descriptionApache Karaf Reactive Components
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeWed, 25 Oct 2017 07:12:51 +0000 (09:12 +0200)
2017-10-25  Christian SchneiderImprove logging master
2017-10-23  Christian SchneiderAdd Closeable support
2017-10-22  Christian SchneiderUpdate to current versions
2017-10-22  Christian SchneiderUpdate to current versions
2017-10-22  Christian Schneiderreformat
2017-10-21  Christian SchneiderUpdate to new dependency versions
2017-09-12  Christian SchneiderAdd camel bridge as reactive component
2017-08-18  Christian SchneiderRemoving repeatable as it is not yet supported
2017-08-18  Christian SchneiderAdd annotation based requires and provides. Create...
2017-08-08  Christian SchneiderAdapt features
2017-08-08  Christian SchneiderChange groupid to karaf
2017-08-08  Christian SchneiderIgnore kafka tests until we have an embedded kafka...
2017-08-08  Christian SchneiderAdd embedded mqtt server for test
2017-08-07  Christian SchneiderChange package names to karaf conventions
2017-08-04  Christian SchneiderUse Apache license headers
2017-08-04  Christian SchneiderAdd apache parent
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