descriptionApache Kibble Scanners
ownerThe Apache Software Foundation
last changeFri, 2 Mar 2018 18:51:32 +0000 (19:51 +0100)
2018-03-02  Daniel Grunoprefer full name over username, if available master
2018-03-02  Daniel Grunoturns out this needs to be 0 for latest posts
2018-03-02  Daniel Grunoadd forum type, and a date-string field for histograms
2018-03-02  Daniel Grunodon't kill the loop
2018-03-02  Daniel GrunoWe can accept both version 1 and 2 atm
2018-03-02  Daniel GrunoRewrite broker class, inherit kibble UI wrapper
2018-03-02  Daniel GrunoAlignm with new DB format
2018-02-26  Daniel Grunostore the person posting, d'uh.
2018-02-26  Daniel Grunobe sure to actually store the post doc in ES
2018-02-26  Daniel Grunoremove spurious comment
2018-02-26  Daniel GrunoUpdates to JSON API
2018-02-26  Daniel GrunoAdd initial Discourse scanner plugin
2018-02-23  Daniel GrunoTry to grab the different states of 'started' jobs
2018-02-21  Daniel Grunothis should use kibble's pprinter
2018-02-21  Daniel Grunoneed to return true here
2018-02-21  Daniel Grunobreak if we hit the end
4 months ago master