDI-197 done
2014-03-06  alexoreeJUDDI-864 removing finalizier
2014-03-05  alexoreeJUDDI-198 adding validation rules for all spec defined...
2014-03-03  alexoreeJUDDI-648 adding skeleton project
2014-03-02  alexoreeJUDDI-867 fixed
2014-03-01  alexoreeJUDDI-865 fixed, added support for replicationUrl mappi...
2014-03-01  alexoreeJUDDI-773 adding documentation
2014-03-01  alexoreeJUDDI-843 not an issue
2014-03-01  alexoreeJUDDI-856 adding docs
2014-03-01  alexoreeJUDDI-242 adding get binding and publisher assertion...
2014-02-28  alexoreeJUDDI-242 adding getServiceDetails
2014-02-28  alexoreeJUDDI-841 adding hooks to check for key generator max...
2014-02-28  alexoreeJUDDI-841 revised test cases to fix max key length...
2014-02-27  alexoreeJUDDI-863 fixed
2014-02-26  alexoreeJUDDI-856 added but needs testing
2014-02-22  alexJUDDI-860 adding test cases
2014-02-22  alexoreeMerge branch 'master' of https://git-wip-us.apache...
2014-02-22  alexJUDDI-852 juddi-gui updated to support null listDescrip...
2014-02-21  Kurt Stamadding ignore
2014-02-21  Kurt Stamadding ignore
2014-02-21  Kurt Stamadding ignore
2014-02-21  Kurt Stamadding ignore
2014-02-21  Kurt Stammerge
2014-02-21  Kurt Stamadding to ignore
2014-02-21  Kurt Stamhttps://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/JUDDI-841 fixing...
2014-02-21  alexJUDDI-848 fixed
2014-02-21  alextest
2014-02-20  alexJUDDI-773 adding missing resources
2014-02-20  Kurt Stamtest commit
2014-02-20  alexJUDDI-773 done
2014-02-17  alexoreeJUDDI-849 fixing several issues with address entry... trunk
2014-02-17  alexoreeJUDDI-849 adding validator and test case for address...
2014-02-17  alexoreeJUDDI-808 updating documentation
2014-02-17  alexoreeJUDDI-808 implemented and tested
2014-02-16  alexoreeJUDDI-831 done, port of v3 tck tests
2014-02-16  alexoreeJUDDI-852 potentially fixed, Kurt needs to review this...
2014-02-16  alexoreeJUDDI-853 fixed
2014-02-13  alexoreeJUDDI-850 minor code updates to support UDDIv2 TCK...
2014-02-12  alexoreeJUDDI-850 minor code updates to support UDDIv2 TCK...
2014-02-12  alexoreeJUDDI-821 fixing missed typo
2014-02-12  alexoreeJUDDI-821 adding canned items for some additional ident...
2014-02-12  alexoreeJUDDI-821 fixed
2014-02-11  alexoreeJUDDI-832 done
2014-02-10  alexoreeJUDDI-812 added tooltips for all find qualifiers
2014-02-09  alexoreeJUDDI-821 adding canned items for all referable items...
2014-02-09  alexoreeJUDDI-821 adding canned items for all referable items...
2014-02-09  alexoreeJUDDI-806 done note that the workflow has now changed...
2014-02-09  alexoreeJUDDI-847 done
2014-02-08  alexoreeJUDDI-843 committing test case with @Ignore
2014-02-08  alexoreeJUDDI-845 fixed, also max entities was not rendered...
2014-02-08  alexoreeJUDDI-846 fixed (again)
2014-02-08  alexoreeJUDDI-846 fixed
2014-02-08  alexoreeJUDDI-835 fixed
2014-02-07  alexoreeJUDDI-839 fixed
2014-02-06  alexoreeJUDDI-839 adding export warning to prevent overwriting...
2014-02-06  alexoreeJUDDI-839 export now works currently
2014-02-05  alexoreeJUDDI-836 fixed
2014-02-04  alexoreeversion bump for .net components
2014-02-04  Kurt Stam[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development...
2014-02-04  Kurt Stam[maven-release-plugin] prepare release juddi-3.2.0
2014-02-04  Kurt Stamfixing source-release