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2017-12-20  Joel HamillMINOR: Improve Streams Dev Guide
2017-12-12  Andrew OlsonKAFKA-6334: fix typo in backwards compatibility note
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2017-11-01  Guozhang WangMINOR: Follow-up Update on 1.0.0 release
2017-11-01  Ismael JumaAdd Javadoc for 1.0.0
2017-11-01  Ismael JumaUse dist.apache.org for release notes until it propagat...
2017-11-01  Ismael JumaA couple of 1.0 updates that were missed
2017-11-01  Ismael JumaUpdate site for 1.0.0 release
2017-10-30  Manjula KAdding Trivago logo to streams page
2017-10-27  Manjula KumarMINOR: replace use cases links to original blog posts
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2017-10-19  Manjula KumarMINOR: Pinterest link correction
2017-10-17  Manjula KumarMINOR: Added Pinterest logo to streams page
2017-10-12  Joel HamillPort changes from PR4017 and PR3862 to 0110
2017-10-11  Manjula KFixed video paramas
2017-10-10  Manjula KChange apache-kafka image permission as image not appea...
2017-10-09  Manjula KCorrecting video pause & clicks
2017-10-09  Manjula KRedesign of Streams page - includes video & customer...
2017-10-06  Manjula KAdding google tracking file for youtube metrics
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2017-09-20  Ewen Cheslack... Deploy latest 0110 docs from Kafka commit f16fc68e
2017-09-20  Manjula KAdded Xite and Zalando logo to Powered by page and...
2017-09-14  Damian GuyMINOR: add note to streams quickstart about snapshot...
2017-09-14  Damian GuyMINOR: update streams quickstart to have note about...
2017-09-13  Guozhang Wangdisplay tutorial buttons
2017-09-13  Damian Guymerge trunk
2017-09-13  Damian GuyUpdate site for release
2017-09-06  Ewen Cheslack... Remove .DS_Store
2017-09-06  Manjula KAdding portoseguro, micronauticsresearch & cj logos...
2017-09-06  Matthias J... Fix HTML markup
2017-09-05  Matthias J... Add coding guidelines for Streams API
2017-08-31  Damian GuyAdd Damian's PGP
2017-08-30  Jason GustafsonJason and Becket are PMC members
2017-08-26  Derrick OrDo not use hyphens in wrapping property names in tables
2017-08-25  Manikumar ReddyKAFKA-4869: Update upgrade notes
2017-08-09  Derrick OrAdd learn more verbiage on ctas
2017-08-03  Derrick OrMINOR: Hyperlink 3 callouts on the homepage
2017-07-22  Derrick OrDocs TOC adjustments
2017-07-18  Derrick OrUpdated docs nav and docs toc
2017-07-11  Derrick OrNew landing page for Streams API
2017-07-10  Guozhang WangHotfix on the streams quickstart page
2017-07-10  Guozhang Wangmove quickstart of streams for 0.11.0
2017-07-07  Ewen Cheslack... MINOR: Add release dates to downloads page
2017-07-07  Ismael JumaUpdate from 0.11.0 branch to fix quick start version
2017-07-07  Damian GuyHOTFIX: put index.html in the correct location
2017-07-07  Damian Guyfix streams index.html
2017-07-07  Damian GuyMINOR: add Interactive Queries docs
2017-07-06  Ismael JumaGwen and Ismael are also PMC members
2017-07-05  Ismael JumaUpdate release notes link to point to archive...
2017-07-01  Guozhang Wangbold font for section name
2017-07-01  Guozhang Wangfix broken links after PR 58
2017-06-30  Derrick OrBreak Streams page into consecutive sub-pages
2017-06-28  Ismael JumaUpdate more references from 0102 to 0110
2017-06-28  Ismael JumaQuickstart should point to
2017-06-28  Ismael JumaRelease