2018-09-19  Daniel Grunoif we've scanned before, only grab latest changes master
2018-09-19  Daniel Grunowe need to sleep to avoid abusing github
2018-09-19  Daniel Grunothis is extremely spammy when running manually :(
2018-09-19  Daniel Grunowe should just pass the response text..
2018-09-19  Daniel Grunocould be no auth was set..
2018-09-19  Daniel Grunowe're only interested in label names for now
2018-09-19  Daniel Grunofix error logging
2018-09-19  Daniel Grunowrong var name here
2018-09-12  Daniel Grunooops, typo
2018-09-12  Daniel Grunoadd support for files changed as a list in each commit...
2018-09-09  Daniel Grunohandle closer key errors properly
2018-09-09  Daniel Grunocloser may be null for imported issues
2018-09-09  Daniel Grunobump default limits for tone/mood analysis
2018-09-09  Daniel Grunofix key errors
2018-03-02  Daniel Grunoprefer full name over username, if available
2018-03-02  Daniel Grunoturns out this needs to be 0 for latest posts
2018-03-02  Daniel Grunoadd forum type, and a date-string field for histograms
2018-03-02  Daniel Grunodon't kill the loop
2018-03-02  Daniel GrunoWe can accept both version 1 and 2 atm
2018-03-02  Daniel GrunoRewrite broker class, inherit kibble UI wrapper
2018-03-02  Daniel GrunoAlignm with new DB format
2018-02-26  Daniel Grunostore the person posting, d'uh.
2018-02-26  Daniel Grunobe sure to actually store the post doc in ES
2018-02-26  Daniel Grunoremove spurious comment
2018-02-26  Daniel GrunoUpdates to JSON API
2018-02-26  Daniel GrunoAdd initial Discourse scanner plugin
2018-02-23  Daniel GrunoTry to grab the different states of 'started' jobs
2018-02-21  Daniel Grunothis should use kibble's pprinter
2018-02-21  Daniel Grunoneed to return true here
2018-02-21  Daniel Grunobreak if we hit the end
2018-02-21  Daniel Grunothe job URL needs to be consistent, tweak it
2018-02-21  Daniel Grunoreverse logic, fix a string
2018-02-21  Daniel Grunoscan all previous jobs, if that makes sense
2018-02-21  Daniel Grunoqueue size should reflect multibuilds
2018-02-21  Daniel GrunoAdd initial WIP Travis CI Scanner
2018-02-21  Daniel Grunodon't bork if color isn't present
2018-02-21  Daniel Grunoallow for excluding scanner types with -e flag
2018-02-19  Daniel Grunoalso count jobs building at the moment
2018-02-17  Daniel GrunoAdd in preliminary buildbot scanner
2018-02-16  Daniel Grunowe need the jobURL, which is unique to a job
2018-02-16  Daniel Grunoadd a timestamp for when we think the build finished.
2018-02-16  Daniel Grunoremove debug return
2018-02-16  Daniel Grunofix queue avg calc, add date key
2018-02-16  Daniel GrunoAdd a generic Jenkins scanner
2018-01-15  Daniel Grunowe can't work on a jira ticket without fields data
2018-01-09  Daniel GrunoIf not key phrases, put _NULL_ to avoid breaking ES
2018-01-09  Daniel Grunobetter quote removal
2018-01-09  Daniel GrunoBetter trimming of unnecessary text elements
2018-01-09  Daniel Grunoforgot to add kpe to
2018-01-09  Daniel GrunoInitial stab at KPE for Kibble
2017-12-29  Daniel Grunoadditional emotional weighting available
2017-12-08  Daniel Grunothere's a value for this too.
2017-12-08  Daniel GrunopicoAPI has scores for positivity/negativity, let's...
2017-12-08  Daniel Grunoweave picoAPI into pm-tone
2017-12-08  Daniel Grunoadd support for picoAPI sentiment analysis
2017-12-07  Daniel Grunobump the limit from 1 email to 100 per scan at max
2017-12-07  Daniel Grunoget ponymail-tone scanner to work with lib changes
2017-12-07  Daniel Grunorework tone lib to accept an array of bodies
2017-12-07  Daniel Grunoaccount for azure rate limiting
2017-12-07  Daniel Grunoensure that azure returns a valid response
2017-12-07  Daniel Grunothis needs to be a string representation
2017-12-06  Daniel Grunoadd commented out example watson/azure creds
2017-12-06  Daniel Grunoalso add azure text analysis option
2017-12-06  Daniel Grunocatch exception and store in db if we fail to scan
2017-12-06  Daniel Grunoreport when we're done scanning
2017-12-06  Daniel Gruno^- (merghebegin work on a PoC twitter scanner
2017-11-27  Daniel Grunooverride alerts should cause a rewind attempt as well
2017-10-24  Daniel Grunofail gracefully if watson breaks
2017-10-24  Daniel Grunoneed to import the exceptions module
2017-10-24  Daniel Grunocatch connection aborts
2017-10-24  Daniel Grunothis is sometimes all caps, need to lowercase it all
2017-10-24  Daniel Grunobugzilla is also a known robit
2017-10-24  Daniel Grunosome lists require credentials
2017-10-23  Daniel Grunocompact, add doc_as_upsert for updates which 404s
2017-10-23  Daniel Grunoupsert isn't working
2017-10-23  Daniel Grunorefactor logic
2017-10-23  Daniel Grunograb a lot of email, bail at 50 legit ones
2017-10-23  Daniel Grunothese should be upserts
2017-10-23  Daniel Grunocrop out quotes from email
2017-10-23  Daniel Grunoif watson borks, we bork silently
2017-10-23  Daniel Grunoless confusion if we don't print the ignored emails
2017-10-23  Daniel Grunoignore robits
2017-10-23  Daniel Grunoadd ponymail tone analysis
2017-10-23  Daniel Grunoadd a small plugin for tone analysis
2017-10-23  Daniel Grunokibblebit shortcut for dbname, notify when pushing...
2017-10-23  Daniel Grunonote that ForkManager is required here
2017-10-23  Daniel Grunonote that a threaded cloc exists
2017-10-22  Daniel Grunodefault to 'issue' issue type
2017-10-22  Daniel Grunouse kibblebit.append here, properly upsert docs
2017-10-21  Daniel Grunokeep it quiet unless there is an error
2017-10-21  Daniel Grunofix path, output brokenness
2017-10-21  Daniel Grunoonly display count on every 10th ticket
2017-10-21  Daniel Grunoneeds to be forced UTC here
2017-10-21  Daniel Grunowe can safely push larger bulk objects
2017-10-21  Daniel Grunowe also accept trunk as a default, if no master
2017-10-21  Daniel Grunorename coc document
2017-10-21  Daniel Grunostart working on a contributing doc
2017-10-21  Daniel GrunoAdd the ASF Code of Conduct
2017-10-21  Daniel Grunouse KibbleBit.pprint here
2017-10-21  Daniel Grunoupdate source status