descriptionApache Kibble Scanners
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeMon, 15 Jan 2018 16:19:17 +0000 (17:19 +0100)
7 days ago  Daniel Grunowe can't work on a jira ticket without fields data master
2018-01-09  Daniel GrunoIf not key phrases, put _NULL_ to avoid breaking ES
2018-01-09  Daniel Grunobetter quote removal
2018-01-09  Daniel GrunoBetter trimming of unnecessary text elements
2018-01-09  Daniel Grunoforgot to add kpe to
2018-01-09  Daniel GrunoInitial stab at KPE for Kibble
2017-12-29  Daniel Grunoadditional emotional weighting available
2017-12-08  Daniel Grunothere's a value for this too.
2017-12-08  Daniel GrunopicoAPI has scores for positivity/negativity, let's...
2017-12-08  Daniel Grunoweave picoAPI into pm-tone
2017-12-08  Daniel Grunoadd support for picoAPI sentiment analysis
2017-12-07  Daniel Grunobump the limit from 1 email to 100 per scan at max
2017-12-07  Daniel Grunoget ponymail-tone scanner to work with lib changes
2017-12-07  Daniel Grunorework tone lib to accept an array of bodies
2017-12-07  Daniel Grunoaccount for azure rate limiting
2017-12-07  Daniel Grunoensure that azure returns a valid response
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